Friday, September 30, 2011

I do think its the PMS in me thats working overtime. I swear I'm not like this, most times.

Now that the son is coming to two years old, the question of having No. 2 often pops up when strangers also often asked how old is he. 

And also often my answer would be a straight No. And often they will give a look of surprise and asked why? And because one is enough for us. Because one is more than we could afford. Because one is all that we need. Because one is taking up all our energy. Because it feels like we've poured out all our love on this one. And the husband has also maintained the fact that he could never love another one as much as this first born. 

Well for sure many would argue the need for siblings and all the pros of having one or two (if you're the adventurous kind, I salute you) to play with. And this is also strange considering the fact that both of us has siblings too, so why the need to have one child?

Call us cruel, selfish or whatever, but I do believe responsible parenting also stems to responsible family planning you know. We're not going to have another child just so he can have a playmate but on the other hand, we'll be struggling like crazy to make ends meet just to feed the whole family. So if we're having difficulties just bringing up one child, then I think we should stop at one. 

But what about making sacrifices? Love conquers all sorts of stories? Well, if it works for you, great! But if it doesn't, please use a condom. The world has enough problems of its own for you to contribute to its growing population.

Anyways, this is sounding a tad too heavy for Friday. I don't mean to be this angsty but just so you know that I have other emotions other than being happy, heh.

Here is another video of him wearing one side of my shoe and taking a stroll around the house. 

Weekend time!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My house is my playground and my parents have to crawled around

This week, its all about the little boy. He has grown taller, smarter, cheekier and faster. He runs instead of walk, he grins instead of smiles and he enjoys yelling and shouting at the top of his voice. A noisy and chatty chap he is.

His energy is boundless and his toys are our furniture and pots and pans. He loves to 'cook' with it and makes us keep stirring the kettle and 'feeding' us with his 'food'. He enjoys kite flying, watching Despicable Me (which has since been replaced by Tangled), Doraemon, watching his grandma doing the ironing, loves his umbrella, loves to run away whenever he sees me coming to get him dressed in his pyjamas, enjoys climbing onto the bed and burying his face into the pillows and hiding under the blankets, loves catching, loves playing with water, only eats MEAT, no veggies, loves Yakult, loves Ribena, has a special radar to detect which are food and which are not and loves to put coins into his piggy bank.

And I believe, the table is his new hideout.

After which, he dragged me to crawled underneath to play with him.

Favourite song of the moment. You must listen!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is the way it should be for lovers, they shouldn't be alone. I'm very sure this never happened before

on this day, i take thee

For all the nonsense, pain, anger, more intense anger, blood boiling anger, struggles and trials, we've come a long way dude.

For all the fun, walks, movies, football matches, food and sweet gestures, we've enjoyed every moment together.

So today, I want to remember you. For being so loving, supportive and kind with me. For the strength that you give and your generous heart of loving me, I am truly loved by you.

Happy 3rd year wedding anniversary, love.

P.S: I heard you saying it to me last night while I was sleeping and I'm very sure I wasn't dreaming. Stop your eye rolling!

Monday, September 26, 2011

F1 doesn't impress him much, all he wants is to wear his pants

Sundays are sort of my date day with the son. We would have breakfast at the park and spend some time just walking around looking at the kites, playing at the playground and basically my idea of exploring nature with him consists of him shredding dried leaves and me keeping a watchful eye on him to ensure he doesn't eats them. Very zen and holistic.

But really, I actually just want to show off this video of him trying to wear his pants. Another milestone of him growing up. Someone pass me the tissue box please.

Oh please excuse the messy house and the F1 thats going on at the back, heh.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Listen kids, rock n roll sure aint easy

I did a quick count and I have 8 striped tops in my closet. And footwear? 1 pair of boots, 2 booties, 2 pairs of wedges, 2 pairs of sandals, 3 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of canvas and 9 pairs of flats.

But I digress.

Just the other day I was reading up on 20 month old toddler's milestones on Baby Center and checking to see if the son is hitting it. And I'm proud to say he's hitting most of it. He has shown that he understands simple questions like Yes or No, Want or Don't Want, Pick it up, Go to the bed, Sit on the sofa, Wear your diaper, Take off your shoes, Wear your shoes, You want to watch cartoon? and the infamous Do you want me to take the cane?!

And he's also beginning to show his displeasure and tantrums too. Usually when we catch him doing something he's not allowed to do like messing up my stuff, we'll tell him off in a stern No. He'll give us a cheeky smile first and if there's a second repeat of No and he realized he's in the wrong, he'll bowed his head in shame and start his quivering lips. Then he'll come and hug me and try to pacify me instead.

But if he feels that he's not wrong, he'll start to cry and scream. This is when I'll ignore him and walked away. And he'll continue to cry and scream and it'll get louder and louder and I'll just continue to ignore him till he comes over to do his pacifying. That's when I'll tell him off. And when he has calmed down, I'll switched to a gentler tone and explain to him why he shouldn't do it. So far, it seems he is able to understand whats going on, so fingers crossed!

the remote control king

i'm the one in pink, in case you're curious

like father like son, but he looks more like me. so I win

It's finally Friday! You've come a long way since Monday, so enjoy your weekend!

PS: Do you know that dragonfruit seeds passed out undigested? Thought you should know in case you were wondering whats the black stuff doing in your poop. You're welcome.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its a rainy day and the sun don't shine! Oh and when the telehone rings, just pick it up because the sun will always be still shining. I know right.

I'm getting lazy. I got my husband to chose my clothes again and have I mentioned I get dressed in the dark? Yes I do.

Today's outfit:
grey top; Pepper Plus, denim jacket; Gmarket, scarve worn as belt; Cotton On, skirt; Primark, wedge; Mitju

Oh a rainy day calls for a rainy song! Hey don't judge me! I was into the tea dance phase like you too, k.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am honest, thats why I said its fake.

top, Jennie Shop jeans, Denizen flats, fake Tory Burch

This song reminded me of my secondary school days, where the boys would all wanna look like him and serenade their puppy love with this song.

Not that it didn't worked on me, but I thanked that guy who sang me this song only because I got to know this band. Back in those days, my idol was Jimmy Lin, remember him? Floppy hair with cute dimples and great dance moves to boot. I was all about pop idols, not much for grunge bands like Beyond.

Anyway, just a little reminiscing about those days. Guess that's what rainy days do to you. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Her MV doesn't make sense at all but its really quite a nice song to rock along to

My husband chose my clothes last night. He came into the room, saw that I was staring blankly into space and asked what's wrong. I just replied that I'm thinking of what to wear for today. Sigh! The dilemmas of a woman.

He glanced at my clothes rack and picked out a pair of grey jeans and T-shirt. He said this will up my rock credentials.  

Today's outfits:
all from Gmarket except the boots, gift from sis     
I wanna be a country rocker and currently rocking to Lady Gaga.

Monday, September 19, 2011

If ever there'a an evacuation, I'll just have to sing and it'll clear out in record time

Okay to kick start your Monday, I'm going to embarrass myself. Okay maybe not. I'll spare your ears the agony and just let you read it instead. Only because its more humane this way.

I can't sing. AT. ALL.

I am tone deaf, melody blind and harmony disrupted. Ask my husband or my sister, and it'll be the first time they both agreed on something so right.

1) Long time ago, I was walking with a friend out of a church service and I was just singing softly the songs that was sang during the worship and she suddenly turned to me and asked,' Why are you saying out the lyrics?' True story.

2) We were with a big group of friends singing karaoke celebrating a friends birthday. The rest was singing, I was minding my own business being the DJ and all when they goaded me into singing. And I thought why not? Since it was playing The Cranberries' Zombie and its just yelling right? So I barely started singing and the whole karaoke blacked out. True story.

3) I was in my room listening on the headphones and singing aloud. Suddenly my mother-in-law came into the room and my husband burst out laughing. She had thought she heard my son crying when in actual fact, he was at my mum's. True story.

Yes its that bad. On the flip side, I make people laugh..... at my expense.

Song of the moment. Awesome guitar riffs! And Steven Tyler sounds so different back then.

Ending with a photo of my handsome husband!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Never under-estimate what a small tube of gloss can do to your lips and your vanity quota. If not you can rap an angry song about it yo!

Gosh, I really think I'm having writer's block. Its taking me ages just to come up with this sentence. And I'm still struggling to think of constructive ways to string my words together. Never mind, there's always music to fill in the blanks, ha!

 Today's outfit:
top: Jennie Shop
belt: First Textile
shorts: Kiyo
stripe flats: Gmarket 

In my touch-up pouch:

from upper left to down: gatsby oil control film,
Estee Lauder lipstick in Pink Champagne, compact mirror, toothpick holder, 
Burt's Bees lip balm, Flutter lip gloss

But I like to give this a shout out. Tadah!
makes my lips flutter, ooh lala

My mother-in-law passed this to me the other day. When I saw it, I was'nt very impressed as you know, its brandless and it looks so meh. So I just chuck it aside till today.

Today, I am converted by this little tube of Flutter lip gloss. It gives the most natural gloss and shimmer and I actually think my lips have never felt so pretty and demure before till TODAY! Okay Estee, I don't mean to leave you out but you're kind of on the high side to maintain you know?

I really liked the shade and its great if you want to chill on a weekend and not be overly done with your make up and yet, its also just right if you want to impress your boss with your appraisal meeting. Flutter him with those lips ya, ha.

Okay end of vanity ramblings. I'm in love with her voice.
I used to listen to his songs, angry man he is. 
(Explicit lyrics!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is very ME!

Weekend Errands

Weekend Errands by life-muse featuring cross body handbags

Only because I'm sort of dressed like this today, on a Saturday in the office, all by myself. 
Le sigh.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I have perfectly fine toes, thank you very much!

Colour Night Out!

Colour Night Out! by life-muse featuring a flared dress

In reality, I would not be able to wear those heels out at all. Firstly, I would look like a giant next to my erm vertical challenged friends and secondly, I would most probably make a fool out of myself walking in those heels.

Truth is, in heels I walk like how penguins would walked on land- awkward. So for now, I will only walk in heels, online.

A reminder of that decision you made when you say, 'I do'.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Because there's only teal and mustard to chase the rain away

Yeah You really got me now, You got me so I don't know what I'm doing now

I'm having a hard time trying to think of an interesting opening to welcome Monday, but there's nothing! Well you know the saying, 'If you've got nothing to say, don't say!' Okay I'll zip it.

So I'll let the pictures do the talking.


he lost alot of weight the past week as he drank mostly milk. no appetitte at all!

all cheeky again

he brewed

she bakes

i eat

The park opposite our house had a mini Mid Autumn Festival celebration last night. So we went to take a walk.

holding his lantern but not sure why the grouchy look

playing with sparklers and contributing to the haze!

full moon, tonight

Today is the official Mid Autumn Festival and we'll be going to Chinese Garden to soak in the celebrations! Ever since I've became a mother, I had alot more interest in these sort of things. I'll keep a lookout for events and festivites so we can all enjoy as a family. Life became alot more interesting when you've got your family to hang out with. And whoever says Singapore is boring sure ain't not looking hard enough!

Totally random but Gold 90.5 plays really awesome rock songs during Saturday nights! And its classic rock from the 70s and 80s and they feature indie rock bands as well as the more mainstream ones like Led Zeppelin, Eagles, The Doors etc. But what I really like was this song by Alannah Myles. Another one I like was The Kinks.

Listen to this song called Lola. It's hippie and they're open about it baby, oh yeah!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

All the parents unite when you find yourselves in the A&E ward at 4am in the morning

Okay, the baby has finally fallen asleep and now I can blog. He has been sick for the past few days which explains the lack of posts.

This time round, it's a viral fever. He had a high temperature of 39.4 on Tuesday and we had to rush him to KK Hospital in the middle of the night. His body was really really hot and you could literally feel heat radiating out of his armpits. It's that hot.

So we brought him to the hospital and after an hour of waiting for him to pee for a urine sample, the doctor just diagnose him as having a viral fever. Gave us paracetemol and ibuprofen and sent us back home.

As of right now, his fever has subsided alot but it still comes and goes. And so it's a few days of clinging and being his Siamese twin. I cannot be out of his sight. The poor husband has been relegated to the invisible zone. Any hugs or kisses are met with a resounding No, No,No! or Don't want!

And I hope his fever will truly break by tomorrow though!

PS: To the person who search for babies born without head and landed upon my blog, this is not that kind of blog.

PPS: I really really want to wear my new booties and was tempted just to wear it to the coffee shop below our house. But my husband says vanity is not a virtue.

PPPS: I know no one does PPPS but really, I just want to thank you for even reading to this part. Thank you. :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's going on apparently is not the title but the lyrics and anyway its good enough to describe our weekend

Our weekend.

celebrating the stepfather-in-law's birthday at Ivin's

kite flying in honour of the kite flying day

2 kites flying high in the sky

Our kite got stuck onto a tree and we spent like 20 mins trying to get it down! We tried various ways like throwing shoes, balls and tugging it but to no avail. So we just let it be and then this huge gust of wind came and loosen our kite! It did flew up abit and we thought it was freed but it got stuck again.

Then two Indian nationals walked past us and to our surprise, one of them started to climb the tree to get the kite for us! We were throughly amazed at their tree climbing skills and even more so at their initiative to help! We could'nt thank them enough and they just seems so noncholant about it! All in a day's work for these dudes man.

This boy has recently taken to wearing his Doraemon slippers everywhere he goes. Dressed up nicely and he'll choose his Doraemon to wear. But he has an old soul to it. Everytime he sits down, be it in the car, on the chair or anywhere, he has to take them off. Sort of like how those old uncles sitting in the coffeshops, shoes off and legs up shaking and all. Maybe not the shaking part, yet.

swinging on an excercise swing

Today's outfit:  

floral jacket: BKK
stripe dress: Jennie Shop
flats: Charles and Keith

And today's song of the day? 4 Non Blondes

Because the husband serenade me with this song yesterday.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrations are really a good way to stuff ourselves silly but food has no mention in this entry

I love how when September rolls over, its usually a flurry of events within the family. We celebrate our wedding anniversary in September, my birthday in October, the husband's in November, Christmas in December, the son's in January and by then it'll be the Lunar New Year festivities for the Chinese!

It's one celebration after another!

And speaking of celebrations, this really got to me. I don't know why but at that instance when I saw my son doing this, it really really dawned on me that he has grown so much. He's no longer the tiny baby that I can pick up with one hand, but an active toddler doing pull ups now.

Here's to more years of growing up and celebrations, dude.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mother Looker, oh yeah

I really like doodling on Polyvore. It's like my own make believe world where all these clothes are mine and I get to wear them everyday....... online. Anyways, it did'nt made me depressed but rather more upbeat because hey, I might have similar outfits but at least they don't cost an arm or leg or a kidney or two, heh.
Today's outfit:
top: Jennie Shop
jeans: Denizen
flats: City Plaza
From Polyvore:
Mother Looker
Jason Wu Silk-chiffon and lace blouse
1,805 SGD -
Mother The Looker Skinny Jean
235 SGD -
Jimmy Choo Kerfield suede and mesh ankle booties
1,180 SGD -
Jenna - Large' Leather Tote
480 SGD -
Euler Earring
91 SGD -

This song kept playing in my head this morning. A little morbid but I like its melancholic lyrics.
Okay maybe not similar outfits but similar colours, alright?!