Wednesday, December 31, 2008


i manage to clean the whole house, yikes! albeit not very thoroughly but still..... ha!

friends of the forest are having a bbq at kwee's house tonight. looks like we going to have a buffet with alot of food and drinks!!

so we'll be saying goodbye to 2008 and hello 2009 later, somehow an excitement is in the air!!
get ready all the party poppers and pop our way to 2009!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


sometimes when i just want to shut myself from the rest of the world, i'll retreat into the safety of my storybooks.

and read and read and read.

only when all the words have been read and are no more, will i allow myself to get out of this isolation.

guess we all have to go through our own isolation period in our own ways.

what's yours?

looking forward

after a long, long laze in bed, i'm still feeling restless.. it seems my adrenaline is rushing for something. wanna head to JP in the afternoon to look for a pair of black pants, but am too afraid of buying other stuff, ha!

am enjoying this last stretch of 2008, the feeling of doing nothing-ness. erm thats still housework to be done, but argh! seems all my limbs are just not co-operative. i wanna laze somemore!!

my days of working from home are over, heh. so before i start my new work, qx will try to:
- clear out her old working stuff
- clear out the storeroom
- clean the whole house throughly
- wash the bedsheets
- and erm try to get the above done, hehe

*my mum just called me to say she'll be heading to JP to take a look see! so now, i got a date with my mum, ha!

looking forward to the genting trip.
looking forward to my parent's salvation.
looking forward to the many weddings next year.
looking forward to serving in ministry.
looking forward to Godly friendships.
looking forward to travelling with my husband.
looking forward to getting rich.
looking forward to having loads of money.
looking forward to using that loads of money to bless others.
looking forward to the acceptable year of the Lord!!

the kukup trip

back from the kukup trip with our group of friends of the forest, haha!! the island was scorching hot and all of us really melted under the hot sun. guess we're too sheltered in singapore, literally speaking, ha!

the house where we stayed for a night was spacious, though the rooms and mattresses were too dusty and most of us were sneezing and wheezing through. and the food was so-so, but all in all, it was an experience for me. sleeping on the floor on a thin mattress, the toilets being a hole where everything just get dropped right into the sea and the incessant number of flies flying around. man! they were everywhere!!

and the highlight of the trip was the guys coming up with a new game, Swatting Flies!! yes, i'm serious!! while some of us were just lazing in the room with the air-con (thank God they have air-con!), the guys were outside doing their best to swat out all the flies!! it was hilarious!! and they even came out with a tactic that ensured that you get the fly dead and square, ha! though i tried and failed miserably, hehe..

arriving at the island

our new game practice

the S.W.A.T logo

WAGS of the SWAT team

and presenting the team....

ladies and gentlemen, meet the SWAT team!
john, keon, sean & johnny
(keon is the master shifu!)

haha!! the things that the guys come up with sometimes are really funny!! other than swatting flies, we also played cranium (a board game), charades and visited the kelong.

other than eating seafood, there is'nt anything much to do on this island. thus 2 day 1 night is definetely more than enough. it was really fun with the company of friends and we just chilled and laze around. we're all looking forward to our next trip!!
friends of the forest

Friday, December 26, 2008

of cg christmas dinner and malaysia

cck cg christmas dinner at our place!

our dinner of pizzas and coke!

all the pressies

the men in the games room

while the woman take hold of the pool table!


the super hyperactive amber!
she'll put energizer bunny a run for their money man!

amber and eliza

and all of us!
tomorrow, i'll be with the rest to kukup island, yay! can't wait for the delicious seafood and company of our dear friends. and next weekend. the husband and i will be driving to genting with his parents. seems like during this short 2 weeks, we'll be visiting malaysia quite often, ha!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


conversation with a 9 yr old....

michelle: (looking at me earnestly) qiu xian jie jie, do you have stomachache?

me: (looking puzzled) stomachache?

michelle: yes! do you have stomachache?

me: (really puzzled) am i supposed to have a stomachache?

michelle: (looking at me like i'm the sillest person) yes of course! if not how can you get pregnant?!

me: "_"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

winds of change, ha!

as the previous post on being a high class gardener, its signed, sealed and confirmed! come jan 12, i'll be officially working for the government as their gardener, ha! never could have imagined that i'll be working for them but well, see how things always turn around when you least expect it.

erm, but i would still like to have a proper office, table, air-con and please Mr Mentor Minister Lee!! Please let us have our MSN!!!! hope that won't be banned in the office, lol... anyways what make me decide on this new career direction was ahem...(must make myself sound sacrificial, lol!) the stable income, the many benefits of being a civil servant, the insurance, the prospect of not using my brain (wait! thats not good right?!) haha... but mainly its for my family.

i'm excited to start the new year on a clean slate and there are some new things i would wanna do. but please don't laugh at me k, its a huge step for me hor...

this coming new year, i'm going to:
- wear contacts (no laughing!)
- put braces (i realised my sister is doing it too! and no we did'nt plan for it together, ha!)

erm, yup thats about it for 2009. see i'm very easy to maintained. i've been thinking about braces for a really long time too. just that i've never really set about doing it. but will have to wait till feb or so for my first pay, lol!!

but why contacts? err, because i've always been afraid of sticking my finger into my eye? i'm not sure too but getting contact seems like a grown up thing to do. and because i guess the hassle of wearing glasses during manual labour doesn't seem appealing to me, so contacts it is!

quite exciting isn't it?! many, many laugh out loudsssssss...

Friday, December 19, 2008

high-class gardener, ha! from 2009

Thursday, December 18, 2008


for this past week, i've been teaching floral lessons at a special school. this school is catered to special needs children. children with autism, slow learning disabilities and down syndrowm. as my friend is a teacher in this school, she wanted them to learn a new skill to equip them with some basic floral knowledge, so as to enable them to find relevant jobs in the future.

at first i was hesitant to take up this offer. because i know the demands of a florist, the hectic working style and the draining physical work, i felt that those kids will not be able to handle it well. i was lost as to what i can teach them and certainly unsure if they know what i was talking about. but she assured me that the kids who will be taking this class are the high-functioning kids. meaning they are more adapted to the surroundings and much responsive to people. and so i agreed.

well, my worries were unfounded. what greeted me on the first day was their enthusiasm, their willingness to learn and joy. it amazes myself and pr(one of my teacher friend who kindly avail herself to help out) was their child like mind and their naivety. they were always so ready with our requests, their smiles and their chirpy, 'good morning miss qx!' they are just so adorable! and you'll be amazed that they look like normal people, no one can tell they have some problems to a certain degree.

but pr can't help but wonder at the lack of support for the school and the kids. as she is a teacher in an aided-government school, she told me about the vast differences between the 2 schools. like lack of security features, the old school building and some other stuff. and one can't help but wonder why are the special needs children the forgotten ones? however, they are much more fortunate than those of yester-years.

while they used to be a hush-hush matter, at least there's more exposure and help for them now.
but at what level?

i'm not sure why i'm writing all these down but as tomorrow is my last lesson with them, i truly hope i can and will help them as much i can. i'll miss them. miss their cheekiness and their smiles.

and it seems to me that when you can't have the world at the tip of your hand, all you have is your heart and your smile to face the world.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i am

enjoying a quiet moment in the house now. david is asleep on the sofa and michelle is flipping 8 days beside me.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


the december is here again! (",)

looking forward to the trip with......... get ready ah.... andy, sean, yimei, faith, keon, shijie, derek, johnny, joy, john, qx (myself), david and michelle!

its a group trip to kukup! its a short weekend trip whereby we get to stuff our face with seafood all day, lol!!

ghost stories, taboo, cranium anyone? :P

Monday, December 1, 2008

jin boliao

greetings earthlings! \!/
we descended upon this dwelling where we come across some funny humans.
but let me introduce you my fellow spacelings first.
this is, toppers. as you can see, she only has a head, no body.
alas, hers was a long story, for another time eh.
and this is blurry, head with part body.
she has an alter ego...

silly face!

put them together, you'll have blurry silly face!
we had some funny human food called pizza. its flat, round and tastes cheesy. much like rubbish from we came from.

the flat, round thing that resembles our flying craft.
we stayed for quite a while as the humans entertained us with moving pictures which they project onto a big screen.
where we come from, the moving pictures can actually talk to you and smell your armpits.
though the latter is not encouraged by our president, which coincidentally is also the president for DASYAP.
(Do Always Smell Your Armpit)
oxymoron, i say.
we had a good time i must admit, as the humans were found to be highly intelligent and well responsive to our commands.
and thus we can submit our report to our hq to ensure them that our findings conclude that humans are indeed easily trained and well- domesticated.
until the next report, this is jin boliao signing out.

Friday, November 28, 2008


and they got married, happily ever after.
update #1: my sister got married
update #2: i helped peirong with her pre-wedding photo shoot
update #3: we celebrated my husband's birthday
update #4: i don't really have time to blog these past weeks, sheesh...
so many wonderful things are happening amid these gloom times.. yet God is always so faithful to His word. i'm just glad i'm dwelling in His house and nowhere else i rather be.
alright! got to finish up my work! another wedding flowers waiting for me!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


*splish* *splish* *splash* !!

the rain is beating down heavily upon my windows and the cool winds feels so cold on my skin.
i'm snuggled on my comfy couch writing these words down.. it will even be better with a nice cup of hot cocoa *slurps*

our finances are not looking good, really. its so bad that somehow, it feels like a joke, though its not very funny. its how people get bankrupt (what a dirty word), gets depressed and end up suicidal. it is bleak alright, but nothing that God cannot do. somehow, the world seems much real when you're going through the situations which you think only other people goes through.

like how we always read about families struggling to feed their children, no money to pay off the bills, loansharks turning up in the middle of the night, you know? those kind of things that happened to other people, but not you?

well, we may not have loansharks turning up at our door, or us struggling to feed the kids (no kids, yet) but the amount of bills thats piling up is just, unbelievable. and you wonder why people got married in the first place, hmm?

anyway, i woke up today having a confident expectation of good. even when the money seems like its drying up, i still can expect good to come out of it. when the downtimes come, it is up i look. no matter how i fall, i still fall into a confident expectation of good to come. i must'nt let this pull me down. because i have a awesome jesus who has died to give me all my blessings. to let this put me down, is to let Him died in vain.

no, i must'nt do that.

instead, i will continue to sing His songs, soak in His word and feel His love for me. because when it matters the most, jesus is all i've got.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

presenting the comic life of the wei

chapter 1:
calling johnny,
"ringggggg, ringggggggg!!!"
waiting for the call to get through

making funny face while still waiting for call to get through

oh man, is he ever going to answer?!

hmmm..... maybe he's busy

yeah!! finally picked up!!


chapter 2:
how my wife likes to annoy me
what is my wife doing again?

i will just stone while she do her thing

or maybe i'll take a nap

or maybe i'll give her my most menacing stare.
and i growl, "are you done?!!"
to be continued.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

random notes to self

as seen on simplysoles
well, a girl can't have too many shoes!! (make that flats,ha!)
*note to self: must make a trip to schu very soon!

ooohh.. and my sister is officially married! will post some photos soon, but right now, i just want to dream of the many other pairs of shoes that i wanna own...

and i was in holland v today and past by song & song. in case you don't know whats song & song is, its the best retail therapy at dirt cheap prices!

there're like factory outlet but much, much cheaper. a t-shirt is like 2 bucks, tops and skirts are like $5-$8 bucks, dirt cheap!!

there's always a but!

you'll have to really browse around, try it on and hunt for that worthy piece.

at the end, its all worth it, ha!!

on more random notes, i'm learing to experiment with make-up more. actually i think those activist who are anti-makeup have never put on makeup before.

true, makeup has alot of whatever processed chemicals, but if it helps you look good, why not?
ever wonder why the activist are usually dowdy people?
hear, hear..

personally, i believe makeup is to enhanced our features.
with a little foundation,
a dab of eyeshadow, a blush of rouge and that little tinge of glossy lips,
it can really make you look better!

and to quote from a famous makeup artist,
" if they notice your makeup, your makeup is shabby. if however they notice you, your makeup is impeccable."

more randomnessssss..

my husband's birthday is fast approaching, and i wonder what can i do to surprise him?
he's very alert to any changes in my moods and emotions, so i'll have to keep a tight lid on whatever surprises i might have.

but right now, i have none..

oh man, oh man...

my parents are on their own since both of us are married.
i'm missing them now and my husband is asleep on the sofa again!!
not that i keep him out, but he just fell asleep watching tv..
he's so adorable in times like this, ha!

i just want to post on the shoes, but really too random, indeed a woman's mind is like spaghetti.

Friday, November 14, 2008

foreign objects

*cold* brrrrrrrrrrrr...

it has been so long since i last fell ill and so to my surprise, i realised i was feeling feverish and having body aches all over. it feels so foreign to me as i'm so used to living in divine health, ha!

tomorrow my sister will be getting married!! so excited for her.. and after that i got to rush for a wedding project, haha.. when i was meeting with my client, i find this date so familiar but can't quite place my finger on it. till after the project has been confirmed then i realised its also my sister's wedding date! talk about blur-ness!

well i just hope after a super early sleep today, all this foreign discomfort will be gone!
i know my health is in good hands (",)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the weather mirrors me

how apt that the weather mirrors my mood for these past few days..

and so when the going gets tough, the tough starts to say, "and in all these things (tribulations, challenges etc..), I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me!"

what is a real job?


i also say..

a real job is doing something you really enjoy, but how many of us can truly say that? oh man, the cynical me is trying to break free, but i shall not let it be! i don't want to turn into those horrible, cynical old lady always complaining about how life is, how people are always turning against each other, i refused to!

so, even when we're going through a rough financial patch now, i cling and cling onto the finished work of jesus and into His loving arms. He is always pleased to see me, ha!

His delight is in me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



but i'll be ok ;p

dark moods and bright lights

today was exceptionally dark.
have you been there before? where you feel that everything is pushed up tightly against you and you're too tight to breath? where the waves keep raining upon you and you're being pulled under? the currents are so strong today, when words became gravel in my mouth and i have no energy to fight anymore.
the only saving grace is the light that shines. my saviour's light.

little sister is going to be married!

my sister will be married in 2 days time! oh man, oh man! i am happy for her and i love her so if jd, you're not doing a good job, i'm coming after you!!

its really weird seeing your little sister grow up and get married.. whatever happened to the little cheeky girl?

i'll miss you and hopefully we'll catch up as much as possible, k.. and please be nice to me, ha!

Monday, November 10, 2008


change is coming.. eagerly anticipating for it because it is good!
have never felt more sure about it but just standing upon the promises of God that He will enlarge my tents and prosper me.

because i'm loved by Him, all good things will come my way and i've to be prepared for it, ha!



Thursday, November 6, 2008

in the midst

yesterday i went for the seminar on God's plan for pregnancy.
well, we're not planning for one now, maybe in a year or so.
i did'nt walked away feeling super recharged or having exciting revelations falling upon me, instead, i find the seminar quite boring.
pastor nerida walker shared on how her husband was sterile, and when they both refused to believe the doctor's report, she began to search the bible for answers.
and she went on to share on how she believed God for children, and now they have 4 healthy kids within 4 1/2 years!
God sure move fast for them, ha!
so why is it boring?
hmm, maybe i was expecting more?
i really don't know.
we know we will have kids, but practically speaking raising children in singapore is really expensive. so when she keep emphasizing to trust God for kids, i find myself thinking,
"yes! yes! but its very expensive you know?!"
and out of it, so subtly during the ending praise & worship,
He spoke right to my heart.
"I will provide. I will provide".
with these 3 words, a sure assurance is set right.
it is in the midst of our trouble, that i am more than a conqueror through Christ.
in the midst of trials and tribulations, He still loves me.
in the midst of my confusion, His word is a lamp upon my feet.
in the midst of my lack, He will provide.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


paul frank the monkey face

the-liverpool-lost-a-game face

we-are-in-love face

staying still face

you-can't-get-me! face

i-am-shy face

smiling-for-my-cousin face

concentrating-on-my-game face

goofy face

argh! face

? face

hmm face

to-scared-you face, ha!