Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm on my way now!

The last time I check, the last update was 6 months ago. Gosh, what happened?

I went to have a baby and thus neglected this blog.

Okay okay.. the truth is... I've no inspiration to blog after I had my baby.

Okay okay... the real truth is.... I'm too lazy to blog. There.

So.... pictures to update what words can't say.

I'll try my best to caption it though!

I call him Version 2.0 or  the kid.

1 week old.

Super love for the son for loving his little brother so much.

Meanwhile, I celebrated my official  induction into adulthood.
Turning 30.

Brotherly love.

the kid's many expressions at 2 months old.

Major major love.

I've no idea what they're conversing about to each other.
One of the secret codes of brotherhood I guess.

3 months old.

Meanwhile, the son also celebrated his big 3 birthday.
This boy is growing up to be such a smooth and cheeky fella!

We got him a Thomas and Friends cake this year!
He's totally a fanboy and so I had wanted to get those fancy 3D kind,
but they're really expensive though!
So for now the 2D ones makes him happy enough.

Our yearly tradition for him. 

Love this shot of them both.
She's currently stationed in Shanghai for a year.

Yiyi with her darling boys.

5 months old.

So there you have it. My 2012 and 2013 in pictures and captions.

And I will try to blog more regularly too. Just give me a little more time to get the engines rolling.

Gosh I'm speaking like my 3 year old now.