Tuesday, May 12, 2009

having honey on the moon

when tomorrow comes, we'll be leaving on an airplane
embracing our new found freedom.

in a city which you loved, and one that hold wonders for me,
this is our very own summer escapade.

no expectations, no worriesome labour,
just you and me, heartfelt walks and buttery kisses.

in time when we remember this wonderful chapter,
the time of our lives made possible by jesus!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

no sleep

i could'nt sleep last night. well technically i went to bed at 12 plus but woke up at 4.30am when i heard you rustling in the room. after that i just could not fall asleep till 7am.

i tossed and turned, i fidgeted, got up for a drink of water, went to the bathroom, read the newspaper and lastly, i prayed. till i finally fallen asleep and dreamt i went to ns. i think that woke me up again. ha.

when i close my eyes, my hyperactive imagination will kick in and go into overdrive. no way to stop it. even my mind knows something my heart has been telling me from the start. it doesn;t makes sense to you thats because it doesn't make sense to me either.

jesus, why? i don't want to run away again. when all the time your help is there and i just refused to run to you. this time, before i fall in too deep, let your rivers of running water washed it away from me. cleansed me with your living word. i don't want to fall into pieces again. you have made me whole. the brokeness has long gone.

love me tenderly with your beautiful love.

Friday, May 8, 2009

confusion of emotions

woah, i looked at my previous post and 1 month just flew past. maybe i should just post once a month now, heez.

this again is a collection of random thoughts just coming to my mind as i let my fingers do the typing.


sometimes i do super crazy things. i remember back in sec school days, i had a crush on this boy from another class. so in order to know more about him, i will try means and ways to know his phone number, and when i got his number, i will call him up but hang up when he answers. and there was another time when i found out where he lived, i dragged my poor friend along to his
house and just walked along his house corridor. talked about ultimate stalking 101 man, ha!

sometimes i feel lazy. i just wanna laze around the whole day. or when work is super crazy, i will just walked around pretending i am doing something just so i could do nothing. sometimes a certain memory might bring back certain emotions that i don't want to remember. yet i linger on just a little longer just so i can feel nostalgic about it.

sometimes fuzzy moments like spacing out during meetings, church service or conversations can be well, spaced out. just don't get caught.

right now, i feel my heart is racing towards something dangerous. a boundary where i know i should'nt go yet i am allowing this wave of excitement just lobbing me in. live dangeously? maybe. maybe not. it always ends in knots.

where does all this leads to? just a smile and a salute makes my day. just a little pause in your footsteps, just a little jingling of your keys, just a little glimpse into your life.

lets dance in the moonlight.