Monday, November 15, 2010

rules of parenthood

i actually blogged about it and halfway through, i had to pacify a sleepy baby, came back wanted to post it up and blogger told me there's something wrong with that post.

and it was a good post even i say so. i guess its really for another time then!

Friday, November 12, 2010

confessions of the sleepy and daydream too much mother

ok, i confess.

i really envy my friends who do not have children yet, when they go on holidays. its like so easy and simple for them to drop their work, make some bookings, packed their bags and ta-dah! get on the airplane and off they go to their destinations.

and here i am, watching my 9, coming 10 month old son, attempting to stuff the whole cone shape thingy toy in his mouth, crawling into the toilet, tugging at strings, thinking he's a puppy and generally just gnawing at things around his way.

while all this is happening, i would daydream of romantic dreams of walking hand in hand with my husband, going shopping shops after shops a la pretty woman (the scenes when she got his credit card), doing my hair, being glamourous, putting on pretty clothes, sipping my tea and ordering my husband around (this is when i know i have to be really dreaming to be doing this).

and then silence. this is also when i would wake up from my daydream and realised that my son is chewing on a dried leave he picked up from the stroller and thus, brought me back to my humble hdb flat in jurong west.

well, i also wanted to add in the awesome-ness of being a mother and all the sweetness and googly feelings you get when your child smiles at you.

but i guess i'll leave it for the next post.

Monday, November 8, 2010

what took you so long?

oops, it has been so long since i've came in here to blogged that i've forgotten my password, ha!

the little one is growing up fast, too fast. he's crawling all over the house, pulling himself to stand and grabbing things, stuffing it into his mouth, blabbering, drooling, busy with growing up. till date, he has 8 teeth, 4 each on the upper and lower gums. he looks so darn cute when he smiles and you can see his teeth peeping out.

and over the past few months that i've not been blogging, we celebrated our 2 years wedding anniversary and my birthday, watched countless movies on the home screen, benjamin fell off the bed twice, ate lots of oysters (the husband), steaks, went to Universal Studios, almost got an accident scare (the husband's car brakes failed to worked), apply for passport for benjamin, took him out with his stroller onto the bus, did online shopping, groceries shopping and zoom! November is here.

gosh, time flies too fast too. and just like that, the year is coming to an end and a brand new year awaits us just round the corner.

ok, till the next time!

Monday, July 5, 2010

new scent

it is a mixture of baby's drool, puked milk, tears and snot. wears it best on shirts, arms and hair. smells like heaven.

Monday, June 28, 2010

sleepless in jurong west

i think my son needs a bigger bed now. his attempts to turn to his side to sleep and failing it is causing me to have sleepless nights and i often have to go rescue him when he starts to whine.

my only consolation is he takes 3 hour naps in the day. twice! ha!


white, jade green, dusky pink, brown, grey, actually i like all colours

egg mayo and potato salad, tuna, chocolate, ice cream, chips, celery (eww to some haha)


people watching, flipping through magazines, photos, watching my husband and son sleep, dreaming about endless other dreams, writing random stuff

jesus, husband, son, sister and my dad and ok, my mum too, sometimes

roses, chrsyanthemums, i like all flowers!

jeans and a tee, maybe the occasional dress

motto to above get-ups:
simple is chic. but its never that simple to be chic! hahahahahaha

in love.

0. cos it can add great value to other numbers when placed behind it, ha!


when my son is asleep, when i'm playing with him, when i'm doing my own stuff, when my husband comes home

hang out activity:
being with people i enjoyed hanging out with, laughing all around and being silly

gilmore girls, popular, gLee!

nail polish:
funky colours and glitter

ponytail, braids and bangs

ck be

thats all i can think of right now!

Friday, June 18, 2010


i used to think that having any bags to put my stuff in will do. so long as the bag looks nice, feels comfortable to plod around with and most importantly its cheap, i would'nt mind getting it.

until i got my first 'branded' bag that is, courtesy of the husband. what you pay is really what you get.

the excellent workmanship, the details and the genuine smell of leather just makes it so worth getting it. yes, i may feel apprehensive for fear of scratching the bag, spilling water on it or damaging the leather, but after sometime when you know your bag is capable of going through all these, thats when you know the bag is worth the amount of money you paid for it.

now i look at these 'branded' bags with a different eye. but i still love my cheap bags, ha!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i trust

whom have i in heaven but You?
and there is none upon earth that i desire but You.
my flesh and my heart fail;
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

psalm 73:25,26

Monday, June 14, 2010

a million dollars

yesterday we played the game called 'what if i have a million dollars?' in the car on the way to dinnner.

john: i will turn it into 2

me: i will buy you your favourite car

john: you know what car i wanna buy?

me: hmm, aston martin?

john: chey, 1 million is not enough!

me: really meh?

john: ya lar, 1 aston martin cost around 700k liao

me: wah! then don't buy le, i buy my own things better

michelle: if i have a million dollars, i will invent a time machine to go back and know the 4d numbers so i can buy them and win more money!

my sister: invest and turn it into 2 million

do you think of what you will do if you have a million dollars? i do.

every single day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

of free shopping and a home boy

shopping is a blast when you don't have to pay for it, ha! i had fun 'shopping' yesterday, thanks to my sister who paid for me and because cotton on is having 50% storewide, its even more fun!

now did i just hear rubi is having a sale?

on another note, we have deduced that benjamin is a home boy. everytime we bring him out, he always look so grouchy or bored. but the minute he's home, he's a happy boy. put him on the couch and he'll be happily squawking away, yes its true! my goodness, is he a geek in the making?

anyways girls like geeky guys.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

writing music

yesterday was the first time i heard led zeppelin's stairway to heaven. the wonders of youtube.

i wonder how the classic rock bands ever wrote their songs? do they write it while smoking their cigarettes and plucking their gutairs? writing their songs while high? (this i'm sure)

or do they write their songs while walking their dogs, having an ice cream, laughing with their friends, while contemplating suicide, drying their hair, going to the supermarket, preening themself in front of the mirror, arguing with the post office lady, taking a piss, catching a bus or just idling away?

one way or another, they sure don't write music like they do now back then.

Friday, June 4, 2010

zoom zoom

holy kaw! its june already, time is zooming by.

from my pregnancy to the birth of benjamin, its like literally in the blink of an eye.

he is getting so cute and adorable everyday, making cute but mostly weird sounds, hitting his milestones like flipping, putting his hands together, lifting his head albeit still wobbly and smiling and cooing and chuckles! love his chuckles!

it still amazes me that i have a child. a child of my own. not somebody else but my very own. at times when looking after him, i still feel like i'm just baby-sitting, but everytime when i carry him and hold him close and smell his sweet baby smell, i thank god that he is mine. though many people have said that he looks alot like the father, somewhere inside, my gene is around haha! like he has 2 dimples on each cheek, hmm think thats the only thing i contributed so far, woots!

i just hope he has his daddy's brains.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

to yiyi

Dear yiyi,

today i turn 3 months old. i told mummy i want to write you a letter. but since i can't write yet, i will tell mummy what to say and she will write it on the computer for you to read.

i want to tell you i love you. and i enjoyed all the hugs and kisses from you. everytime i cry and when mummy and daddy don't want to carry me, you are always the first one to pick me up. even when they are laughing at me for faking cries, you still be the one who comfort me and carry me to walk around the house.

you always come during the weekends to spend time with me. and i always look forward to that. i know you will play with me, feed me and even change my diaper when i poop. you love taking photos of me too. that's why i always make funny faces for you. i know it makes you happy.

yiyi, i am growing up very fast now. very soon when i can crawl and walk and run, i know you'll still be holding my hands and carrying me. i know you will bring me to parks to run around, i will ask you questions and you will answer me patiently and i will hold your hands when we cross the road too. (mummys say this is very important so i must tell you)

ok yiyi? i am going to drink my milk now, see you very soon.

benjamin boy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hello handsome

2 weeks old on aunty mandy's lap

2 days old with uncle david and aunty michelle

he likes to ooh with his mouth

think he was few days old back at home

1 day old

the 2 precious man in my life
my son finally arrived on 21 jan 2010 at 10.21am. now he is the gem in the family with everyone fussing over him. he looks like his dad especially his eyes, the legendary wei's family eyes.
when he's hungry, he likes to throw his little hands around and lick his mouth. that is his signal to us that he's hungry. he looks so adorable doing that. he makes alot of strange noises when he's sleeps and hungry. sometimes i feel like i'm feeding a little gremlin instead of a human baby boy, ha.
the initial 2 weeks were testy, if there's such a word. it seems like we were both testing each other out. testing each other's patience, endurance and erm sleep.
through the tears and fears, i'm truly blessed that i have a loving and supportive husband who keeps encouraging that i'm doing very well, is very hands on with baby, loves and cuddles him and always simply just loving me.
my mum who makes every effort to come over on her days off to cook and clean for me. ensuring that i get proper rest and nutrition and keeps asking me to get more sleep.
my mother in law who took a week's leave to also cook and clean for me. to look after baby while i sleep and during the nights, just feeding and changing his diapers.
my dad in his own whimsical ways, keeps asking us to send him photos of baby and the way he peers at baby while he sleeps. and his awkwardness when carrying baby.
my dad in law, who likes to carry benjamin and bring him for a 'walk' around the house.
my sister, who can just look at him for hours, place him on her legs and takes photos of him.
i'm thankful that my son is enjoying so much love from his family. i think this is the best way he can grow and learn from. that love is truly love when it is unconditional and that this tiny little being has completely stolen our hearts and in his little ways, show me what family is.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

waiting game

i am very confused about how the contractions should feel like. some say it feels like menstrual cramps, some say it feels like tummyache. and some says you will know when it happens.

but i seriously don't have a clue.

right now, i'm riding out the days just laying in bed, to the sofa back to the bed, playing the waiting game.

anytime now.

Monday, January 4, 2010


and now its already 2010. over the past few weeks, we've celebrated christmas, faith's new baby, new year dinner and very soon this coming week, the chong's wedding and then awaiting my very own new baby's arrival.

so much happenings and its only the start of 2010.

thanked God that He has gone into 2010 and declared that it is good. and pastor has shared that this year is going to be a year of restful increase.

right now as i'm typing this, baby benjamin is wriggling in my tummy. guess he's looking forward to this year too, ha.

can't wait to see you handsome boy!