Thursday, October 30, 2008

being 2

today, my little flower studio turns 2. it has not been an easy ride but to come this far, i'm really amazed.

amazed at the people who entrusted their biggest day to me, amazed at the people who knows us, amazed that people actually buys my stuff and just amazed that the number of opportunities that comes my way.

and sometimes, when it seems so bleak and weary, a light will shine my way and reminds me to not give up! it tells me to appreciate what i do, it humbles me to see that the way to the top is not to fight and strive. but rather, to be humble and to have a teachable spirit.

i thank God that i have this amazing work that allows me to be free, to be me and to be creative.

i can't quite say the number of times that God has seen me through those awful last minute preparations, messed up flower orders and the occasional weird enquiries.

(and i'm one of them too, lol)

and as we turn 2 years old, i know that He has planned something for my flower studio. it may not be what i think its good for me, but as long as He is in charge, it will be perfect.

somewhere down the road in the future, i hope i'll remember this day, when i penned down these thoughts and once again, know that He is good and faithful to His word.

happy birthday, rosebayflowers!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i think i would like to have one.
the thoughts of having one seems to filled my every waking moment.
not sure if its the hormones going into overdrive, or whether its the suppressed emotions finally breaking free, but rather, i think i have changed my mind on one.

i used to not want to have one.
but He has changed my mind.
He has soften my heart and now free of the bondage,
i would now like to have one.

but so many things are saying no, no, no
like the doom and gloom of the present world,
like the tight pants of our finances,
they're all saying wrong, wrong, wrong.

oh, i really don't know what to do,
but jesus will see us through.

now all i need is the willing seed,
to fulfill our hopes of having it.

one, please!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

constant craving

i have been feeling tired and snacking on salty stuff the whole day.
think mrs pms is calling upon me.
*big sigh!*
she's making me taking longer naps, craving for more tao kae noi, short term memory,
bad hand eye co-ordination, more bubble tea, more junk and making me feel so, so lethargic!!
my room is in a mess too.
mr big pile of clothes have been trying to catch my eye ever since the husband is away,
but how do i tell him gently that i'm just not interested in him?
hmm, big dilemnma as the husband is returning home tomorrow.
gotta make mr big pile scoot off soon, ha!
the man of the house is coming back... finally!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

of plastic surgery and fiona xie

so tired but satisfied because of the hanging out.
we went to keon and faith's place to watch the chelsea-liverpool match where liverpool won 1-o, ending chelsea's unbeaten streak.
it was even sweeter as they beat chelsea on homeground.
for this i applause liverpool, ha!
but i still pledge allegiance to man united ;p
after the game, we had supper at the coffee shop and talked about nonsensical stuff like plastic surgery, hoho!!
think the topic was started as we saw the very hot fiona xie in church today. yup!!
she usually attends the fourth service, 6th floor with her mum.
and the funny thing was when yimei saw fiona, her mum was like saying something to her and she was giving this 'sian' look, like ya ya..
guess even for a millionaire celebrity, she still has to listen to her mum, lol!
she's really pretty though, like how we see her on tv.. she's not very tall, maybe 165cm?
but her heels were like 5cm! so it made her look tall and her legs are nice. slender and long.
but her forehead is kinda like potruding abit, like the luo han fish..
she was dressed simply today.
just a glitter tank top, with short bermudas, a sling bag and head band.
the last time we saw her, she was dressed in a very swanky black dress with gladiator's heels..
anyway this is not about her but about the friends i hang out with, ha!
she's just the side dish, to whet your appetite.. though i think how she would be like as a friend, hmmm......
yay!! my husband is coming home soon!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

to audrey

the epitome of class and style...
looking so elegant

even with centre-part hair

a great smile to go with the black oufit

she makes the vespa looks good

the ever classic girl next door

the style icon that every woman looks up to

ageing gracefully
(all pictures taken from audrey hepburn gallery)

to audrey,
thank you for teaching us woman, what style is all about.
for making everyday oufits look so put together and inspiring us to be well-groomed.
for showing us that our breakfast can go with tiffany's.
for making black seems so cool and making woman go on the quest for that elusive
little black dress.
you will never be forgotten.
there can only be one audrey hepburn.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

*sigh, sigh, sigh*
night time are the worst.
so this is how it feels to pine for someone ..
well, there's church tommorrow and i'll get to spend it with yimei and faith, i hope...
bring back my bonnie to me...

Friday, October 24, 2008

a marie antoinette moment

i watched the version by sofia coppola and my immediate thoughts was, 'its so virgin suicides!'
if you've watch the film, you'll know what i'm talking about.
nevertheless, i simply adored kirsten dunst.
she's so pretty!
but i've no idea why she did bring it on, ha!


my dad walking me down

my dad smiling for the camera

it wasn't till after i got married that my dad started to be really sweet. well, we had a typical chinese father-daughter relationship, i.e we hardly talk to each other and also the lack of affections.

 yet i believed that God is the one who is changing him. though my dad is not yet a believer, his attitude towards us(his daughters) has changed. where there used to be silence, he now makes an effort to talk to us, crack jokes and always always offers his help to us.

and john has huge favor with my dad. dad will give him car stuff, talk to him and even ask for his opinions. this to me, is so unlike the dad i used to know.
where the dad i used to know was a silent cow, the present dad is someone who is happy, contented and proud of his family. 

hmm, i tried to think about the stuff he used to do when we were small, but somehow i can't pen them down. its not that i can't really remember but its all too hazy. but the few times that i recalled vividly was he used to bring me to botanic gardens.
we will walk around the gardens, feed the swans and he loves to take pictures of me.

come to think of it, i've more pictures he took of me than my sister ;p

and now that i'm all grown up, i want to cherish the times i have with him.
i want to love him in any little ways i can, talk to him more and hang out with him.

its going to be awkward at first, but he took the first steps to be my friend.
he is my father who loves me,
so i will be his daughter who will love him.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

you'll be leaving for shanghai tonight.
we know we'll miss each other but hey, 6 days is not eternity!
enjoy yourself and just miss me but don't worry about me k.
i'll miss you sleeping next to me and in the morning, there's no one to cuddle to.
but i'll be a brave girl and wait for you to come home to me.
like you always do.

my husband is going on a company trip for 6 days. *bleah*
i hope this is the first and only time we'll be apart from each other. i know i'll miss him like crazy. but thankfully, i have my family, friends and work to keep me occupied, ha!
i hope he'll remember to get the stuff that i want. but knowing him i don't think he will be brave enough to get those ladies stuff, lol!!
(i'm asking him to get me those black legging tights from china which is super cheap!)

so darling! go for your trip and come home soon!!
i pray for journey's mercy and God's favor upon you.
love you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


today, i will let not my heart be troubled nor afraid.
today, i will be at peace and in rest.
today, i reign in life through grace and righteousness.
today, i am in Christ.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hi jay

your new album is out!!!
how can i ever resist you even when i think you have gone all style??
sigh... i will still get your latest album though you seriously look like a clown ( i mean thats your latest look). but just because you're really talented and cool doesn't mean you have to really experiment till this extreme right?

i've listened to a couple of your songs on youtube, and frankly, it still has'nt grown on me, but i still give you a chance.

i hope you'll make an album that is just purely you. one without all this style packaging and fancy artwork. not that i don't like it, but i yearn to hear the real you again.
remember your first album?

thats how i prefer your music to be though you look way much better now, ha!
and i think underneath all your cool persona, you're just a homely person after all. i love how you love your mum and your grandma, but it slightly borders on being a mummy's boy, no?

and how could i ever forget that concert you had in 2006? you totally rock the house down. you dancing and playing the piano like your life depends on it.

ah yes, you playing the piano. you're the reason why i'm making my son learn to play the piano in future too. you looking oh so serious and seriously charming too.

but anyways, i hope you'll make an album that is of you. from your heart. no more fancy dancy, k?
i'm sure your older fans will appreciate it.

from your oldest fan xoxo

Monday, October 20, 2008

monday us

this is me and my husband!!
one of those days when he 'pontang' work, ha!
we had a late lunch at railway mall and went to borrowed some dvds to watch later.
i'm looking forward to watch marie antoinette starring kirsten dunst, my favourite actress! she's really pretty in an unconventional way. part pixie, part rebel, me like!
the photo was taken before we left and he being hungry, was grouchy. so i can only take a hurried shot before he don't even wanna take any!
sometimes when he smiles at me, he has this cheeky small boy charm about him. it makes my heart melt and i just wanna hug him tightly and kiss him all over!
*sigh** i know you're cringing, right? right?! haha!!
i feel really blessed right now ^-^

Sunday, October 19, 2008

stay together, team!

while waiting to do a set up at botanic gardens (bg), we had some time to spent, so we went around for a short stroll.
the colonial band stand

japanese kids running around

the pretty wildflowers that look like lavenders

my floral crew
from left: yiqi, jasmine and my efficient despatch, josephine!
the team that plays together, stays together, ha!

Friday, October 17, 2008

perhaps, perhaps

finally finished with all the flowers for tomorrow.
i pray for smooth set ups and grace and favour.
got to juggle 4 weddings tomorrow, feeling quite excited and the flowers are so lovely!!
i hope my clients will appreciate the hard work that has gone into making every flora arrangement. and all i'm asking for is that they like the flora decor and my job is complete.
sometimes my clients will drop me sms to thank me for the job well done. and i feel grateful to them because they've entrusted their big day to me to do up their church beautifully. i still may be a greenhorn in this line and to the more pro wedding florists, my designs might be nothing to shout about, but i thank God that well, there are still people who appreciates what i do, ha!
hmm i wanna think about what i should do next.
to continue or to do something else?
it is my greatest desire to have a shop like this. such a lovely place to do my flowers, a cozy studio for my friends and clients to drop in and say hi..
and of course, the gorgeous flowers!!
i love the rustic, quaint and quirky feel to it.
and when you do drop in to say hi, we can chat over tea and cakes.
and the many magazines for you to browse through, the little knick knacks waiting to catch your fancy and do take your time to smell the roses, ha!
and on my way to fulfill this desire, i shall be faithful in what i do, diligent in my dealings and above all things, i seek the One who loves me.
and perhaps someday, perhaps..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

darlingggg!!! where are you?!!!!

waiting for my husband to come home.
darlingggg!!!! where are you?!!!!
my washing machine sings when its finished washing our clothes,
the kettle makes a high pitch whistling sound and the fridge starts to beep after 10 seconds..
and the husband yells loudly when he can't find his stuff
(which to him means as-long-as-i-can't-see-it-in-front-of-me-means-i-cannot-find-it)
well well, my domestic life is a life of sounds, ha!

hi-top, low-top

i want a hi-top.
think they are the classic shoes that everyone should own a pair.

or a low-top.
or both.
well a girl can never have too many shoes, right? ha!

jesus, the centre cord

i had an encouraging comment left by an ex-bride(my client) that somehow she feels married life is very nice after reading my blog.
i'm flattered :P
married life is indeed fun when jesus is involved. pastor dan reminds us to always look to Him as the centre cord in our lives and not to each other. perhaps to the cynical world, they will dissed us saying that we are newly married, thus still at the honeymoon period, the lovey dovey stage.
yes we're lovey dovey, yes we're very much in love, yes we would very much wanna go on honeymoon right now. yet we both know that jesus is the one holding us together.
without jesus, there can never be the wedding we dream of. without jesus, we would'nt have the money to pay for all the dresses, the suits, the place, the food, the many bills that keep piling up on us. without jesus, there can be no good thing.
and during the planning for the wedding, above all, guard your heart from worry. and you'll find that planning is really, above all an easy peasy journey.
because in the first place, it is jesus who brings the 2 of us together. and since He brought us together, He will see to all the details. our place is to seek Him, He'll be there, jesus's promise.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i wanna received flowers!!!

i wanna received flowers too!!
its tough being a florist and people assume you get flowers all the time, its not true!!
and its not fun when friends call you to order flowers to send to their girlfriends when i'm not getting any, argh!
i read from a fellow florist blog from here and i share the same sentiments as her too. florist loves flowers, thats why we love what we do. and it does'nt hurt if we received flowers now and then :P
and sidetrack abit, i just finished cleaning the whole house and i feel good!!
not to mention the dust that we've been sleeping with, i feel good everytime i give the toilets a good scrub. its very therapeutic i must say.
and this sat alone, i've 4 weddings to do.
so i might be gone a while to prepare the flowers and leave this alone, for just a while.
oh i must remember to charge my camera battery and insert the memory card too, lest i shoot myself again, ha!
did i say i wanna received flowers??!!!!

birthday picnic!!

we had a joint birthday celebrations on the 12th oct for yimei and i!
we were actually planning to go to the zoo but the guys upped the surprise element by actually giving us a real surprise!! ha!
my husband told me we were going to pulau ubin and sean told yimei to wear a garden dress, its very funny! cause when we were all in church, there were alot of confusions as to where we're actually going, lol!!
so while yimei and i were window shopping in suntec, we think the guys went to plan the surprise, haha. but how sweet of them.
so finally, the surprise was going to botanic gardens!! but you must be thinking chey! right?
cause it was the initial plan to go there but guys being guys, they said its too boring, too hot, too everything, so thats when we thought of going to the zoo. but well, now we're going to botanic gardens for a nice picnic!! yay!!
but first, we must get food! so a trip to:
jones the grocer
the place reminds us of a london market, the novelty was fresh but after a while, we thought it was quite pretentious as its like a place to be seen and it does'nt hurt that the prices there are awfully expensive.

this is yimei, looking pretentious too, hehe
the little bars of chocolates which i was very tempted to belived that they're samples and stuff it into my bag.
after getting the food, off we go to our picnic!!

the clear blue skies

our yummy food!

the clear waters, which we could very much jump into for a swim
(but its sg, they will catch you for doing it)
the 2 lovebirds

and andy!! our resident hunk!
very much single and available, hoot!
with sean and shijie
and after a much relaxed picnic, we realised no one bought drinks!! haha.. cause we were all hungry so there's only food and no one thought of getting drinks.. so out of thirst, we had to leave the beautiful garden to look for water, funny right?!
then we head to orchard to wait for johnny and joy to join us. but then we got hungry again and yimei suggested we buy some food to cook at our place.
so off to our home where great cooks unite!!
yimei prepared vongole for us and it was delicious!
especially with the clams, yummylicious!!!

but being andy. he knew we will ask him to try first, lol!!

the yummy clams
the qq spahetti (is this the right spelling?)

the happy cooks!

sean wants us to know that he really helped out and contribute to the sauce and stirring.. hmmmmm
notice how shijie is smiling??

the master chef is grouchy, ha!

and sleepy..zzzzzzz
i could'nt get any pictures of the cake cause my camera choose that moment to hang itself!!
ya man.. but we had a chocolate cake from awfully chocolate!!
its taste alright cause i prefer lana cakes, ha!
all in all, this year's birthday was double fun as i got to celebrate with yimei too.. she's a funny and crazy girl!! can't wait for her and sean to get married next year!
and on my actual day, 13th oct. he took half day leave to come home to spent time with me.
it was just very sweet, just the 2 of us hanging out at home and just enjoying each other's company. but i had a 3 hour nap after our lunch,lol!! so he had to do his own thing.
hmmm.. its all good!! (",)

Monday, October 13, 2008

just because its my birthday

today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
count the number of exclaimations and you know my magic number, ha! (this don't count!)

heehee..... i'm running out for an errand and when i get back, i'll post up some pics that i took for our little pinic yesterday at botanic gardens.

and just because today is my birthday, i'm going to dress up a bit, put a little make up and pop on a pair of new shoes. even though its a short errand.
just because its my birthday.

(nope this doesn't count too! if it did, i'm pretty old, ain't it?)

Friday, October 10, 2008

anywhere but here

i would love to stroll down the streets with you and afterwards
sit in this little cafe to soak in the sights and sounds of this little place.

i would love to be anywhere but here.
i would love to see your eyes light up when you see the familiar streets of london. to feel you holding my hand and take me to places which you know we'll both enjoy.

i would love to hear your excited chatter when you tell me stories of your life spent here.
to feel your excitement and hear your laughter to be anywhere but here.

oh! to be anywhere but here right now seems so right!
lord, grant us the desires of our heart to be anywhere but here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October babes

october leavesi love october.
everytime october is here, there's this humming buzz in the air that speaks of a certain excitement. it could be that october is just 2 months away from year end, or it could be that magical month where anything can happen!

or its because i'm born in october month, thats what make it special, ha!
nevertheless, this month is a special month and to all october babes,
a very blessed birthday to y'all!
something special is cooking!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


marrried life has been so far so goof! haha..
but what's it like to be a work from home wifey? well, these few days i've been waking up together with him as he prepares to go to work. and after he left for work, i'll get ready for my own work too.

and once i've finished my work, i'll try to clean the house, do the laundry, you know the usual stuff a wife does. and afterwards, i'll take a shower and welcome him home! thats my favourite part of the day. to see him return home to me.
and we'll have dinner, watch a bit of tv and off to sleep!

and on the parents side, mondays are designated for his parents and tuesdays are for mine. we'll pop by to have dinner with them and just spend some time catching up and talk.
i think marriage will really change your perspective on family life. when you know you've got someone to come home to, you'll do the very best you can.
to be the right person, to love and to go through life with him.
and i know i'm truly blessed to have someone to love and who loves me even more.