Thursday, April 9, 2009

trip, trip

hmm strange fact for now.. i'm watching a football match alone without my husband. champions league match between liverpool vs chelsea. we support man united though. so i don't know why i'm watching it anyway, ha!

oops chelsea just scored again and its 3-1 to chelsea. hahahahaha with *evil laughter*

its a long weekend this week and we're heading off to fraser's hill! yeah!! i went there when i was 11 or 12 and it left a deep impression in me. its this small little quaint place up in malaysia that has nice little quaint cottages with awesome full english breakfast! and i've been telling the husband all about it, raving about the cool air and breakfast. but basically there's nothing much to do there. unless you like to take long walks and erm, more long walks.

anyhoo, we're excited about this trip and really looking forward to just spending time alone with each other. just walking, lazing around, hand in hand, stealing a few kisses, having breakfast, sipping tea and breathing in the cool mountain air.

we'll be driving up with miss gps and according to the manual, she'll get us there right where we want to go, ha!

ok this is totally random but petr cech is really a good goalkeeper! maybe liverpool should try to buy him over?