Thursday, June 28, 2012

I wanted to complain and whine, but then excitement got the hold on me

This tiredness is so sudden. One day I'm all up and about, the next day, I'm like a withered flower. Listless, moody, lifeless.

Welcome to third trimester.

I've noticed my feet and fingers are getting slightly swollen, the burping has returned, my gums are bleeding alot more whenever I brushed them and my appetite has decreased too.

As compared to my first pregnancy, I didn't put on as much weight back then. This time round, the weight has gone to baby 2 and I'm glad because the last time I put on, it was a hefty 23kg! It was too much and I spent 1 year losing it and even then, I didn't really go back to my pre-pregnancy weight too.

Not that I'm complaining because the husband actually likes the extra curves I've put on, just that he keeps reminding me to tone my body, then I'll be perfect, like a MILF. His words, not mine.

So now being the last leg of pregnancy, we're getting more and more excited about baby 2 now. I have never in my life thought I would have kids, but now I'm having a second one, it really feels so surreal. People have also asked me if I will try for a girl for the third time, I can only smile and say, never say never!

Not going to be so adamant like the first time, I've learnt my lesson. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sometimes, enjoying something is how you want to make out of it

I really like how my Fridays comes around. Its that last work day when it seems everything just winds down in preparation for the weekend. 

Anticipation of something good. 

come back to us baby!

the reason they love each other; she loves him for his cheekiness
and he loves her because she gives him chocolate and Yakult

enjoying his chocolate!

Sometimes we have no agenda and we'll just chill at home, other times we would fill it with activities and everyone will have a good time!

But the thing I most look forward to on a weekend morning is having breakfast together with the family. I love it when we all just hopped onto the car and drive to nearby places for our favourite breakfast or either that, we'll be adventurous and ventured out somewhere further to try out new stuff.

It's my comfort routine where we all just hang out, walked around the neighbourhood and then head back home for a nap.


Happy weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

He melted

We were having a late brunch yesterday, all was well until I had to take out my Iphone and entice the son to watch Thomas and Friends.


I've no idea why I did that too as I'm a firm believer of not watching TV at all during meal times. I guess the son was too charming that day and somehow made me do it, heh.

So anyway it was bad timing too as the food also arrived at the same time my phone was loading the video. Of course I had to put away my phone so we can all eat right?

This is when he had a meltdown.

He cried and cried and couldn't stop when we told him to. And when he did managed to stop for that split second, he didn't want to eat his food. He insisted no spinach in his pasta, wanted to use a fork, changed his mind about using the fork, gave him a spoon, he didn't want it, couldn't scoop the pasta properly, cried somemore, and in the end both the husband and I were so irritated that we couldn't enjoy our meal.

The husband had to leave halfway to bring the son out for a good scolding. He took him back to the car where he smacked him and scolded him severely and when I went back to the car, I found the son has cried himself to sleep.

And this is when the follow up happens.

The husband told me he told the son he will cane him when we reached home. So naturally, just before we reached, he asked me if he should really do so. I thought for a moment and said yes. But he'll have to explain to him first why he is being caned and just caned him once, that's it.

I felt that in doing so, it will reinforced to the son that our warnings carries weight as he is now at this age where he can remember things well. I wouldn't want to be that kind of parent that all other parents think they wouldn't want to be who just ended up shouting all these empty threats while their kids climbed all over their heads while thinking, 'Oh man, I've become this parent who let my kid climbed all over me when I say I wouldn't be.'

Just some of the irony of parenting.

So mothers all there, any other tips on managing your kid when they have a meltdown at public places?

meltdown in progress

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mischief Managed

Sometimes when the son gets too quiet, there's bound to be some mischief.

Yesterday as the husband was busy doing some brewing, he heard the room door slammed shut and thought nothing of it, first. When he looked up to find the son, he wasn't anywhere in the living room or at his usual play area. So the husband went to looked for him and found him in our bedroom.

He had somehow turned on the air-con, managed to closed the window and was happily lathering himself with my Palmer's stretch mark cream.

And when the husband walked in, he even gave an audible gasp.

Totally busted.

For that, the son was slapped on the thigh as punishment. To his credit, he did looked guilty when caught in the act though.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Heartful (3)

Right at the beginning when I tested positive on this current pregnancy, I was not happy about it. I felt that this baby came at the wrong time. We're on a tight financial situation, living on a shoe string budget and facing other challenges.

I was even angry with the baby and would think really negative thoughts about it. Not going to spell it out loud but it was really bad bad.

So for a few months, I was really nonchalant about the whole baby thing till one day I felt it kicked.

And then it seems alive to me.

And then the change occurred within me.

I begin to be more thankful and to be more positive about the situation I'm in and learnt to be grateful for the people and things I have.

I learnt to do without more and learnt to live with less.

And as the baby grew in me, I've also come to fall more and more in love with him each day. Every movement and kicks I feel, is an assurance to me that he's still alive and growing. Everyday my belly gets bigger, is a day closer to seeing him and holding him in my arms.

I don't think of the what ifs of our situation anymore. Instead I'll focus on the now of our lives. True that we're living in the consequences of the past mistake, but its what we make out of it that makes us better and stronger as a family.

You never know what you're truly capable of until life throws you a curveball.

P.S: Baby 2 is moving quite violently as I write all these down. For all the kicks and punches he has been giving me since week 16, I think we're even now.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Update of the giveaway and pregnancy

Thank you everyone who commented on the giveaway! I've emailed the winners and have mailed out the tickets. Thank you once again for taking part, it means alot to me!


I am now in the midst of my sixth month pregnancy and bulldozing my way into the third trimester. My appetite is back with a vengeance, energy levels are up and thanks to a wonderful pregnancy hormone, my once oily skin is now much better in control.

I wish its like this all the time.

As the belly gets bigger, I find sleeping more and more a chore. Ever since the belly popped out, I've been taken to sleeping in a semi-reclined position. And with every shift in sleeping positions, I have to grunt it out loud to sort of 'help' me to turn. I've also taken so much to sleeping on my left side that I've been waking up to a very sore and painful ear every morning too.

And I've also taken to waddling.

Oh, what will the third trimester do to me?!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sponsored Post: Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream PLUS a Giveaway!

I didn't realised it was that bad until I've given birth and noticed it, a few months later.


Stretch marks.

I mean I did diligently apply stretch mark cream that was recommended by my gynae, but I naively only applied it onto my tummy and neglected my posterior aka backside. It didn't dawn on me that my bum will stretch too because I couldn't possibly get that big, right?


I did got big all over and now I have the evidence to prove it.

My stretch marks looked red and angry and made my bum looked like they've been caned with a whip. But subsequently, they faded to light grey stripes which reminds me of tiger stripes.

So now that I've already stretch marked and pregnant again, I'm determined to minimise it. For a while, I was only using baby oil to help lubricate my skin, and just a few days back, I received some Palmer's stretch marks lotion to try it out!

As this was my first time trying Palmer's and only started for a few days, I can't for sure say my stretch marks has reduced although I did tempt fate and asked the husband if it did but he just rolled his eyes at me, heh!

Anyway here are my thoughts on it:

  • It is light and non-greasy
  • Smooth texture that applies evenly onto my skin
  • Absorbs well
  • It has a very mild and light cocoa scent that may or may not sit well with other pregnant mothers though given our heightened sense of smell now. I was quite conscious of it but gradually got used to it. 
I will be using it till I delivered, and hopefully by then my stretch marks will be reduced greatly and no new ones will appear!

And now for the giveaway!

Palmer’s has teamed up with the sure-to-be-hit film version of the iconic pregnancy self help book, What to expect when you're expecting, to offer fans a chance to catch this movie. 

I have 10 pairs of tickets with a surprise gift to give away!

Simply just leave a comment with your name and email address to state that you wish to watch the movie. 

Very simple!

The first 10 comments will win but if there's more (attempting fate again, hee) comments, I will just randomly draw 10 winners.

As the movie is already showing now in cinema, comment quickly to catch the show before it end its run by 31 May!

UPDATE: I've been informed that some comments made on the blog was not able to get through. If you're having problems leaving a comment, kindly email me instead! I wouldn't want you to miss a chance of grabbing the tickets! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

He learns his stuff from us

Lately, the son has been mimicking our actions down to a T.

For example, he saw that I was popping my multi-vitamins one morning and proceeded to do the whole cupped-the-pills-into-my-mouth-head-back-and-swallow-water action. And then loudly exclaimed, 'Mama eat medicine!'

Or when he sees the husband walking around the house shirtless, he would also want to follow suit and will asked to take off his shirt too.

And then there was this one time, he saw us reading the newspapers, promptly took one section and did the whole flipping through the papers motion. All the while exclaiming loudly, 'I read newspaper!'

Which is kinda cute but also leads me to be careful with what we do around the house too. Its great that he's trying to copy the good ones, but what about the not so good ones?

Like erm, leaving clothes lying around the floor, swearing, rolling my eyes, tsking, more swearing and also our choice of words.

Its really amazing how fast this kid picks up stuff from us. We may not be consciously aware of it, but any little actions and words used around the house are being watched and absorbed by him.

Case in point. I can't remember what he did, but when he did what he did that was quite funny, I just casually said he was being di siao saio (meaning cheeky) and guess what he said?

'Nooo, Daddy di siao siao!' gave a sheepish grin and ran away.

Truly he's your son, husband!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A heartful (2)

Right now, I'm alone in the office doing some weekend duty. I've been surfing the web and came across this video of a mother's love for her blind son.

At first I dismissed the video for fear of what I would see, but I still went ahead to watch it, because well, it speaks of a mother's love.

After watching it, I felt humbled. I could never be as brave or as strong as her to love her child the way she does. I cannot imagine the amount of rudeness, stares, hatred even or sarcasms she has to go through. Yet, she did not succumb to any of it, and it made her love her child even more.

I have a healthy, normal growing boy and sometimes, I don't even love him enough. At times when I come home from work tired and grumpy, I would snapped at him and lose my temper. All because he might want to play with me, show me his toys or just do things with him, all for that little bit of alone time with me.

It makes me think.

I am thankful that I have healthy kids right now. I do not want to have an exception before I realised how truly fortunate I am to have such wonderful kids. I want to be thankful right now for having a healthy and growing baby inside me, an awesome toddler who is ever an amazement to me and of course, a loving and ever supportive husband.

I do not show it enough or said it even. But I am also thankful for my parents, no matter how much idiosyncrasies they have or I have, they're the ones that has put up with me and/or still putting up with me now, heh.

Most of all, I am thankful for being alive. For having life in me to experience life itself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Too old for late night shows but never too old for a date

There's a reason why only teenagers can stay up late, catch late night movies and still find the energy to get up early the next day.

Its called youth. Or as I know it, the harsh reality of getting your bones old.

The husband and I managed to catch The Avengers on Saturday for a 12.30am show. By the time it ended and got home, it was close to 4am. On top of that, we've only a few hours' sleep before we have to pick the son up from the grandparent's place.

We totally do not rock the late night scene anymore.

BUT! It was kinda worth it, because the movie was an impromptu one and it did makes us feel like a dating teenage couple all over again. Perhaps the next time we do have an impromptu movie date again, we just had to choose an earlier timing, heehee.

P.S: The husband said while at the cinema, he caught a young girl checking him out. The girl looked at him, looked at me, noticed my belly then quickly looked away. I told him my belly might serve as a reminder to her not to do anything foolish that night. Because you know, magical things happens at night. Or anytime.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Challenge of the bump and of donations

It's been a while since I've last posted an outfit photo!

Today's outfit:

top: Gmarket, polka dot tank: Cotton On,
jeans: New Future, flats: Gmarket

Now that the belly is getting bigger, finding the right clothes to wear is an everyday challenge. For the first pregnancy, I didn't get any maternity wear as I was adamant that they were all too frumpy looking for me! And they were so much more expensive than regular clothes too!

Well, the only exception that I got was maternity pants. Because if you must know, I'm holding the jeans I'm wearing now with rubber bands and walking around with my pants unzipped because I've given my maternity pants away!

And I'm too cheap to buy new ones now, heh.

If you're looking to give away your old clothes or baby clothes, please let me know! I'll gladly take them and love them with my belly!

Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A local holiday

I took a week long break off from work to just spent time with the husband and son. We went to many different places, had good food and everyday spent together as a family was so enjoyable. Though we were still in Singapore, but the places we explored made it seem like I really did go on a holiday. 

A holiday in Singapore :)


a pink dolphin!
this is the only photo of Sentosa that I took. 
Brunch at Spruce:

the husband's English Breakfast

my Banana and Blueberry pancakes.
so fluffy and soft!
After which, we headed to visit some museum in town. We went to Singapore Arts Museum where they are showcasing an artist called Lee Wen. Totally catch no ball with his exhibits.

Then we hopped of to the Peranakan Museum. This was so much more interesting and informational, at least  to me.

Went to Jcube to check out the lastest shopping mall. Had lunch at Chillis and it was very satisfying. By the way they have this Lunch Break promotion where you get to choose your starters and mains with free flow of drinks. Prices starts at $12-$14, which is quite worth it considering they give quite a big portion. Lunch time from 11am to 4pm.


their table tiles

my chicken esquesdilla (?) with Caesar salad

After lunch, off to Singapore Science Centre!

er, hello


the husband trying out the Typhoon Chamber to
 find out how it feels like to be caught in a 80km/h wind

We also went on a local brewery tour at the Tiger Brewery.

loved the decor of the Tavern. All guests gets to enjoy
a 45 mins beer sampling and just chill out in here.

playing darts

And lastly, the husband and I squeezed in some alone time to celebrate our 10 years of togetherness. Had an awesome buffet dinner at Pan Pacific, courtesy of a gift voucher from the mother-in-law.

During this week long break, I couldn't help but feel grateful and loved each day. There was something to do, something to look forward to and someone to end the day with. Each day in itself is such a gift to treasure.

I told the husband it really felt like a holiday to me because there was always something to do everyday and he told me that's how being in love feels. Mushy but I like, heh.

P.S: We went for our detail scan and its confirmed we're having another boy! Now the house is really gonna be turned upside down.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How we like to sleep around

Due to space constraints in the house, the son is still co-sleeping with us in our bed. 

But the husband and I think otherwise because he thinks the bed is his.

Uh right.

When he used to be smaller and not so agile, this was the best sleeping position for all of us:

via offbeat mama
He'll get triple protection from the headboard, myself and lastly, the father. All was fine and dandy till I realised being sandwich in between a growing toddler and a grown man was not so fine after all.

The growing toddler would inevitably sleep into my space during the middle of the night when he change sleeping positions and this boy does a big flip! Often I'll end up with punches and kicks onto my face, eyes, back, stomach and not forgetting the countless checks to ensure he doesn't fall off onto the other side of the bed.

And the grown man? Let's just say he maximise his space fully well to the edge of the bed. There was that one time he said I actually shoved him off it! He had to grabbed onto the blanket from falling off completely. He was really angry when he told me what happened the next day but I had a good laugh though!

Anyway this current position that we have seems good enough for now.

via offbeat mama

Although there is a small gap now between the bed and the wall, and sometimes we would wake up to cries of help when the son turns and accidentally lands himself in the gap, haha!

Any funny stories to share? Co sleeping mummies?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A heartful

They say many a great ideas started from something small. Mine started whilst being on the great white throne moments ago.

Nah, I didn't thought of a life changing invention nor a life saving cure for a disease but I did thought of something precious.

I just thought of being grateful for the things I have now.

Well, maybe it will lead me to a life changing invention and cured me of any life threatening disease, in any case, it is life changing, right?

Personally, I'm the sort to feel down easily. Especially when faced with tough challenges or when I worry incessantly about the future. I'll think about how to solved certain issues and when it seems so bleak, negative and paranoid thoughts will flood my mind.

Its just in my nature.

So in a bid to become more optimistic, I'll try to remember the people and things I have now and be thankful for them.

It maybe something small and random, big and important, but it doesn't matter so long its the heart being filled with gratitude.

Today, I'm just grateful for having a roof over my head. A home where I can go back to everyday, albeit messy, but nevertheless filled with love and laughter.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The art of negotiation

While trying to rouse him from his nap yesterday to go for dinner:

Husband: Benjamin! Wake up! Wake up! Time for dinner!
Son: Dun want!
Me: Wake up! Its time for dinner! 
Son: *Whining* I dun want
Husband: Okay, you wake up now, Daddy let you drink Coco Lala! (Coke)
Son: *Eyes lighting up* With ice?

I was enjoying some ice cream on the sofa, when the son scooted over, plonked himself next to me and said, "Dank yew" all the while eyeing the ice cream earnestly. 

To stop him from over indulging on sweets and whatever nots, usually we will tell him he has to stop after we give him the last piece. In the past he will ask for somemore? and we will obliged but not before telling him its the last one. So now, he got smart and will keep asking for last one? In the hope that it is the next somemore

cheeky fellow

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dreams are not my reality

Pregnancy dreams are a whole new level altogether. The dreams become more colourful, more vivid, more intense and more scary.

I've been dreaming alot more for this second pregnancy. Some are funny, some are just plain weird and some are just down right freaky.

These are some dreams that I can remember.

Dream 1:
Set in the dynasty period, I am but a lowly palace maid. The Emperor is the husband and is being pressured by his mother, the Dowager to get married. So she got one thousand ladies dressed in the traditional bridal dress with veils covering their faces, made the Emperor to choose his bride. However he only has eyes for me and in the midst of it all, found time to hold my hand, looked into my eyes and told me he has already chosen me. Abrupt end of dream.

Woke up and relate this dream excitedly to the husband and all he could do was *rolls eyes*.

Dream 2:
This was a bad dream. Dreamt I went shopping with a friend at Ion. We were on the top floor when I had stomach pains. Went to the washroom and found blood on my underpants. First thought was my period had come. Told my friend and she exclaimed, 'But you're pregnant!' She then carried me down all the way down to an ambulance and brought me to the hospital. Turns out I had a miscarriage.

Woke up the next morning very worried and sad. Kept poking my boobs to make sure they're still sore and tender. Thankfully I had a gynae appointment the next day and the bun is still in the oven.

P.S: Right now, my gynae is still not able to tell the baby's gender. Had a very strong hunch at the beginning of the pregnancy that it may be a girl. But right now, I have a feeling it might be a sneak attack and we might have another boy. Thats what the brother did anyway, sneaky fellow.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekends really should be 3 days long

If it's really so, then we'll be a much more productive and happy country with lots of babies. 

And of course to explore more new places and parks!

Brought the son and husband to Jurong Bird Park yesterday and had an enjoyable time walking around at a leisurely pace.  


noisy macaws


smaller penguins


a thousand arm banana plant

But mainly, it was for this! The new waterplay area called Birdz of Play! It has two sections, one dry play area and a wet play area. No points for guessing where the son wants to play! When he saw the waterplay area, he immediately took off his pants and wanted to jump straight in! Had to restrain him to change him into his swim wear first though. 

Birdz of Play

the husband gamely went along the slides with him

down the slide

doing the V sign but too distracted to look into the camera

waiting for the big splash


one very happy boy

And happy parents to see him so happy playing and running and splashing around!

P.S: Does your kid do roll call every morning or during night time? The son has either been doing roll call for the family or Thomas the tank engine family. Yesterday morning was, "Yiyi, take train". And the night before was saying goodnight to the tank engine family. "Thomas sleep", "Emily sleep", "Gordon sleep" and "Percy sleep". Uh normal?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One good cook and the other is in the making

I often gushed and talked about the son here and I realised I seldom talked about the husband. I think its just a subconscious thing though because the son is cuter and I get alot more hits whenever I post his photos, heh.

And as I was scrolling through my phone to see if I've any pictures of him to post, and guess what? Out of  748 pictures, I can safely say 700 alone is the son's photos, the rest are either videos of him or random stuff like photos of the son's poop (for monitoring) or food. There's hardly any photos of the two of us, alone.

Anyway, I'm not about to gush over the husband now either. Just a thought that came across my mind when I'm thinking very hard on what to write about.

Okay, if there's something that I do want to gush about, it would be that he's a great cook! He has been cooking alot of my meals these few days and I must say he's been very accommodating towards my requests! I would asked for ABC soup, steam brocoli, Pork ribs with lotus soup, Bolognise(?) spaghetti, chicken macaroni, pork porridge and he would cook them all!

And best of all, he knows how to make pizzas and bread too! Maybe the bread needs more work but then again, he's so much better at cooking than I ever can achieved. True story.

Point being?

He can cook. I cannot.

P.S: The son's favourite playing activity is 'cooking'. And he uses real life pots, pans, spatula, kettle, bowls to play with. It's partly my fault because I once gave him a spoiled kettle to play with and he has never looked back since.

P.P.S: The husband would like me to add on that he is a very good homebrewer. He brews beer and is very modest about his wonderful concoction. If any of you would like to know more about beer or homebrewing, he has a blog on it too. Go check it out!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ooh, the way you make me feel

The first time when I got pregnant with the son, everything felt so new and amazing. Each day was spent surfing through online resources on what baby is doing, how big is baby and the many developments that baby is going through.

With the second kid, its more of a refresher course, on the diet part.

Baby is now 14 weeks? Hmm ok. Can't eat seafood or shellfish? But its cooked! And a few bites won't hurt. No caffeine? A cup a day drives the blues away. Bubble tea? Give me those pearls! Potato chips? The saltier the better. And McDonalds? Awesome!

But I'll be honest here. I'm not one who takes my mutli vitamins regularly. I see those big pink pills and I run for my life. They looked like they're about to gobble me up instead. So I try my darnedest best to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drinks loads of water and soak up rays of sunshine for my daily dose of happiness. For me and the kid that's in me, literally. No pun intended.

And the above diet that I just talked about? Ha, those are just the occasional cravings that I caved in to, uh sometimes.

Anyway this pregnancy has been smooth sailing and I'm fortunate to have not much symptoms other than the nauseas which only comes in the evening, frequent peeing, tiredness, light motion sickness and some slight aversions to certain smells like strong perfumes and floral scents.

P.S: I'm seriously hoping its a girl this time because of all these symptoms that I'm going through. As 'they' always says, the more nauseating you get, the higher chances of getting a girl is much higher. Such irony when we share the same hormones.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He talks

When trying to teach the son on asking please and thank you.

Me: When you want something from people, you say please.
Son: *Nodding his head* Pease.
Me: When people give you things, you say thank you.
Son: *Nodding his head* Dank tew.
Me: So if you want something from Mama, what must you say?
Son: *Nodding his Head* Dank tew.

On playing hiding with him.
Me: Quick, go hide!
Son: *Closes his eyes and use his hands to cover it* Hide.

And just yesterday, the husband told me the son suddenly walked over to him and said this to him, "Daddy, I lof you".

I'll get my chance soon.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's in the genes, somewhere

He has recently learnt how to make monkey faces. 

if you have them, squeeze them!

i squeeze them good

and i also have to practise my smothering look.
pardon the poker card. my parents are using it to teach me numbers

look ma! i have straight teeth!

my boyband look

the second one

And on the speech development part, the son is a talker. He still mumbles a whole lot of jumble but when it comes to communicating his needs and wants, he is able to do so very well.

When he feels he has eaten enough, he will go "I'm done!" and I'll take one look at his bowl and go, " Not so fast young man, you're not done".

When he's at the supermarket or at any store, he'll pick up some sweets or chocolates and go, "This one?" and I'll go, "No way. Put it back". Unless I'm craving for it too, then we'll share.

And the longest sentence he ever conjured was when  looking for his father and he'll go, "Daddy! Where are you? I can't see you!"


P.S: Both the husband and I started talking late, around 3 years old. So it's really a mystery to us who he takes after.

Friday, February 24, 2012

One small step for the son, but giant savings for my wallet

In terms of milestone, I think this pretty much tops the list.

The son is sort of toilet trained, on the peeing part.

We sort of got him started months ago when during every shower, I'll take off his clothes and diaper and make him go 'ssh ssh' at the shower area. Slowly, it progress to the toilet bowl where I'll just carry him up and go 'ssh ssh?' And ssh ssh ssh ssh ssh ssh, you get the drift.

Also, other signs that showed me he was sort of ready to be toilet trained was that after every nap, his diaper would still be dry or that after a few hours, when I would want to changed his diaper, it stayed dry. That sort of convinced me that perhaps he's ready. I've also done some research online and they all said the same things.

And so we took the plunge and went diaper-less yesterday. And he has prompt us when he would like to go 'ssh ssh'. He did this by grabbing his diaper and go 'ssh ssh' and that was the cue.

Right now, we're working on the pooping part. But we're definitely not in a hurry to rush him. Pee is easier to clean than poop, don't you think?

P.S: In a bid to encourage him to drink more water too, I've told him the more water he drinks, the more he'll get to ssh ssh. He thinks its fun to do so because his aim is really bad and when he sprays all over, he laughs big time.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We drove all the way for this

Went on a mini food trip with the parents in law to Malacca over the weekend. Everytime we go there, we always go back to the same stall for our laksa and chendol fix. Its the best! To us, the stall's name is simply 88 Jonker Street ha.

Some pictures to share:

the most awesome Assam laksa, ever

the most awesome chendol, ever

the most awesome husband and kid, ever

the most awesome sister, with her newfound boyfriend,ever?

the awesome kid with the yellow guy tagging behind
thankfully, he got deflated along the way
Had loads of fun just walking around, tasting and eating the good food along their night market at Jonker Street. Shopped around their shopping malls, went up their historical site, climbed up an old fort and simply just hang out together as a family.

Came back with pineapple tarts and tau sau piah and happy bellies for everyone.

Next stop, Ipoh?