Monday, June 29, 2009

time spent

ok, i shall go sit with you and watch tv. but i like it more if i can go to sleep now, hee.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


we heard your heartbeat for the very first time today. its a strong steady heartbeat. and we know that this heartbeat is beating for its own. not for me, not for daddy, but for yourself. to know that this heartbeat of yours is going to conquer many of life challenges and savour every life's sweetness.

till we see you again, we love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

mee sua and pork with seaweed soup

sometimes the thought of food will get the cravings going. yesterday during church service, an image of wanton noodles pop into my mind! ooh piping hot noodles drenched with gravy and light chewy pieces of char siew and fresh wanton keep popping into my mind. i could really taste them in my mouth!

so after service, when the great where-to eat question came up, i suggested wanton mee, ha! but the husband was'nt so enthusiatic about it. he wanted to eat western fare like steaks and pasta and i'm guessing this baby of ours is really a pure chinese at heart, cause all i ever want to eat these days are chinese food and soup.

so after much discussions, we went to this super delicious family run chinese eatery where they served the most delicious mee sua, yum yums! and they have this salty pork seaweed soup thats like the ultimate pregnant soup man, ha!

we went with shijie, keon and faith (she's pregnant too) so anytime we really want to satisfy our craving, we're each other's pregnant partners in persauasion for the others to eat what we like to eat!

hmm but now i'm off to eat macdonalds! unhealthy i know, but i'm tasting the tar tar sauce in my mouth! hahahahahahaha...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

thats hot!

its times like these that i just want to sleep the day away with the air-con full blast. i'm self indulgent in this way.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


the guys came over for some drinks appreciation night. it was funny, loud, sponteneous but most of all heartwarming as they've known each other close to 10 years. they've watched each other grown up through the school days, to getting jobs and also to settling down with their own respective life partners.
i guess guys bond over soccer and drinks and in between, macdonalds's home delivery too, ha. its always a joy to hang out with them. never a dull moment, especially when mrs tan wants to start playing games!
and on monday, mrs koh came to keep me company. we spent the whole day just watching tv and talking. we also watched the movie, secret which i've always enjoyed and she being the second last person to watched it! (think the last person to watch is your husband!) ha.
it just nice having friends around. friends who are willing to go through life's journey with you. friends whom you can have fun and also tell it to your face you sucked sometimes. friends who picked you up, friends who reached the destination with you, friends that become your life partner, friends who say never to give up, friends who show you what love is and friends who are friends with you, just because you are you.
to friends, cheers!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

of murphy's and cards

i think it is a case of murphy's law. while i've been happily telling people that i have no morning sickness whatsoever, grouchy old murphy is subtly trying to barge in.

its not the merlion kind of puke, more like these weird sensation in the throat that you're not sure if its coming or not. and the worse thing is to be stuck halfway inside! yucks!

and the husband thinks i'm playing my pregnant cards very well. because everyone has been giving me alot of attention. and maybe subconciously i'm playing along with everyone else too, ha! or he's just jealous.

well, if he sees me waking up early in the morning, he will tell me to go rest somemore, or if i just give a tiny sigh, he will tell me to go lie down!

and currently the house is in quite a mess, as i'm not allowed to do any housework. no laundry, no mopping, no sweeping, no rearranging of furniture, no nothing. just lots of rest and sleep. i feel like i'm the baby right now.

hmm, i wonder if i do play my cards right, if the husband will get me a new present? ha!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what i've accomplished this morning

i convinced my mum to come over our place to cook for me was a good idea. sheesh.. and attempted to make the bed...

first peek at 3.6mm

thats the baby. at 5 weeks old 3.6mm. though technically the black dot is the yolk sac and the tiny weeny white dot is baby (i can't really see it too).

i still can't believe that i'm really pregnant. anyways when we went to the gynae yesterday and also to let her know my current condition, the moment she said scan, both of us were super excited! we get to see baby! but then when she said she have to do an inside scan, i did a double take. i was like, huh? inside scan? can't you do a belly scan first?

so she was ok, though i doubt you can see anything through it as its still very early preganancy. but she tried and ya, can't see anything.

so when she prepared to do the inside scan, she keep telling me to relax, not to be so tense. i felt like taking the scanner and hit her on the head man! why not i do an inside scan on you and tell you to relax?! you're a freaking stranger and i have to show you my thing and its so uncomfortable!

as she slob on a glob of ky and insert the scanner in, my heart literally stopped as i see my uterus for the first time, ha! at first i could'nt see anything and i was very worried there's no baby. but, but when the moment of truth arrived, and i saw baby for the first time, i think i almost cried. almost.

firstly, baby is inside uterus and correct position as gynae says, and secondly that feeling when you know there's a life inside you is simply indescribeable. then she went on to comment how my uterus is in the wrong direction and i got confused. i asked her what that means, and she said its just in the opposite direction but its ok. thanks alot for the affirmation gynae!

she asked john if he wanted to see and suddenly i felt shy about exposing myself to him, ha! anyways he was looking intently on the screen and when gynae say she can see baby puslating and asked if we can see it, i said no and john gave an excited yes, yes i can see! if i was'nt lying down exposed, it might have been funny given the situation.

anyways, all is well and i've been given 2 weeks mc to stay home to rest. and she gave me a hormone jab which i have to take 4 times during these 2 weeks. and a bunch of hormone pills and folic acid to support the preganancy as she says.

but God says none shall suffer miscarriage and none feeble among you. i'm a fruitful vine! my children are like olive plants! so i'm not worried about it at all because God does not give half blessings. and God does not take blessings away from you. and before i take my pills, i'll take the holy communion first to proclaim my blessings and protection over baby. children are indeed a blessing from Him.

baby is already more than a conqueror!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

guess who's coming?!

home kit

doctor's kit

for the uninitiated, thats a preganancy kit and + means positive. yup, i'm pregnant and the husband is mighty pleased and super excited about it.
the funny thing was he kept insisting me to go test it. i was'nt showing any signs or symptoms like morning sickness, loss of appetite or feeling hungry all the time. i mean other than the missed period which isn't a big deal as mine can get irregular, so there he was insisting that i test it.
so we took 2 home pregnancy test and when it all came out positive, he was beaming from ear to ear whereas i was completely dumbfounded. i was in a dazed and my hands were shaking and it felt so unreal! we were planning for the baby but it was so fast and when it really did happened, its just so unbelievable!
so when a trip to the gp confirmed again the pregnancy, he made calls to our parents and friends to share the good news. he's like totally super excited and he looks so cute man, ha.
for now, the gp says i've to rest as much as possible because i've some spotting. spotting in early pregnancy is not uncommon but it should not be overlooked. we've prayed over baby and me and we believed all is well. jesus has paid for this pregnancy and it shall be a beautiful and smooth journey for us both!
and we thank you all our dear friends for your well wishes and offerings to clean the house, ha!

Monday, June 8, 2009

its so brief

3 weeks since we're back from the honeymoon but no posts, no pictures ha.. was reminded of it during dinner by ym... thank you babe for reading my blog.. hope it has been entertaining for you!

we had a super lovely time in london, where everyday was filled with many walks and sights to see and of course the endless shopping and binging trips. one thing i can safely say is, plays are not my cup of tea. we went to 3 plays and all 3 plays, i simply fell asleep. not sure if its the warm air, the tiredness after all the ahopping or the accent that i can't catch. or maybe its just all the factors, ha.

well even if its a honeymoon, we still had quarrels. one quarrel even lead me to almost being lost! he was being angry with me for something and i was irritated by him being angry at me, so he was walking very fast and i trailed behind him. and so i thought wouldn't it really freaked him out if i really got lost?! haha...

so what happens was we entered this theatre and i followd him up. but the usher said it was'nt time for us to enter, so when i saw him walking down the stairs, i purposely walked real slow and make him lose sight of me. then i waited by the entrance, hidden by all the big ang mohs. i do not have my phone with me and so he was'nt able to reach me. i thought that was quite fun.. but come to think of it, it is really fun, ha!

anyways, he managed to find me and to end the story, we went for the play where i promptly fell asleep and him enjoying the show.

now.. i am going to sleep. more exciting things to share real soon!