Thursday, April 26, 2012

A local holiday

I took a week long break off from work to just spent time with the husband and son. We went to many different places, had good food and everyday spent together as a family was so enjoyable. Though we were still in Singapore, but the places we explored made it seem like I really did go on a holiday. 

A holiday in Singapore :)


a pink dolphin!
this is the only photo of Sentosa that I took. 
Brunch at Spruce:

the husband's English Breakfast

my Banana and Blueberry pancakes.
so fluffy and soft!
After which, we headed to visit some museum in town. We went to Singapore Arts Museum where they are showcasing an artist called Lee Wen. Totally catch no ball with his exhibits.

Then we hopped of to the Peranakan Museum. This was so much more interesting and informational, at least  to me.

Went to Jcube to check out the lastest shopping mall. Had lunch at Chillis and it was very satisfying. By the way they have this Lunch Break promotion where you get to choose your starters and mains with free flow of drinks. Prices starts at $12-$14, which is quite worth it considering they give quite a big portion. Lunch time from 11am to 4pm.


their table tiles

my chicken esquesdilla (?) with Caesar salad

After lunch, off to Singapore Science Centre!

er, hello


the husband trying out the Typhoon Chamber to
 find out how it feels like to be caught in a 80km/h wind

We also went on a local brewery tour at the Tiger Brewery.

loved the decor of the Tavern. All guests gets to enjoy
a 45 mins beer sampling and just chill out in here.

playing darts

And lastly, the husband and I squeezed in some alone time to celebrate our 10 years of togetherness. Had an awesome buffet dinner at Pan Pacific, courtesy of a gift voucher from the mother-in-law.

During this week long break, I couldn't help but feel grateful and loved each day. There was something to do, something to look forward to and someone to end the day with. Each day in itself is such a gift to treasure.

I told the husband it really felt like a holiday to me because there was always something to do everyday and he told me that's how being in love feels. Mushy but I like, heh.

P.S: We went for our detail scan and its confirmed we're having another boy! Now the house is really gonna be turned upside down.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How we like to sleep around

Due to space constraints in the house, the son is still co-sleeping with us in our bed. 

But the husband and I think otherwise because he thinks the bed is his.

Uh right.

When he used to be smaller and not so agile, this was the best sleeping position for all of us:

via offbeat mama
He'll get triple protection from the headboard, myself and lastly, the father. All was fine and dandy till I realised being sandwich in between a growing toddler and a grown man was not so fine after all.

The growing toddler would inevitably sleep into my space during the middle of the night when he change sleeping positions and this boy does a big flip! Often I'll end up with punches and kicks onto my face, eyes, back, stomach and not forgetting the countless checks to ensure he doesn't fall off onto the other side of the bed.

And the grown man? Let's just say he maximise his space fully well to the edge of the bed. There was that one time he said I actually shoved him off it! He had to grabbed onto the blanket from falling off completely. He was really angry when he told me what happened the next day but I had a good laugh though!

Anyway this current position that we have seems good enough for now.

via offbeat mama

Although there is a small gap now between the bed and the wall, and sometimes we would wake up to cries of help when the son turns and accidentally lands himself in the gap, haha!

Any funny stories to share? Co sleeping mummies?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A heartful

They say many a great ideas started from something small. Mine started whilst being on the great white throne moments ago.

Nah, I didn't thought of a life changing invention nor a life saving cure for a disease but I did thought of something precious.

I just thought of being grateful for the things I have now.

Well, maybe it will lead me to a life changing invention and cured me of any life threatening disease, in any case, it is life changing, right?

Personally, I'm the sort to feel down easily. Especially when faced with tough challenges or when I worry incessantly about the future. I'll think about how to solved certain issues and when it seems so bleak, negative and paranoid thoughts will flood my mind.

Its just in my nature.

So in a bid to become more optimistic, I'll try to remember the people and things I have now and be thankful for them.

It maybe something small and random, big and important, but it doesn't matter so long its the heart being filled with gratitude.

Today, I'm just grateful for having a roof over my head. A home where I can go back to everyday, albeit messy, but nevertheless filled with love and laughter.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The art of negotiation

While trying to rouse him from his nap yesterday to go for dinner:

Husband: Benjamin! Wake up! Wake up! Time for dinner!
Son: Dun want!
Me: Wake up! Its time for dinner! 
Son: *Whining* I dun want
Husband: Okay, you wake up now, Daddy let you drink Coco Lala! (Coke)
Son: *Eyes lighting up* With ice?

I was enjoying some ice cream on the sofa, when the son scooted over, plonked himself next to me and said, "Dank yew" all the while eyeing the ice cream earnestly. 

To stop him from over indulging on sweets and whatever nots, usually we will tell him he has to stop after we give him the last piece. In the past he will ask for somemore? and we will obliged but not before telling him its the last one. So now, he got smart and will keep asking for last one? In the hope that it is the next somemore

cheeky fellow