Friday, August 15, 2014

Husband Day out

So the husband and I took the day off yesterday just to hang out...

We strolled along Orchard Road in the rain and had some old school ice cream...

We caught a movie called Boyhood which films a young boy at aged 6 growing up into an 18 year old young man going to college. It was a miracle I did not fell asleep as it has lots and I mean LOTS of talking involved.

After movie, followed by dinner...

After dinner, we were deciding what else should we do at 8 pm on a weekday night when we decided to just live life to the fullest! Because. No kids duty! No kids! Kids free!

And so we decided to call it a day and headed home instead. #sociallifefail


But still. It was a good day out with the husband.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mother woman

Being a mother has gained me new experiences.

It has made me touched poop, puke and pee and I even got to watched a live show of poop being squeezed out right in front of my eyes.

Exciting times people, exciting times.

Being a mother has also made me a better liar.

Baby cereal that taste like cardboard? Hmmm, its so delicious! Now say ah!!!

Potato and carrot puree? Hmmm, its so delicious! Now say ah!!!

Tasteless spinach and tofu porridge? Hmmm, its so delicious! Now say ah!!!

That said, being a mother has made me more of a woman.

I got to utilised my boobs for its actual usage, my fallopian tubes did a great job of depositing fertilised egg into my uterus and my uterus has performed its functions of storing and keeping a baby for nine months and my cervical muscles managed to push two babies out!

And these are my final products...

Monday, August 4, 2014

And they keep on piling up

At last count, I have 10 over black boxes. Boxes of what you ask?


Their tagline is too accurate.

And like what my collaborator at Zalora told me, "Its hard to stop at one isn't it?"

You betcha. Guilty as charged. *hangs head in shame*

And just so you know, these smart marketing people at Zalora are tempting us even more with their new Tumblr blog  with updates on the latest fashion, runway styles and even Korean airport styles!

Argh! It's pure evil genius!


Because they have all the right essentials to style you up while you're harbouring dreams of becoming the next Girls Generation, why not get dressed like them first? Right? 

As the saying goes, if you can't be them, dress like them.

Just saying.

PS: Go take a look see now and get a S$10 voucher when you sign up for their newsletter! While you're at it, use my voucher code ZBAPPpe* during check out for 15% off!
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PPS: This post has been brought to you by Zalora.