Thursday, May 28, 2015

This week and then a long weekend!

Benjamin caught a viral infection a few days ago and I stayed home to monitor his condition. I loved the fact that I get to be at home, but not of the reason though.

Meanwhile, I have a 3 year old going on 13 year old boy. They call this the threenager.

And not to boast or anything, but my cooking repertoire has improved significantly. My biggest critic aka the husband told me during one of the dinner I made was actually nice and he like it! If only I add a little more teeny tiny bit more salt to it and it'll be perfect. Well, still a compliment nevertheless!

As with all my cooking recipes, I would usually refer them online and made them up as I go along. So far, it has turned out not too shabby but I wouldn't want to jinx it either so, Google is still your best friend for good tasting food, not me.

He's growing up to be such a sweet boy and his heart is just so pure, so full of goodness. I hope he'll continue to be this way and not let the harshness of the world rob it away.

So looking forward to the long weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sleeping children keeps a mother sane

Sometimes when I blog surfed at home and if both boys happened to sit beside me, they would always asked whose photos am I looking at and who is that person. And because I have been following certain blogs for some time now and they've become mothers themselves, I would often just tell them they're my friends. #thickskinmuch heehee. Only common factors are the fact that we're all mothers and its only #associationbychildren, oh yeah.
Giving his kor kor a scratch when this mother ignored his pleas for it
 and kept snapping away.

One thing with kids is this. They have the weirdest sleeping positions and they bring the strangest things to bed.

This kid is just sunshine and happy smiles the moment he wakes up.

And of course, the sweetest time of the day is their bed time when after a whole day of incessant Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! I get a reprieve and it is this sort of sweetness that makes this crazy thing called motherhood a little bit more sane.

If you're a mother and you know what I mean, fist bump!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother Me

Every night when I tuck the boys into bed (who am I kidding? The only reason I tucked them to sleep was just so I can sleep. First. Kidding! Not.), I would try to say something good about each of them. 

To Benjamin, I'll always tell him that he's really such a sweetheart and sensible boy and sometimes he would add in, "I'm awesome too, right Mama?" Oh yes you are. 

To Jeb, I'll always tell him that I'm so thankful for him and that please be good and listen to Mama and Daddy and he'll go,"No!" 

Same DNA but totally world's apart. 

These were taken when he was around two years old.

For one, Benjamin has always been a happy and cheerful boy. He's always game for a good time and has no problems socialising with other kids and adults. Also, he's really an aunty killer too. They would all be charmed by his 'fish-ball' face and he would go in for the kill by asking for sweets and such. 

And these are him right now. Five years old and has mastered the art of selfies. 

And then we have Jeb. Whose middle name is Danger. He has no qualms on doing anything related to danger at all. He's all swords and guns and fighting. 

With Benjamin, I was a lot stricter with him in terms of discipline which I am more lax now with Jeb. Now that I admit it, are you happy husband?! 

The husband has always said that I'm being biased with the both of them and indeed, I am! But I'm turning over a new leaf okay. I punished Jeb as hard as I love him too. And it always breaks my heart that I have to go to extremes to do that. 

With both of them, I find that I try to give them the experiences I never much had when I was their age. I try to do more things with them and bring them out to more places. I guess that's what parenthood does. To make memories with your own kids that you never had. 

And I'll always tell them that they're brothers for life and they are their own little family.