Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just another day

I am a weekend mum. And they starts early at 7.30 am. 

Benjamin would wake up wanting his first bottle of milk and that in turn would wake Jeb up because all I want to do is to lie in for another 5 minutes which in turn caused Benjamin to yelled louder at me to go make his milk and in turn makes me so grouchy at being woken up so early to be commanded to make milk and which in turn makes everyone wakes up.

So many turns eh. 

And so the kids have their milk in bed, horse around for another half hour more before I get myself and the kids washed up for breakfast. 

It can be pancakes, fruits, scrambled eggs, biscuits, oats and whatever nots and by the time breakfast has rolled around and gone, its time for groceries shopping for lunch and dinner. By this time, its only 9.30 am but I feel like I'm ready to go to bed, again!

And the fact that one of my sons has no real interest in food other than batteries, paper and plastic bags, every meal times is greeted like this.

Feeding nightmares
And the real battle for the day begins. He cries, he clamps, I shoved! He cries, he swipes, I shoved! And on and on it goes.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner.

And this boy here, he's really such a sweetheart. Once, when the feeding nightmare got so bad that I cried, he did all sorts of funny faces just to get his little brother to laugh just so I can quickly shoved food into his mouth. Ahhhh, bless his heart.

They usually nap together in the afternoons where I gladly join them for an hour before I get up to prepare for dinner. Usually after dinner, we will go to the park for a stroll or I'll let them spend all their energy at the playground. My tactic is simple. The more they released their energy, the earlier they'll sleep. But alas, I've been proven wrong when their need to move surpasses their need to sleep.

During the first few weeks of solo parenting, I'm always at a loss when it comes to bath time for the boys. For Benjamin, its easier as he can play by himself while I handle Jeb first, but what about when it comes to bathing Benjamin? 

At first, I would leave Jeb in the cot crying his lungs out while I bathed Benjamin. But I've quickly come round to this problem by deciding they should bath together to save time but definitely not water as by the time I'm done with dressing Jeb, the whole bathroom will be all wet and soapy! 

My day with the boys ends when I've tucked them into bed after their bedtime milk and they have fallen asleep. Some nights, I thought maybe I can watch a show, maybe I read a book, maybe I can do some other things, but alas, I prove myself wrong when my need to sleep surpasses my need to do things. 

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