Friday, April 29, 2011

Phone pictures, thus the blurry quality

cuteness in a hood

look ma! no eyes!

want my baby smooth skin? use SKII


i may smile like a girl, but i'm 100% boy

catch you!

stripping your clothes off in public is not an offence only if you're a baby

Its a long weekend again! yippee!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The night he went bananas!

I'm so proud of you Benjamin! Your first real word!

Well techincally its not really a first full word, because he only pronounced the vowels but still! Haha, I'm a proud mama.

We were over at my mum's place having dinner last night. And usually after dinner, we will try to have some fruits, like you know to aid in our digestion. So my dad bought out some bananas and asked me to feed Benjamin some. And I swear this little guy has a built in radar for food!

The moment he saw the plastic bag, immediately he came over to where I was sitting and began to beg for food. So I was like telling him to sit down first (gosh I sound like I'm training a dog here, ha!) while I took out the bananas. And the moment he saw them, he was so excited that he stood up and shouted, "na nas!"

And we were all so tickled by him! He looked absolutely adorable doing that man. I can't help but keep laughing and feeling so proud of him. Looks like all the training in saying out the names of food while feeding him has paid off!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesdays are meant to be Thursdays kind of thankfulness

both having fun at JBCG

Today, I just want to be thankful.

Thankful for:

- The 2 monkeys above, erm I mean men in my life. Especically the small one, for bringing much joy and laughter into the family.

- A nice bed to sleep on.

- Egg mayo sandwiches

- My sister

- My father

- My mother-in-law

- Internet connection

- Strawberry flavour Pocky

- Coke

- Clothes and shoes to wear

- Working and intact body parts

- A job

- My mother (almost forgot!)

- Smiles

- Post Its pads

- Disposables diapers

- Milk powder

- Flowers

- Music

- Chicken wings

- McDelivery

- Peperoni's

- Air-con

- Heater

- Colours

- Diamonds

............. right now these are what I can think of. In no way, my list is exhausative, ha. Its just that I want to be reminded that no matter what situations that we're in, I am still thankful for all the little things in my life.

Like a quote I was saw, "Its the little things in life that makes it BIG!"

P/S: If only we can skip Wednesdays and right onto Thursdays, now that will make everyone thankful, ha!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this is the junior junior masterchef

Step 1: Open lid

Step 2: Stir

Step 3: Close lid

Step 4: Enjoy the food!

P/S: No baby were harmed in the process.

Monday, April 25, 2011

getting naked

Today I am naked.

Because I forgot to wear my wedding ring, hehe oops! And thats how I feel when I don't wear it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

sad news but happily ever after might just be round the corner

Gosh! I read this and felt so sad for the baby. Really wonder how can his mother do such a cruel thing?! Not just buried but apparently the baby was most probably strangled as there was a piece of black trash bag knot tied around his neck. And kudos to the uncle who heard the baby's cries and went to probe around. Guess this is one of those times that we're have to be thankful for those smoker's break, otherwise this uncle would not have managed to save the baby.

I pray for a wonderful family to be able to adopt this baby and may he grow up with lots of love surrounding him. He deserves so much more! As for the mother, I really have nothing to say. Just hopes she gets help or get locked away in a basement with a trash bag tied to her neck!
I'm angry but still empathised with her, argh!

On more sad news, I found out 1 of my colleagues might have prostrate cancer at the age of 23! He's so young and living here on his own and to top it off, he has no choice but to resign from his job as his landlord decided to sold his house, left him with 1 month's notice to get another room but unfortunately due to the high rental in town and his relatively low salary, he was'nt able to do so. And on top of that, he also has to break his bond and compensate the company and flight tickets back to England. Triple whammy man.

This week is passing by too slowly with so much sad news. The good news is its finally Thursday and Friday is on its way to a long weekend!

Hope with the much awaited long weekend, it'll bring a new week of good news and happy endings might just be round the corner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

you are your own breast friend, milk not included

Today, I want to get this off my chest, well not literally of course. Just something that I've been holding on for quite a while.

At the start when I was still pregnant, I was excited on the idea to breastfeed. Partly because of the information that I read online, the amazing testimonials that most mothers have on breastfeeding and the bond that is shared between mother and baby. I mean, the propaganda on breast is best is so in your face and which mother does'nt want the best for their kids right?

However, things did'nt go as planned. I was'nt able to do so not because I did'nt have milk but I did'nt realised that it is so difficult to do so. In the beginning, I was trying to latch direct, but as he is a strong sucker and the flow did'nt come quick enough, Benjamin would end up crying in fustration. And so I thought, ok maybe I'll just pump out the milk and let him drink from a bottle. Easy enough right? Wrong!

It is so discouraging to see that miniscule amount of milk after pumping for 40 minutes on each side. And the fact is no one told me that the milk supply will be more regulated after 1 month of breastfeeding. All along, I had the wrong notion that milk will just flow from the breast! It is so not true! I blamed it on the happy picutres showing a breastfeeding mother with her baby.

Anyways I was an emotional trainwreck. And I got all depressed and kept blaming myself cos I was'nt able to do so, but my husband was so encouraging. Throughout the ordeal, he was constantly encouraging me and never once did he put me down or blame me. He told me to do what is the best for Benjamin and rather to boost my ego and starving him, why not just let him have formula milk and do away with all the unnescessary stress. Love is not just being able to breastfeed, it is also caring after him and seeing his needs are met. I tell ya, these words are my saving grace man!

Yet whenever we went out, I was quite embarrassed when we have to make milk for Benjamin. I kept having this notion that I'm a bad mother and that other people were looking down on me. And whenever I see nursing mothers, I would feel jealous and feel all poignant and wonders what it feels like to nurse your own child. Guess I'll never find out, hee.

Well, I'm not saying to sound like I'm justifying myself, but really, when it comes down to our kids, we simply wants what will works best for them. In this case, the milk was not included.

P.S: Benjamin is growing up healthy and strong with no weird things whatsoever coming out of his body. And we only buy milk powder from everyelse, except China. You never know what they like to throw into their products.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

baby loves water

What do you get when you unleashed a baby and a water fountain together?!!

Joy and cuteness to the max!!!!

This is him enjoying himself tremendously at a water fountain area in Clark Quay!

So there we were walking around when we chanced upon this. At first, when my sis and husband asked if I'll allowed him (Benjamin, not my husband) to play in it, I was hesitant as we did'nt go there prepared to get him wet. So we moved right along.

Then after somehow walking back to the same water fountain after a short break at TCC, they asked me again. And this time, my husband made a bet with my sis. They were making bets on whether if Benjamin will play with the water if we brought him into the water area. My sis said no, but my husband was pretty confident that Benjamin will played in it. And so the bet was 2 pints of beer should he win. (Because Pump Room was there)

And needless to say, this boy surprised us by dashing straight into it!! He was chuckling and laughing and having so much fun playing with the water. And there was this photographer who asked us for permission to take his photos. And soon, there was this small crowd that had gathered to take his pictures! It was so funny, looking at them take his pictures, man I should have collected royalties, ha!

Anyways, my husband was also surprised that I had actually allowed him play in the water. And he summed it up nicely when he replied, 'it makes you happy to see him happy right?'

And indeed, I was happy to see him happy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sundays and a Robin Hood sort of, to fight for your rights to have a romantic dinner

Today is Sunday, Sunday beautiful Sunday,

Gotta go out and have some fun!

(sing to the tune of Rebecca Black's Friday, its a silly song but I like it)


So the deal was my sister will be going to London in June to visit her boyfriend. And apparently, the boyfriend's sister will be tagging along with them. Guess what? To get over a broken heart. But is'nt it weird to be travelling with another couple? Would'nt it make you even more heart broken? Like you see them holding hands, having silly laughs and there you are like a reminder for them to remember like, 'oh wait! There's a heartbroken child we'll have to look after.

Oh man!' And the funniest part is just coming up.... my husband feels the most, whats the word? Unjustified, haha.

He went on the whole night yakking on and on about what a party pooper she is, blah blah blah and what a dense boyfriend she has to even agreed to his sister tagging along. And the most unfounded, even for my standards was he even asked his sister along for their 1 year anniversary dinner at a Gordan Ramsey restuarant! I think this was the catalyst for my husband's ranting.

My goodness, he was literally like trying to fight for their rights to have dinner on their own. Hilarious!! And all this while, my sister was very calm and zen like in her rationale. Well, I'm not sure if the heartbroken sister is ever going to tag along on their fancy dinner, but if ever I need someone to fight a case for me, I'll know who to call now.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Its ok now

Everytime I'm faced with this blank space on blogger trying to write a post, the jumbled thoughts are there but the words can't seem to flow out. Hence, the hiatus. Well, and mainly there were too many things happening the past year and I was simply too heavy hearted to write anything down. All I could do was get angry, miserable, bitter, ashamed, the list goes on. I was wondering what the hell did it happened and why us? Was'nt things going fine? Why did things get blown out of proportion? Hearing different sides of stories, and afraid to confront to get the truth, it was dark times indeed. As I look back right now, I am at least grateful for some things. My mother-in-law's support and help, my sister's unwavering generosity and the care and concern of the little friends we have left. I am truly grateful for the time they have given us to pick up the pieces. We are in the midst of picking up, but here and there more crumbs are still falling on us. But we're just have to carry on. And also, I really don't know if my faith is strong enough too. Its wearing thin and many times I don't even know if His help will come. But I know I cannot give it up. If I give it up, I know I will really have nothing to hold onto anymore. So God, please. Last year was not kind to us. Please let this remaining year be of what you promised. The year of your crowned goodness. I'm not asking for much now, I just want us to get out of this mess with a clean slate and start anew. Thats all. Thanks! As for this blog, I'll try to update more but no promises.