Friday, July 31, 2015


I started reading really late during my primary school days. Like literally picked up on actual reading when I was in primary school, around 9 years old. I know many parents would have baulked at the notion of their children reading at such a late age, but back then I was looked after by nannies who wouldn't have known how to read themselves either. And get this, I couldn't speak a single word of English too.

And back then, when you were in Primary 1, the school would assigned a buddy, usually the P5 or P6 students to guide the P1s for a week. I obviously couldn't read nor speak English, yet the irony of it was that an Indian girl was assigned to be my buddy. I know, I know.


The biggest surprise was that she could actually speak Mandarin! Yes!

Anyway, now all I could recall was that the English teacher just told me to improve on my English and I really did! Two years later. I remembered going to the library, picked up a random book and started reading there and then. And that random book was ahem, Sweet Valley Twins. Hey no judgement okay! I was young and the cover showed two very pretty Ang Moh girls.

From then on, there was no stopping me and I read with a ferocious appetite and everywhere, and I really meant everywhere I went, there's always a book in hands. However, it slowly tapered off when I started working but I still read, occasionally though and magazines count too right? Right.

And I be very honest here. I actually stopped reading when the kids came along. Oh the horrors! Yeah yeah, I know that it's important to read to the kids and all, it's just that with so much going on with children, there's only so much time you can spare with a book right? And even so, sleep always wins. Always.


I recently picked up reading again. After many many years of not reading and watching too much Korean variety shows for my own good.

Two of the books I picked up was actually an adult romance novel, albeit still slightly soft core than the usual actual adult romance novels. If you know what I mean. So as an afterthought, I thought I better picked some intelligent books (like the John Irving and Kazuo Ishiguro books), in case you know, people do judge you by the cover. Tsk Tsk.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Super George

"So what can he do?" I asked my 3 year old. He looked serious for a while before a glint of cheekiness flashed through his eyes. He looked at me and reply, "Super George can fly! Can run! And he can fight!"

And he is a make believe superhero my 3 year old came up with.

One night as we were getting ready for bed, I heard the 2 boys shouting Super George! Super George! while jumping up and down from my bed and running in and out of the room. I was highly amused as I've never heard of this character before and thought it might be a new cartoon that they saw on the television. So when I asked Benjamin if Super George was a new cartoon, he said, "No! Super George came from Didi!"

And that my friends, was how Super George is born.

Stay tune for more adventures of Super George.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Big Bang

Early on this year, as I watched my favourite Kpop band 'live' on TV and I told myself that I had to, HAVE TO, MUST watch them 'live' in person.

And I did. Alone.

What I wore to the concert...

Best white t shirt, comfy and slouchy.
Paired it with my high top to uh, appear more youthful(?)

But I was cool about it because it meant that no one will judge me when I scream and shout and dance!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and to think that I actually attended one of Korea top boy band's concert, I am MADE.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hormones of the guilty kind

So last night, Jeb had wanted me to carry him before his bedtime. I carried him for a while and brought him to his bed but he wanted more. So I carried him a while more and did the same thing again but this time he wanted to sit on my lap, to sleep. I obliged him while I fell asleep sitting up and jerked myself awake when my leg decided to cramp itself.

So when he rolled over to his bed and was quiet for a while, I thought okay good, he's gonna sleep soon and what do you know? He decided to ask me to carry him again! Why thank you Murphy!

But I decided not to because I was tired and also, I'm not going to indulged him with all that carrying. So I lay very still while he kept whining for me to carry him. So obviously with a lying Mama and his whines unanswered, it escalated into full blown crying.

And all the while, I kept ignoring him until.... he started to ask for water. I relented, sternly told him to stay still while I went to get a cup of water for him. He drank it and then, he whimpered, "Sorry Mama, sorry Mama".

Then I broke.

My heart. Can't deal.

So this morning when I thought back on last night, it made me think of what he was actually apologizing about? Sorry that he had cried so much it made me angry? Sorry that he had made me get him a cup of water? Sorry that all he wanted was for me to carry him? Or sorry that all he wanted was to be close to me thus asking to be carried?

Damn these mother hormones.

I questioned myself if I was too harsh on him and it is always these things that makes you think you're the worst mother in the world.

Sappiness aside, we'll be having a barbecue and hello long weekend!

Okay bye!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Morning pint

I developed this habit of mine since I was a kid when my mother would instil in us the virtues of drinking water first thing in the morning. And since then, I've been gulping down a pint every morning the moment I wake up and even right before using the toilet.

1 pint is approximately
568 ml (UK) or 473 ml (US)

And now, I make it a point to drink 1 pint in the morning, another 700ml (which is my water bottle's capacity) at work and down another pint when I get home in the evenings.

All in, I guess I hit the recommended 2L of water everyday including my coffee and/or tea? With so much water going on in my system, it does makes me visit the toilet often, my skin does feels fresher (but also with SKII's help, heh) and I don't really get too lethargic at work too.

So drink up! Especially with our humid weather and especially with our humid weather.