Saturday, December 19, 2009


i had a nice dinner with my sister, well the dinner food itself was'nt that great, but i enjoyed her company. we were supposed to watched avatar in the evening but i tried to booked it too late so we just hung out and have dinner.

went to changed my phone and i told her to help me talk to the sales person as i'm too self concious to talk to anyone right now. why? not funny when your face is bloated and people keep commenting that i've put on alot of weight.

waiting for the husband to reach home to catch the man united match!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

while he's sleeping

i love to disturb him when he sleeps.

to see his face scrunches up when he scratches his head whilst sleeping, how cute.

to fuss over him while he's still in slumber and him giving me the please leave me alone groan.

to shower him with kisses before i leave for work.

to simply watch over him and imagine the dreams he's dreaming.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


me: (smelling my husband's head) i loved your smell dear

husband: thats the smell of not bathing for 3 days

me: (pretending to be blind while touching husband's face and memorising his features)

husband: what are you doing? stop touching my mole!

me: (stroking his abundance of leg hair)

husband: excuse me, i am not your dog

me: go and shower dear!

husband: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, November 28, 2009

story of the year or whats left of it and just for a laugh

my sister just threw her iphone down the rubbish chute. to get a good laugh, or if you have too much moolah to spare this christmas, please click here

and we wonder why.....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

hitting the 30 weeks

whee!! 10 more weeks!!

we're having fun looking at the bumps and weird shapes that baby is making. sometimes it feels like mini tremors cause he's so active, always moving and turning around. its super fascinating to feel his moves and turns and stretches and bumps.

i'm beginning to feel the weight, walking abit slower and breathing abit harder. sleeping is inconvenient and visiting mr white throne quite regularly in the night. but all is well and dandy except that the doctor says that his position is too low for his fetal age. bleah. cause his father keep telling him to come out soon, so being the obedient son he is, he's taking a heads down position. so now, his father tells him to not hurry but wait for the right time to come out. man! i'm also feeling what they called Braxton Hicks contractions. they're not really the real thing, just an amazing function that the body is preparing for the real labour. when it happens, my belly will tighten for about 10-20 seconds. it should'nt hurt and happens randomly.

and for the first time, i drank milk. all for baby's sake. got to make him put on weight lor. but its super powerful cause after just 4 days of drinking every night, my belly really grew bigger! hmm hopefully its all baby's weight and not mine, ha.

starting the final countdown!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


i was tired, hot and grouchy during cg yesterday. none of anything went into my head. all i could think of was when will it end? they had a birthday cake for one of the cg girl and when they were giving out the cake and asked me if i want a piece, i said no and the very nice girl who offered me said something like what if baby wants? i simply stared at her and said, i'm very sure he doesn't want cake, gave a tight smile and walked away. i felt like a b**#$. and then i rudely told my husband off when he asked me to get a piece of cake for him. double b**#$.

back home, i suddenly felt very guilty and remorseful for my awful behaviour and i apologised to him. the condemnation sets in but even more so, thoughts of righteousness reigned over. i felt lighter and told my husband about how i'm not going to be that awful person again.

but it can be difficult when you're tired all the time now and all you want to do is sleep. just sleep.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


am so glad the weekend is here again. nothing beats spending the weekend just lazing around the house. having some cg friends over soon and the house is clean and tidy. always loved this feeling of a house being cleaned, especially when you watched your husband hard at work at it. and i appreciate it much!

my mum in law is making black herbal chicken soup for us, yum yums! and tomorrow we're going to celebrate another dear friend's mr chong birthday with another round of buffet. its really amazing the amount of food we can eat when we all get together. plus there's another round of bbq when the husband and him are going to celebrate together. thats what we do, eat, ha!

this is completely random. saw my sis last week with her cg after gen rev and this was our conversation.

sis: i bought you wish toy

me: huh?! wish toy?! (the foodcourt was very noisy)

sis: no! fish toy!

me: (very puzzled) fish toy? what fish toy? (i was thinking the baby not out yet, so fast she buy toys for him)

sis: noooo!!! fish toy!!!!

at this point, i went over to asked her what fish toy and its actually fish oil capsule. as she's wearing braces, thus the lisp hahahahha...

sis: must eat ah, good for the baby's brain.

me: but what happens when my brain got too good and i became too clever?

sis: (rolling her eyes) that will never happen.

see how much she loves me, hahaha... but i felt very touched that she bought it for me. its her way of showing her love. though i will really my best to eat it as the capsule is still big by my standards and it has a fishy smell, ewk.

thank you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


stayed home today as my tummy was upset with me. had the runs but now feeling much better. still i think i have to see a doctor to get the all wonderful piece of paper to make staying home legal, ha!

had my birthday yesterday. the night before when i was in bed, the husband surprised me with a cake in bed! we were sleeping when he suddenly went out. i thought he was going supper with the guys or something cos i fell back asleep soon. only knew what happened when he brought the cake in. sometimes i'm truly amazed at what he can surprise me with.

then during the day at work, one of my longest friend who's also working at the same place with me came to surprise me with cake and flowers! it was just so sweet and fun.

i think its true that as you get older, the birthday celebrations don't matter anymore. so long as you spent it with the people you love, its not so much the scale, but rather the heart and sincerity thats in it. the presents don't matter, unless its a huge inheritance from a long-lost uncle or striking the toto, ha.

guess what it matters most, is that people remember thats its your day and offers you their best wishes for you. and i'm grateful that people remember me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

not alot of words

finally! i've pop by to write an entry, ha!

maybe a summary. ok, here goes my usual random spaghetti train of thoughts.

well, we know the baby is a boy. he is currently 23, going 24 weeks as of this entry. he likes to kick around the same area of my tummy. likes to kick alot, his father takes that as a sign of him being a striker. his name is being settled. don't really care if other friends says its quite common, as his name has a good meaning and biblical story behind it. campaigning with his dad to put in a middle name too, ha!

current favourite past- time is to just sit and watch my tummy moved. everytime he does his kicks, it feels so magical. and always makes me laugh when i see the little protrusions. he is so adorable, i tell you. and the first time the father felt him kick, priceless. its just fascinating and amazing how the baby is formed. indeed God really went into the little details when making us. we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.

oh! and we passed our first year anniversary with...... out any celebrations! haha not that it matters anyway. though i did casually asked him if he wants to do anything, and he gave me a non-commital reply and me having no idea what to do, just leave it as that. so when that day came, nothing happened. but he surprised me 2 days later when he came to pick me up after work.

we were in the car when he asked me to look for a cd in the compartment and when suddenly this bunch of flowers came out of nowhere! i mean i saw at the corner of my eye that he was trying to take something out at the back seat but i was thinking oh maybe he's also looking for the cd and then he handed me my first bouquet of flowers for our first year! i went aw, darling flowers! and he was like all smirky face, and then i proceeded to asked him where he got the flowers and how much it costs, hahahaha. very romantic of me.

had an impromptu birthday cake while having dinner with friends of the forest. shared it with mrs tan as our birthdays are a day apart. and planning our own birthday celebrations today. second year we'll be doing it together. last year was at botanic gardens. this year? hmm, have not decided yet.

will be going for gen rev camp this year. after 5 years, looking forward to it. going with no expectations but mainly to enjoy the praise and worship. its freaking awesome when it leads to the free flow of worship. that tangible prescence of God, the touching waves of love enveloping you, the hopes and desires in your heart being fulfilled, you have to be made of stone not to know that God is real.

parents are on a jet setting lifestyle. went to redang, china and koh samui. holiday troopers are they.

parents in law are currently staying at our place while they're house hunting. its quite nice to have them around. had a pleasant surprise one day when i saw the neatly stack of folded clothes and freshly pressed shirts in my room. that was the first time my ratty sleeping t-shirt could have ever felt more dignified! haha...

just experiencing alot of grace and favour around. people giving up seats for me in the train and buses. strangers giving me the right of way, friends and family rubbing my tummy and being happy for us. not taking things for granted and just being of good cheer.

so now i'm living my days as they are and eagerly waiting to carry him in my arms!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i am truly blessed.

Monday, August 24, 2009


just having fun with colours!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


i saw this and missed it. how i missed its freshness and the touch in my hands and how something so simple and delicate could hold so much beauty in them.

i missed the rustic nature and simplicity of their every details. how this decor can work over there but not here just breaks my heart. and even if it did worked over here, i'm sure the owners will charge an exhorbitant amount for just a few stalks of flowers.

but come september, i'll get to work with them again. we're having a mass wedding event in the gardens and i'm in charge for one of the themes.

oh how i can't wait to get my hands dirty!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


swallowing pills is not my thing. its either this or drink milk.

i choose the former, thanks!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

laksa and air con

welcoming us

our huge a** room! they upgrade us to their suite wor

the town square

the very delicious laksa!

the old fort

st paul and whats left of his church building

the husbands

our national past-time, shopping

little nonya
but the food not as nice as jeanette cooked it, ha!

the clock tower


malacca's nonya laksa is simply amazing! forget about the hyped chicken rice balls, if you want to get your fix of nonya food, their laksa is a must try!
its coconut creamy without too overpowering and it leaves this sweet aftertaste in your mouth. another worthy laksa is their nonya assam laksa. its sweet sour broth is tangy yet not too spicy. man, i can write for a food column soon, ha!
so as you can tell from the above description, the trip to malacca was very satisfying. as long as the food is good, the trip is good too.
well, other than eating, we spent the day walking around the famous town square and the red brick buildings. we saw the old fort built by the portugese and some historical buildings. and we walked along their night market, jonker street which is filled with lots of street food that looks delicious, souvenirs and fake branded stuff.

and being typical singaporean and does'nt help when you're travelling with 2 pregnant ladies, the phrase, wah very hot! keeps popping out. we did what typical singaporeans will do. we seek refuge in a wonderful technology called the air-con shopping centre. its a god send i tell you.

in the end we hang out more inside than outside. and we bought our first baby clothes! erm cos its alot cheaper there, hee.
ok, the husband is calling me to watch tv with him again!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

scooting off!

going off on a road trip later to malacca with faith and keon. will be driving up and can't wait to stop by a&w's for their root beer and curly fries, yum yum!

all i can think of is food nowsadays, ha.

i better scoot off to do a bit of research on what to do in malacca and also to pack our stuff. the husband is with another man in the kitchen working on his secret project. will update more if he is succuessful, hoots!

enjoy this long weekend!

and happy birthday ah mei!!! xoxo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

its not personal, its just hormonal

i feel lazy. my memory is that of a mouse. i have a mountain load of laundry to fold and another to wash.

my bathroom sink looks similar to the one used in the saw movies, my once precious dslr camera is lying hazardly on the sofa and i'm still not eager to shower.

man, blame it on the hormones.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

belly status

my belly status as of now is sort of like when i had a very full meal and it goes all big and bloated. this is when i look pregnant. on normal status it looks like i had a light meal and drank alot of water and it goes all round and tight. this is when i look like a skinny girl who had too much to eat.

sometimes i get confused too, ha.

so every morning on the train, my thoughts are always if people will take a look and see if i'm pregnant. actually my belly don't really justified for a seat on the train, yet.

erm so till the day when belly gets really big, i'll still stand if there's no seat and not sit on the priority seat, just yet.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

thanksgiving, ha!

i enjoy these quiet moments with you. appreciate the cooking you do and the housework too.

i have a husband who can cook!! yeah!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

cue sticks and flying cockroach

a few nights ago, in the middle of the night, i received a phone call from my sis asking me if i can come out of my room. i was already happily sleeping away and so do not wished to wake up. so i asked her what is it and she just kept repeating, can you come out?

so very grudgingly, i stormed out of my room and this was what happened.

me: what?!! (very grouchy)

sis: there's a cockroach in my room! (i was very sleepy at this time but i think i notice a cue stick in her hand)

me: then what you want me to do?!

sis: chased it out lar. i scared of cockroach!

me: aiyo, just a cockroach what! go and sleep lar!

sis: but i cannot sleep with the cockroach in my room! help me chased it out leh!

me: (at this point, i was very pissed at her because its just a bloody cockroach which you can crush under your feet what) where is it?

she pointed over to her rack of clothes and i went over, took a pair of jeans, gave it a little shake and went back to my room. all the while thinking, wah lau wake me up just for this!

what happened to the cockroach after this i do not know. i only knew i went back to sleep grumbling and promptly knocked out immediately.

and when i woke up in the morning, she had moved her whole rack of clothes out into the living room. how smart.

perhaps its time to clean your room lar lil sis. anyway i still love you regardless of your cockroach fear or 'sweet smelling' clothes and your blog on this just cracks me up.

Monday, June 29, 2009

time spent

ok, i shall go sit with you and watch tv. but i like it more if i can go to sleep now, hee.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


we heard your heartbeat for the very first time today. its a strong steady heartbeat. and we know that this heartbeat is beating for its own. not for me, not for daddy, but for yourself. to know that this heartbeat of yours is going to conquer many of life challenges and savour every life's sweetness.

till we see you again, we love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

mee sua and pork with seaweed soup

sometimes the thought of food will get the cravings going. yesterday during church service, an image of wanton noodles pop into my mind! ooh piping hot noodles drenched with gravy and light chewy pieces of char siew and fresh wanton keep popping into my mind. i could really taste them in my mouth!

so after service, when the great where-to eat question came up, i suggested wanton mee, ha! but the husband was'nt so enthusiatic about it. he wanted to eat western fare like steaks and pasta and i'm guessing this baby of ours is really a pure chinese at heart, cause all i ever want to eat these days are chinese food and soup.

so after much discussions, we went to this super delicious family run chinese eatery where they served the most delicious mee sua, yum yums! and they have this salty pork seaweed soup thats like the ultimate pregnant soup man, ha!

we went with shijie, keon and faith (she's pregnant too) so anytime we really want to satisfy our craving, we're each other's pregnant partners in persauasion for the others to eat what we like to eat!

hmm but now i'm off to eat macdonalds! unhealthy i know, but i'm tasting the tar tar sauce in my mouth! hahahahahahaha...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

thats hot!

its times like these that i just want to sleep the day away with the air-con full blast. i'm self indulgent in this way.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


the guys came over for some drinks appreciation night. it was funny, loud, sponteneous but most of all heartwarming as they've known each other close to 10 years. they've watched each other grown up through the school days, to getting jobs and also to settling down with their own respective life partners.
i guess guys bond over soccer and drinks and in between, macdonalds's home delivery too, ha. its always a joy to hang out with them. never a dull moment, especially when mrs tan wants to start playing games!
and on monday, mrs koh came to keep me company. we spent the whole day just watching tv and talking. we also watched the movie, secret which i've always enjoyed and she being the second last person to watched it! (think the last person to watch is your husband!) ha.
it just nice having friends around. friends who are willing to go through life's journey with you. friends whom you can have fun and also tell it to your face you sucked sometimes. friends who picked you up, friends who reached the destination with you, friends that become your life partner, friends who say never to give up, friends who show you what love is and friends who are friends with you, just because you are you.
to friends, cheers!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

of murphy's and cards

i think it is a case of murphy's law. while i've been happily telling people that i have no morning sickness whatsoever, grouchy old murphy is subtly trying to barge in.

its not the merlion kind of puke, more like these weird sensation in the throat that you're not sure if its coming or not. and the worse thing is to be stuck halfway inside! yucks!

and the husband thinks i'm playing my pregnant cards very well. because everyone has been giving me alot of attention. and maybe subconciously i'm playing along with everyone else too, ha! or he's just jealous.

well, if he sees me waking up early in the morning, he will tell me to go rest somemore, or if i just give a tiny sigh, he will tell me to go lie down!

and currently the house is in quite a mess, as i'm not allowed to do any housework. no laundry, no mopping, no sweeping, no rearranging of furniture, no nothing. just lots of rest and sleep. i feel like i'm the baby right now.

hmm, i wonder if i do play my cards right, if the husband will get me a new present? ha!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

what i've accomplished this morning

i convinced my mum to come over our place to cook for me was a good idea. sheesh.. and attempted to make the bed...

first peek at 3.6mm

thats the baby. at 5 weeks old 3.6mm. though technically the black dot is the yolk sac and the tiny weeny white dot is baby (i can't really see it too).

i still can't believe that i'm really pregnant. anyways when we went to the gynae yesterday and also to let her know my current condition, the moment she said scan, both of us were super excited! we get to see baby! but then when she said she have to do an inside scan, i did a double take. i was like, huh? inside scan? can't you do a belly scan first?

so she was ok, though i doubt you can see anything through it as its still very early preganancy. but she tried and ya, can't see anything.

so when she prepared to do the inside scan, she keep telling me to relax, not to be so tense. i felt like taking the scanner and hit her on the head man! why not i do an inside scan on you and tell you to relax?! you're a freaking stranger and i have to show you my thing and its so uncomfortable!

as she slob on a glob of ky and insert the scanner in, my heart literally stopped as i see my uterus for the first time, ha! at first i could'nt see anything and i was very worried there's no baby. but, but when the moment of truth arrived, and i saw baby for the first time, i think i almost cried. almost.

firstly, baby is inside uterus and correct position as gynae says, and secondly that feeling when you know there's a life inside you is simply indescribeable. then she went on to comment how my uterus is in the wrong direction and i got confused. i asked her what that means, and she said its just in the opposite direction but its ok. thanks alot for the affirmation gynae!

she asked john if he wanted to see and suddenly i felt shy about exposing myself to him, ha! anyways he was looking intently on the screen and when gynae say she can see baby puslating and asked if we can see it, i said no and john gave an excited yes, yes i can see! if i was'nt lying down exposed, it might have been funny given the situation.

anyways, all is well and i've been given 2 weeks mc to stay home to rest. and she gave me a hormone jab which i have to take 4 times during these 2 weeks. and a bunch of hormone pills and folic acid to support the preganancy as she says.

but God says none shall suffer miscarriage and none feeble among you. i'm a fruitful vine! my children are like olive plants! so i'm not worried about it at all because God does not give half blessings. and God does not take blessings away from you. and before i take my pills, i'll take the holy communion first to proclaim my blessings and protection over baby. children are indeed a blessing from Him.

baby is already more than a conqueror!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

guess who's coming?!

home kit

doctor's kit

for the uninitiated, thats a preganancy kit and + means positive. yup, i'm pregnant and the husband is mighty pleased and super excited about it.
the funny thing was he kept insisting me to go test it. i was'nt showing any signs or symptoms like morning sickness, loss of appetite or feeling hungry all the time. i mean other than the missed period which isn't a big deal as mine can get irregular, so there he was insisting that i test it.
so we took 2 home pregnancy test and when it all came out positive, he was beaming from ear to ear whereas i was completely dumbfounded. i was in a dazed and my hands were shaking and it felt so unreal! we were planning for the baby but it was so fast and when it really did happened, its just so unbelievable!
so when a trip to the gp confirmed again the pregnancy, he made calls to our parents and friends to share the good news. he's like totally super excited and he looks so cute man, ha.
for now, the gp says i've to rest as much as possible because i've some spotting. spotting in early pregnancy is not uncommon but it should not be overlooked. we've prayed over baby and me and we believed all is well. jesus has paid for this pregnancy and it shall be a beautiful and smooth journey for us both!
and we thank you all our dear friends for your well wishes and offerings to clean the house, ha!

Monday, June 8, 2009

its so brief

3 weeks since we're back from the honeymoon but no posts, no pictures ha.. was reminded of it during dinner by ym... thank you babe for reading my blog.. hope it has been entertaining for you!

we had a super lovely time in london, where everyday was filled with many walks and sights to see and of course the endless shopping and binging trips. one thing i can safely say is, plays are not my cup of tea. we went to 3 plays and all 3 plays, i simply fell asleep. not sure if its the warm air, the tiredness after all the ahopping or the accent that i can't catch. or maybe its just all the factors, ha.

well even if its a honeymoon, we still had quarrels. one quarrel even lead me to almost being lost! he was being angry with me for something and i was irritated by him being angry at me, so he was walking very fast and i trailed behind him. and so i thought wouldn't it really freaked him out if i really got lost?! haha...

so what happens was we entered this theatre and i followd him up. but the usher said it was'nt time for us to enter, so when i saw him walking down the stairs, i purposely walked real slow and make him lose sight of me. then i waited by the entrance, hidden by all the big ang mohs. i do not have my phone with me and so he was'nt able to reach me. i thought that was quite fun.. but come to think of it, it is really fun, ha!

anyways, he managed to find me and to end the story, we went for the play where i promptly fell asleep and him enjoying the show.

now.. i am going to sleep. more exciting things to share real soon!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

having honey on the moon

when tomorrow comes, we'll be leaving on an airplane
embracing our new found freedom.

in a city which you loved, and one that hold wonders for me,
this is our very own summer escapade.

no expectations, no worriesome labour,
just you and me, heartfelt walks and buttery kisses.

in time when we remember this wonderful chapter,
the time of our lives made possible by jesus!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

no sleep

i could'nt sleep last night. well technically i went to bed at 12 plus but woke up at 4.30am when i heard you rustling in the room. after that i just could not fall asleep till 7am.

i tossed and turned, i fidgeted, got up for a drink of water, went to the bathroom, read the newspaper and lastly, i prayed. till i finally fallen asleep and dreamt i went to ns. i think that woke me up again. ha.

when i close my eyes, my hyperactive imagination will kick in and go into overdrive. no way to stop it. even my mind knows something my heart has been telling me from the start. it doesn;t makes sense to you thats because it doesn't make sense to me either.

jesus, why? i don't want to run away again. when all the time your help is there and i just refused to run to you. this time, before i fall in too deep, let your rivers of running water washed it away from me. cleansed me with your living word. i don't want to fall into pieces again. you have made me whole. the brokeness has long gone.

love me tenderly with your beautiful love.

Friday, May 8, 2009

confusion of emotions

woah, i looked at my previous post and 1 month just flew past. maybe i should just post once a month now, heez.

this again is a collection of random thoughts just coming to my mind as i let my fingers do the typing.


sometimes i do super crazy things. i remember back in sec school days, i had a crush on this boy from another class. so in order to know more about him, i will try means and ways to know his phone number, and when i got his number, i will call him up but hang up when he answers. and there was another time when i found out where he lived, i dragged my poor friend along to his
house and just walked along his house corridor. talked about ultimate stalking 101 man, ha!

sometimes i feel lazy. i just wanna laze around the whole day. or when work is super crazy, i will just walked around pretending i am doing something just so i could do nothing. sometimes a certain memory might bring back certain emotions that i don't want to remember. yet i linger on just a little longer just so i can feel nostalgic about it.

sometimes fuzzy moments like spacing out during meetings, church service or conversations can be well, spaced out. just don't get caught.

right now, i feel my heart is racing towards something dangerous. a boundary where i know i should'nt go yet i am allowing this wave of excitement just lobbing me in. live dangeously? maybe. maybe not. it always ends in knots.

where does all this leads to? just a smile and a salute makes my day. just a little pause in your footsteps, just a little jingling of your keys, just a little glimpse into your life.

lets dance in the moonlight.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

trip, trip

hmm strange fact for now.. i'm watching a football match alone without my husband. champions league match between liverpool vs chelsea. we support man united though. so i don't know why i'm watching it anyway, ha!

oops chelsea just scored again and its 3-1 to chelsea. hahahahaha with *evil laughter*

its a long weekend this week and we're heading off to fraser's hill! yeah!! i went there when i was 11 or 12 and it left a deep impression in me. its this small little quaint place up in malaysia that has nice little quaint cottages with awesome full english breakfast! and i've been telling the husband all about it, raving about the cool air and breakfast. but basically there's nothing much to do there. unless you like to take long walks and erm, more long walks.

anyhoo, we're excited about this trip and really looking forward to just spending time alone with each other. just walking, lazing around, hand in hand, stealing a few kisses, having breakfast, sipping tea and breathing in the cool mountain air.

we'll be driving up with miss gps and according to the manual, she'll get us there right where we want to go, ha!

ok this is totally random but petr cech is really a good goalkeeper! maybe liverpool should try to buy him over?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a short one

and so finally, sean and yimei are married.

happiness is what i felt during their speech. happy for them both and just happy that they're happy. hurhur.. their gatecrash was super hilarious and kudos to sean's brotherhood for being so garang! and of course yimei's sisterhood was behind all the pranks, duh!

too bad i did'nt take any pictures and anyway everyone was laughing our socks off at the brothers. its one of the most memorable gatecrash i've been to (this is my second time as jiemei, ha!)

so here's to sean and yimei:

enjoy being married throughout the days of your lives!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

husband says the darndest thing too

just the other day, the most unexpected thing that came out of my husband's mouth was,
"so sian. i have nothing to wear, everytime wear the same clothes"

i looked at him and gave a shout of hallelujah! its shopping time, yes!

Monday, March 2, 2009

random is my middle name

i had tuna bread for lunch and i'm having it for dinner again... i'm a boring person when it comes to food. if i like tuna, i'll continously eat it everyday till i'm sick of it or egg mayo or tuna or egg mayo, you get the drift.

so not looking forward to work. but i shall be a brave girl and pressed on and only expect good to come my way!

and for march, i finally have the chance to attend weddings!! i'm so going to enjoy the dolling up and the food till i dread seeing another wedding invite, ha!

as you can tell this is another random post about my happenings right.. we're all random people in a random world. gosh i speakth like a true philosopher. heh.

and sometimes when i'm writing in here, i like to pretend i'm writing a column. like in those magazines cloumns that we read. kinda like my life with randomness or everyone is random. jeez, i'm so random.

anyways, march is going to be good. many good things are coming my way. not speaking in a "i'm going to pscyho myself to good" way, but speaking from a "good is here" way. you know?

and it seems like the list that i made for this year is going out the window but never say never!

end of randomness.... till the next random post, ha!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

bleah, just to write something but keep deleting it away, heh.. 1 month and just this sentence, ha!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


my maternal instincts is in overdrive right now. any pictures of cute toddlers, babies, shoes, booties, clothes will make me go, 'awwww so cute!!'

all these things made me wanna have my kid right now man. and i actually asked my husband if we can have a kid right now and he looked at me in a funny way. ah well!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sleep sleep

this morning on the bus, i got a brainwave of a beautiful story. it reminded me not to look for the spectacular to find my happiness, but rather its the daily mundane everyday live that holds the beauty.

i hope i can still remember the story and write it down soon.

ok now my mind is blocked and feeling tired these few days. have to sleep!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

grace and love

we are both tired. i crash out on the sofa straight after reaching home and he crashed out after his shower. but now i'm awake and blogging, ha!

he's still asleep though we will be catching the man u-everton match in another 15 mins time. i like to watch him sleep. he looks so adorable and i just want to cuddle him over and over again. is this too personal? i think its alright. if i'm not able to pen it down here, then what good are all the words for? hmm...

he has taught me many things and there are even more for me to catch from him. the wisdom and the journey he has with God is so tangible. i like reading the bible to him. i like when he plays the guitar. i feel refreshed when he washes me with his words. most of all, i like that he loves me with his little gesture, his hugs, little surprises, all the little efforts he put in just to make me happy.

i don't deserve any of it yet i have his love. indeed it's truly by the grace of God that brought us together. for it is grace and love that will see us through.

Friday, January 30, 2009

off tangent

making plans makes the future exciting as it gives us something to look forward to. i'm looking forward to our trips!

i wanna get an mp3 too. and after seeing my sister's shiny red ipod mini, i'm so wanting to get it too! just so i can listen to songs and sermons. very important you know? sheesh.. and also good to fall asleep to it, ha!

i'm really enjoying my study course now because:
- we get 2 tea breaks
- 2 hour lunch breaks
- finish class early

what more can we ask for?! its like holiday for us man. and my class people are all so funny. we talk about the lamest and weird stuff. its like back in poly days where we listen to lectures and ask funny questions to the trainers, lol!

my dad just called to ask if i'm still at sbg. he wanted to pick me up from work!! i have the sweetest father, heh.

and its normal if i get off tangent to blog about other irrelevant stuff. my mind is erm, stringy! like noodles!! haha!!!

anyways the weekend is here, enjoy while it lasts!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


she's with me and doing fine. i'm happy to have her, for as long as she wants.

i've deleted the few previous posts due to the sensitive nature and well, anyway its family matters. all is well and whatever that has to be done will be done and whatever words that should be said has been said. this is now the healing process. and it shall be well and whole.

i've mentioned that i'm currently on a 1 month course right? and i'm enjoying it very much!! it feels so relaxing and carefree as i don't have to go back to office, ha! so far, the lessons are easy to understand and i've make many friends too. its just nice to mingle with different people and get to know them. their different work scope, their backgrounds and just geniuinely be friends with them.

and there's this nparks night for all the staff to attend on the 13th feb. its like a major gathering of dinner where there's dancing, food, games, lucky draw and friendly competition between the departments. and of all the competitions we had to do, my department is doing dancing!! and i think i have psycho-motor skills problem man! everytime my hands move, my legs don't move and when i want to move my legs, my hand don't move. i know i'll be making a fool of myself but at least i have many others with me, haha!!

awaiting another friend of mine to come aboard soon!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

what i'm doing now

with john's family

i'm stuffed from the reunion dinner! and its drizzling now, yipee!! hopefully it will rain tomorrow and the next. whats cny without all the rain eh?

did'nt get any new clothes for this year though, hmm just have to make do with it and come up with new ways to re-wear my other clothes heh. my husband is playing football with his friends now. and i'm enjoying this quietness alone at home. wanted to upload a bit more photos but its taking a long time and only managed to upload this 1 picture.

another pile of clothes to fold. at least the toilets and house have been cleaned. now i fully appreciate the importance of weekends, ha!

just lazing a bit more before turning in. i want to feel the cool breeze and hear the pattering sound of rain drops on my window.

alright, goodnight!

happy 'niu' year!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

sweet weekend getaway

i enjoyed myself with you over the weekend. we had fun just walking the streets and lazing by the poolside. the suite was a pleasant surprise, much more than what i had imagined it to be.

thank you darling for the sweet weekend getaway.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


today was my 2nd day and my legs are aching like crazy!! ok, a brief recap of my work life at nparks.

basically, what a horticulture officer does is to ensure the area they're in charge are neat, clear of rubbish, supervise the workers and to make round checks in the morning and late noon. alot of walking is involved under the hot sun. and whatever else that needs to be done gets done.

and i wonder how am i going to survive the 3 years? hmm.... by then i'll be very fit and hopefully not very tanned, ha!

anyway thank goodness i'll be away for some course training for the whole of feb! hehe, and i'll be learning how to drive too!! well technically, though its a buggy, lol! yes!! and there's a certificate to boot too.

thank God for favor, as my colleagues are very helpful and patient with me. esp my buddy. she has help me alot. be it the area of IT, setting up my table, bringing me around and giving me alot of tips. and thank God for wisdom and good memory! i need lots of it!!

and anyway there's no msn in my office, shucks. but my friend told me to try ebuddy. its like msn too, i shall try it tomorrow.

off to sleep now!

Friday, January 9, 2009

cleaning out my storeroom

ooh woah!!

i'm taking a short break from clearing out my storeroom. within a short 2 years, i've amassed a huge collection of ribbons, wrappers, candles, more ribbons, vintage ribbons and vases, hehe.. ok i'm guilty of hoarding stuff.

i'm clearing all these to sell to a fellow florist friend, hope she will take them all so i don't have to pack them again, ha!

do i feel sentimental towards my stuff? not really. right now i just want to have more space in the storeroom before i packed my office. argh!! more stuff to pack!!

monday is coming real soon and that's when i will start work. yikes! feeling nervous and apprehensive. because of the early hours i guess and it has been 2 years since i've last work with other people, hope my social skills have not turn rusty ;p

feeling sleepy though, but the storeroom is calling out to me. cross my fingers that i will not turn to mr zzz instead, ha!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

of jackpots and first time winnings!

hello!! we're back from genting!! it was a long drive up but we enjoyed it very much. we got to eat A&W's along the way and enjoyed the sights of malaysia, truly asia!!

my in laws. john's mum & her husband

first world hotel

the humongous lobby that's almost like an airport arrival hall
yes, thats how big it is

but they have tiny rooms

oh look who we bump into! fergie!
we managed to catch the match at some pub

the man
pillar of cloud

it was cold, 14C in the mornings and night and 24C at noon, so it was cool and refreshing to breath in the mountain air for a change.
these are clouds, not fog
the man enjoying the coolness of the air
but the highlight of the trip was not about the rides, erm not exactly as we went for the theme rides and had lots of fun. but the real highlight was.......................

going to the casino!!!!! this is then the real highlight man!

well it is my first time into a casino and i tried my hand at playing the jackpot and imagine your first time playing it and you won rm150 with rm10 start-up!!! so imagine the adrenaline of winning that money and you think you're god of gambler, ha!
and i helped my in-laws win rm250 when he was down to rm1 plus, that feeling was awesome-ness!! we were all so happy on the first night, having won this much money that we went every night, lol.
and what better way to spend the money other than on food? ha! so we went around just eating and playing some more jackpot and for the theme rides.
the brave ones
on the viking
the flying coaster. this was quite fun albeit too short a ride

the jackpot itself is quite brainless as we just keep pressing the repeat bet's button. the only time you can win was the amount of lines you bet on and if you're really lucky that day, the machine will keep giving you many wins and free spins and bonus points. thats how you win money that way. and of course the more money you play, the chances of winnings gets bigger. so the real danger is that it can get addictive here because you will keep feeding money into the machine to keep winning.

and when you're losing alot, you will keep thinking of putting more money in to cover back the losses. guess that's how people end up losing alot of money. and you're playing against the machine, so the odds of hitting it big is really low.
so whenever we make back to cover the amount and some more, we'll stop. no point being greedy, haha. and anyway, we only won on the first day, so for the second day, we lost quite abit but thankfully we had the winnings to cover.

plus the casinos there are really big! there was one hotel with a 2 storey casino, so imagine the number of jackpot machines, ha!
ok enough of jackpots! just wanna thank God for the smooth trip and the fun we had in genting. the winnings are a bonus ;p

Friday, January 2, 2009

the acceptable year of the Lord's!!

in laws and randoms

erm, my in laws are coming over to stay the night tomorrow. and i'm supposed to be cooking dinner, so not funny.

i told my mum-in-law that i can't cook and she say she will teach me. great. now we'll have to go grocery shopping together. let's hope that my clueless-ness about fish and chicken don't kill her first or rather, my burnt offering for tomorrow's dinner.

someone in the family is not doing very well on the health side. but assurance told me it will all be well.
taking a nap, after this.
i miss ah mei.
eyes are closing.