Thursday, February 26, 2009

bleah, just to write something but keep deleting it away, heh.. 1 month and just this sentence, ha!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


my maternal instincts is in overdrive right now. any pictures of cute toddlers, babies, shoes, booties, clothes will make me go, 'awwww so cute!!'

all these things made me wanna have my kid right now man. and i actually asked my husband if we can have a kid right now and he looked at me in a funny way. ah well!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sleep sleep

this morning on the bus, i got a brainwave of a beautiful story. it reminded me not to look for the spectacular to find my happiness, but rather its the daily mundane everyday live that holds the beauty.

i hope i can still remember the story and write it down soon.

ok now my mind is blocked and feeling tired these few days. have to sleep!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

grace and love

we are both tired. i crash out on the sofa straight after reaching home and he crashed out after his shower. but now i'm awake and blogging, ha!

he's still asleep though we will be catching the man u-everton match in another 15 mins time. i like to watch him sleep. he looks so adorable and i just want to cuddle him over and over again. is this too personal? i think its alright. if i'm not able to pen it down here, then what good are all the words for? hmm...

he has taught me many things and there are even more for me to catch from him. the wisdom and the journey he has with God is so tangible. i like reading the bible to him. i like when he plays the guitar. i feel refreshed when he washes me with his words. most of all, i like that he loves me with his little gesture, his hugs, little surprises, all the little efforts he put in just to make me happy.

i don't deserve any of it yet i have his love. indeed it's truly by the grace of God that brought us together. for it is grace and love that will see us through.