Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hello handsome

2 weeks old on aunty mandy's lap

2 days old with uncle david and aunty michelle

he likes to ooh with his mouth

think he was few days old back at home

1 day old

the 2 precious man in my life
my son finally arrived on 21 jan 2010 at 10.21am. now he is the gem in the family with everyone fussing over him. he looks like his dad especially his eyes, the legendary wei's family eyes.
when he's hungry, he likes to throw his little hands around and lick his mouth. that is his signal to us that he's hungry. he looks so adorable doing that. he makes alot of strange noises when he's sleeps and hungry. sometimes i feel like i'm feeding a little gremlin instead of a human baby boy, ha.
the initial 2 weeks were testy, if there's such a word. it seems like we were both testing each other out. testing each other's patience, endurance and erm sleep.
through the tears and fears, i'm truly blessed that i have a loving and supportive husband who keeps encouraging that i'm doing very well, is very hands on with baby, loves and cuddles him and always simply just loving me.
my mum who makes every effort to come over on her days off to cook and clean for me. ensuring that i get proper rest and nutrition and keeps asking me to get more sleep.
my mother in law who took a week's leave to also cook and clean for me. to look after baby while i sleep and during the nights, just feeding and changing his diapers.
my dad in his own whimsical ways, keeps asking us to send him photos of baby and the way he peers at baby while he sleeps. and his awkwardness when carrying baby.
my dad in law, who likes to carry benjamin and bring him for a 'walk' around the house.
my sister, who can just look at him for hours, place him on her legs and takes photos of him.
i'm thankful that my son is enjoying so much love from his family. i think this is the best way he can grow and learn from. that love is truly love when it is unconditional and that this tiny little being has completely stolen our hearts and in his little ways, show me what family is.