Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ever the lady but with spunk

Chic in brown

Chic in brown

via Polyvore

So now I've another outlet to play dress up with! This is such fun and you can sort of 'shop' to your heart's content because you can add your items onto a clipboard and see how it all look together! And there's no shopping bills to worry about!

Go play!

I really just went to see the house, not the President

The Istana had an Open House as yesterday was a public holiday, so I got the whole family to visit it! When we reached there around 1pm, the queue was madness! If you know where Istana is, the queue stretched all the way to the train station's HSBC bank!

But thankfully, it moved pretty fast and priority was given to Singapore citizens and PRs. There was a seperate queue for foreigners and the number of foreigners queueing was quite substantial too!

finally in the Istana grounds

the wide open space

i was told that guards wearing this uniform had to march, not walk!

this space is really huge

one of the few colonial houses in the grounds, not sure what its used for

the husband and his mother

they provide some mini playgrounds for the little ones

he was wearing pants but it got soiled, so pant-less!

my parents-in-law in front of the Istana House
*photo bombed by the son ha

The Istana House was also opened to the public for visitors to view and admired the different gifts that were presented to the President. But we had to pay for admissions at $2 per person. And it was only the first level that was opened and it was only a small area where the gifts were displayed. We felt that $2 were a tad too much, maybe $1 might justify better, ha! #cheapskatesingaporeans

he's wriggling away just so he can play with the water

he saw the water fountain and went, Wah!

pose like you owned it

a little pond

3 generations

It was quite a nice walk about in the grounds given the cooling and breezy weather, but one visit is enough. We did'nt get to see President Nathan but today will be his official last day in office before the new one takes over.

I absolutely have no comments whatsoever about the new president. Better shut my mouth before I get thrown in prison!

Today's outfit:

top: Cotton On
belt: Mphosis
jeans: New Future
flats: Cotton On

Gosh I can't believe today's the last day of August. Too fast!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dance dance dance your pants down, but remember to bring it to the wash when you're done!

Because today is Monday again and we all gotta Move like Jagger. C'mon! You gotta move like Jagger, moveeeeeeeeeee like jagger.

It's stuck in my head and now yours, ha!

hey ma, look i'm too cool for you

I went to do my first queue of my life yesterday. A few days back I read on Today that Denizen is giving away free jeans in exchange for your old jeans! Yup! Only for the first 30 people though. So I thought maybe I can go and try my luck.

And what do you know? When I reached there at 8.25am, there were already a queue forming! I had initially wanted to reach way much earlier like 7.30am but then I thought what are the odds of people actually reading that ad and giving it a try too? Well I thought wrong. Because there are people like me who had the same thought but with more determination and gutso who went much earlier just to be first in line. And I just happened to be number 34! Argh!!

 Moral of story? The first in line always gets the free jeans.

Anyway, the lady told us there will be another giveaway next month. So if you wanna exchange your old jeans for a new one, keep a lookout in the Today papers or The Newpaper!

Friday, August 26, 2011

If rain smells like this, we'll be all like awkward pimply teens bashing our heads and swinging our hair

I'm glad it rained today, as I finally got the chance to wear this floral jacket to work. Am I the only one who is selfish to wished for rain just so I can wear pretty jackets like this? Ha.

stripe top: Jennie Shop
floral jacket: gift
jeans: New Future
flats: Cotton On

Thankfully the son is recovering well. He's no longer that grouchy or whiny and is now running about and being cheeky again.

But being sick means having to take medicine right? And to do this, we have to outsmart this kid. Before he got this sick, we'll just add the medicine into his milk and he'll just lapped it up without any problems. But perhaps due to the medicine the hospital gave, this has become a problem. I'm not sure if its because it hospital medicine, but it smells pretty bad-ass, if you know what I mean.

One whiff of his milk bottle and he'll immediately reject it, so much so that he's only had like 3 bottles of milk for the past few days. So we had to come up with some strategy to get him to take his meds.

He loves Yakult, so we put his meds into it and he'll finished it all up, record time. I'm serious. Plus Yakult also aids in digestion, so its like killing two birds with one stone.

He loves Ribena too, so we add his meds into it as well. This is a little tricky as we can't add too much water or it'll be too diluted and if he smells the meds, he might reject it. So the trick is to add all the meds into his water bottle and then pour the Ribena concentrate in front of him. And be all happy and excited while doing it. This gets him excited too as its like a treat to him. And remember to jiggle and clapped. Its one whole performance just to get him to take his meds.


So far, all is working well! Do you have any tricks to get your child to take their medicine? Please share!

And I'll leave you with this. A little random but hey, we all need a little randomness to spice up our lives.

Peace out, yo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When patients are not just patients anymore but rather a means of paying her salary

definitely not meds about you

So we had to head down to Kandang Kerbau Hospital yesterday as the son's coughing made him threw up his phelgm four times within an hour. We initially wanted to send him back to the GP who last saw him last week, but when I called to asked if she could wait for 10 more mins just prior to their closing time, guess what she told me?

(In Verbatim)
GP: I'm sorry I cannot wait for you as I have to rush for my class.
Me: Can't you wait for a while? My husband and son are on their way now.
GP: No I'm really sorry I cannot wait for them. I really need to rush for my class. You bring him go see another doctor.
Me: No you don't understand. We brought him down to see you last week but he is still coughing and he vomitted, so can't you just wait and see him for a while?
GP: No I'm really sorry. I really have to rush for my class and you bring him see another doctor.
Me: Fine!

I was really pissed at her for saying this kind of thing. How could she as a doctor simply just brushed us off just because SHE had to rush for HER class?! That's not my problem. Her duty is to see sick patients and
attend to them. Don't make your tardiness an excuse. It's never accecptable, whatever hapened to your code of ethics?

Anyway it was a good thing we brought him to the hospital too as the doctors did an X ray on him and found out he had a lung infection. That poor kid was terrified though.

The X rays, the neubuliser they had to made him wear, the temperature check totally freaked him out. He was crying and screaming for his daddy while they pinned him down for all these tests. The funny thing was when the husband praised him for being such a brave boy, he started to clapped his hands while crying at the same time. Even the nurses laughed.

Right now, we have to monitor him closely to see if he's eating or drinking well. If he's not, its another trip to the hospital.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My keyboard's P is not working well but I pressed it real hard just so you don't have to read incoherently and I don't look like I can't spell

I am sort of inclined to post these up because my husband is part of the small but growing number of home brewers in Singapore. Heh.

Last Saturday, they had sort of a gathering cum beer cometition held at East Coast Park. Ibrew is the lead organisation for the yearly affair and it promotes home brewing for people who enjoys drinking and the art of brewing their own beer.

The husband sent in one of his creations and came in third for one of the competition. It was voted by the people and out of the thirty that was submitted, he was the only local that was in the top three. Not bad at all for someone who actually brewed a hopnosh of leftover ingredients!

Super Brewer!

beers for tasting

the husband, very unglam

with his new found beer friends

East Coast Park

Why drink Tiger when you can brew your own now? Besides, Tiger Beer tastes horrid. I really wonder why people still drink it though. Okay, I'm no expert here so if you have any questions pertaining to beer, I am happy to ask the husband on your behalf. No fees required, just some nice clothes or shoes or bag in kind, ha!

Today's outfit:

top: F.O.S (sadly, this has closed down)
belt: comes with skirt
skirt: Dressabelle
flats: City Plaza

My ears are stuff now, like there are water in it. And I can't really hear myself well. But I did'nt went swimming or wash my hair... ah well.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Of a sick baby, very clever apes and an unpretty song to end this week

Remember I was just saying how my son was having a runny nose? Turns out he had mild bronchiolitis, an infant form of bronchitis. The symptoms are similiar to cold but the virus affects the bronchioles, a smaller airways in the lungs, which when inflammed will affect your breathing. And apparently dry cough is one of the symptoms as your body is trying to cough out the mucous in it. So if you know of anyone having a persistent cough, please do get it check out as it might be bronchitis, which might lead to serious problems.

Anyway I brought him to the doctor's and he was given 5 types of medication and was put on antibodies! He's not even two! (I know I use this alot but really!) And its quite scary how fast the medicine takes effect because right now, he appears to be well though the occasional cough and runny nose is still there. But at least all of us are getting some sleep. The first night, he kept me up all night with his crying and I had to keep carrying him to pacify him. Ain't no sleep like a broken sleep. Or ain't no love like a night of sacrificed sleep.

Oh and I've watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

they're not monkeys, they're apes
not sure the difference? neither do i

I really liked it! Caeser's (acted by Andy Serkis) acting was really touching and emotional. He brought a human touch to his character. I almost teared at some parts of the movie where he thought he was being abandoned by his owners and he's coming realisation that he is different from his humans owners. The part where he asked his 'father' (James Franco) if he's a pet and what is he to him, his look of disappointment was so apparent when James Franco could'nt answer him.

And of course the very real threat caused by greedy humans using animal testings for clinical trials strike a chord with me. I did'nt realised how serious the animals are being poached for it and the appalling conditions they might be kept in. So for now, I'm determined not to use any products that does testing on animals. We all can do our part!

I promise I'm finishing soon but you remember the girl group TLC? They're the biggest girl group back in the nineties. They sang this song and it was their biggest hit. Recently Glee did a cover and I'm really in love with their version! Softer and more feminine.

You husband, stop it! (private joke)

Okay, enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This post was supposed to be about pretty bedrooms but it ended up with a big sigh!

Ain't all these rooms too pretty to sleep in?! My personal favourite would be the first photo though I might like to try the bright pink wall paper if the husband allows!

Today's outfit:

top: Jennie Shop
belt: First Tailor
dress: Cotton On
flats: City Plaza

My body is aching and my joints are creaking. I think its all the running I did while kite flying on........Sunday. Yeah I guess I finally got to admit my body is no longer as nubile as it was eleven years back. Okay... maybe not nubile but sporty, alright?! I can so imagine the husband's sniggering.

The son's nose has been running too. Everytime he falls sick, I always think back where did I not do right. Like perhaps the air-con was too cold while we were having dinner and he was only wearing a singlet or perhaps I did not cover him with his blanket at night and thats how he caught a chill. Or maybe its that time he fell asleep with his hair still wet after his shower or that time we were caught in the rain or that time someone sneezed in our directions or that time........ you get the drift.

I can't help it! I tend to play back the events and try to pin point the exact cause. It's like playing detective but investigating on a guilt trip. Sigh!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The weekend flew like the kite, up and soaring but then it stopped midway because we ran out of string

How was everyone's weekend? If you had a blast and wish for more, you got it! If your weekend was'nt so good and wish for another weekend, you got it! Moral of above sentence? There is more weekends than you can ever wish for, but patience is required for it to arrive. Bummer.

We spent the weekend baking cookies (or rather my sister doing the baking, me doing the tasting and the little boy doing the eating), kite flying, having some alone breakfast time with the son and spending it walking at Jurong Point.

And you know how people in showbiz always says never work with children or animals? It's so darn true. Anyway it doesn't take people in showbiz to realised it too. They never keep still long enough for you to take a proper picture. You just have to keep shooting and shooting and hope for that ONE picture to capture that moment.

Case in point, refer to pictures below. These were taken at my friend's house to celebrate her son's 1 year old birthday. Blurry photos, not my fault. Objects were just too fast or either that its the coke, as in the COCA COLA kind of coke, not the cocaine kind of coke.

birthday boy!

the adults kept the same smile and position for umpteenth time before this still picture of babies was captured
true story.

how boys play

his way of endearment, kinda like how dogs sniff each other

2 mothers and 2 wriggly babies

making a break for it

first hurdle

almost there!

finally! a sorta group photo after close to 10 mins
true story

make a wish first
*please do not let benjamin have all the cake!*

blowing his candle
 birthday wish came true. i shared a small piece with the son

iron mama

family photo


she did the flying, he did the chasing


take my hand mama!!


He climbed this ladder thing at the fitness corner. I think if the grandfather ever sees this, his heart would have dropped. Me? I was kinda proud of him, ha! He managed to do one rung and I helped him climb the rest!

getting ready

climbing up

one rung up

more to go!
 the next olympian in 18 years time

His recent words' development has improved. He can say Please followed by an earnest nodding of his head, Yes followed by earnest nodding of head and No followed by violent swaying of head. This is good beacause he know how to link the questions and apply said words to it. Not very good when asked if he wants proper food and Yes to all junk food. SIGH! And he's not even two yet!

Today's outfit:

lace top: Salvation Army
inner top: Cotton On
belt: Mphosis
pants: Gmarket
stripe flats: Gmarket

p.s: I think dressing in colour coordinated clothes seems so under-rated. Its instant chic and fuss free. No?