Friday, January 30, 2009

off tangent

making plans makes the future exciting as it gives us something to look forward to. i'm looking forward to our trips!

i wanna get an mp3 too. and after seeing my sister's shiny red ipod mini, i'm so wanting to get it too! just so i can listen to songs and sermons. very important you know? sheesh.. and also good to fall asleep to it, ha!

i'm really enjoying my study course now because:
- we get 2 tea breaks
- 2 hour lunch breaks
- finish class early

what more can we ask for?! its like holiday for us man. and my class people are all so funny. we talk about the lamest and weird stuff. its like back in poly days where we listen to lectures and ask funny questions to the trainers, lol!

my dad just called to ask if i'm still at sbg. he wanted to pick me up from work!! i have the sweetest father, heh.

and its normal if i get off tangent to blog about other irrelevant stuff. my mind is erm, stringy! like noodles!! haha!!!

anyways the weekend is here, enjoy while it lasts!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


she's with me and doing fine. i'm happy to have her, for as long as she wants.

i've deleted the few previous posts due to the sensitive nature and well, anyway its family matters. all is well and whatever that has to be done will be done and whatever words that should be said has been said. this is now the healing process. and it shall be well and whole.

i've mentioned that i'm currently on a 1 month course right? and i'm enjoying it very much!! it feels so relaxing and carefree as i don't have to go back to office, ha! so far, the lessons are easy to understand and i've make many friends too. its just nice to mingle with different people and get to know them. their different work scope, their backgrounds and just geniuinely be friends with them.

and there's this nparks night for all the staff to attend on the 13th feb. its like a major gathering of dinner where there's dancing, food, games, lucky draw and friendly competition between the departments. and of all the competitions we had to do, my department is doing dancing!! and i think i have psycho-motor skills problem man! everytime my hands move, my legs don't move and when i want to move my legs, my hand don't move. i know i'll be making a fool of myself but at least i have many others with me, haha!!

awaiting another friend of mine to come aboard soon!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

what i'm doing now

with john's family

i'm stuffed from the reunion dinner! and its drizzling now, yipee!! hopefully it will rain tomorrow and the next. whats cny without all the rain eh?

did'nt get any new clothes for this year though, hmm just have to make do with it and come up with new ways to re-wear my other clothes heh. my husband is playing football with his friends now. and i'm enjoying this quietness alone at home. wanted to upload a bit more photos but its taking a long time and only managed to upload this 1 picture.

another pile of clothes to fold. at least the toilets and house have been cleaned. now i fully appreciate the importance of weekends, ha!

just lazing a bit more before turning in. i want to feel the cool breeze and hear the pattering sound of rain drops on my window.

alright, goodnight!

happy 'niu' year!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

sweet weekend getaway

i enjoyed myself with you over the weekend. we had fun just walking the streets and lazing by the poolside. the suite was a pleasant surprise, much more than what i had imagined it to be.

thank you darling for the sweet weekend getaway.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


today was my 2nd day and my legs are aching like crazy!! ok, a brief recap of my work life at nparks.

basically, what a horticulture officer does is to ensure the area they're in charge are neat, clear of rubbish, supervise the workers and to make round checks in the morning and late noon. alot of walking is involved under the hot sun. and whatever else that needs to be done gets done.

and i wonder how am i going to survive the 3 years? hmm.... by then i'll be very fit and hopefully not very tanned, ha!

anyway thank goodness i'll be away for some course training for the whole of feb! hehe, and i'll be learning how to drive too!! well technically, though its a buggy, lol! yes!! and there's a certificate to boot too.

thank God for favor, as my colleagues are very helpful and patient with me. esp my buddy. she has help me alot. be it the area of IT, setting up my table, bringing me around and giving me alot of tips. and thank God for wisdom and good memory! i need lots of it!!

and anyway there's no msn in my office, shucks. but my friend told me to try ebuddy. its like msn too, i shall try it tomorrow.

off to sleep now!

Friday, January 9, 2009

cleaning out my storeroom

ooh woah!!

i'm taking a short break from clearing out my storeroom. within a short 2 years, i've amassed a huge collection of ribbons, wrappers, candles, more ribbons, vintage ribbons and vases, hehe.. ok i'm guilty of hoarding stuff.

i'm clearing all these to sell to a fellow florist friend, hope she will take them all so i don't have to pack them again, ha!

do i feel sentimental towards my stuff? not really. right now i just want to have more space in the storeroom before i packed my office. argh!! more stuff to pack!!

monday is coming real soon and that's when i will start work. yikes! feeling nervous and apprehensive. because of the early hours i guess and it has been 2 years since i've last work with other people, hope my social skills have not turn rusty ;p

feeling sleepy though, but the storeroom is calling out to me. cross my fingers that i will not turn to mr zzz instead, ha!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

of jackpots and first time winnings!

hello!! we're back from genting!! it was a long drive up but we enjoyed it very much. we got to eat A&W's along the way and enjoyed the sights of malaysia, truly asia!!

my in laws. john's mum & her husband

first world hotel

the humongous lobby that's almost like an airport arrival hall
yes, thats how big it is

but they have tiny rooms

oh look who we bump into! fergie!
we managed to catch the match at some pub

the man
pillar of cloud

it was cold, 14C in the mornings and night and 24C at noon, so it was cool and refreshing to breath in the mountain air for a change.
these are clouds, not fog
the man enjoying the coolness of the air
but the highlight of the trip was not about the rides, erm not exactly as we went for the theme rides and had lots of fun. but the real highlight was.......................

going to the casino!!!!! this is then the real highlight man!

well it is my first time into a casino and i tried my hand at playing the jackpot and imagine your first time playing it and you won rm150 with rm10 start-up!!! so imagine the adrenaline of winning that money and you think you're god of gambler, ha!
and i helped my in-laws win rm250 when he was down to rm1 plus, that feeling was awesome-ness!! we were all so happy on the first night, having won this much money that we went every night, lol.
and what better way to spend the money other than on food? ha! so we went around just eating and playing some more jackpot and for the theme rides.
the brave ones
on the viking
the flying coaster. this was quite fun albeit too short a ride

the jackpot itself is quite brainless as we just keep pressing the repeat bet's button. the only time you can win was the amount of lines you bet on and if you're really lucky that day, the machine will keep giving you many wins and free spins and bonus points. thats how you win money that way. and of course the more money you play, the chances of winnings gets bigger. so the real danger is that it can get addictive here because you will keep feeding money into the machine to keep winning.

and when you're losing alot, you will keep thinking of putting more money in to cover back the losses. guess that's how people end up losing alot of money. and you're playing against the machine, so the odds of hitting it big is really low.
so whenever we make back to cover the amount and some more, we'll stop. no point being greedy, haha. and anyway, we only won on the first day, so for the second day, we lost quite abit but thankfully we had the winnings to cover.

plus the casinos there are really big! there was one hotel with a 2 storey casino, so imagine the number of jackpot machines, ha!
ok enough of jackpots! just wanna thank God for the smooth trip and the fun we had in genting. the winnings are a bonus ;p

Friday, January 2, 2009

the acceptable year of the Lord's!!

in laws and randoms

erm, my in laws are coming over to stay the night tomorrow. and i'm supposed to be cooking dinner, so not funny.

i told my mum-in-law that i can't cook and she say she will teach me. great. now we'll have to go grocery shopping together. let's hope that my clueless-ness about fish and chicken don't kill her first or rather, my burnt offering for tomorrow's dinner.

someone in the family is not doing very well on the health side. but assurance told me it will all be well.
taking a nap, after this.
i miss ah mei.
eyes are closing.