Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a short one

and so finally, sean and yimei are married.

happiness is what i felt during their speech. happy for them both and just happy that they're happy. hurhur.. their gatecrash was super hilarious and kudos to sean's brotherhood for being so garang! and of course yimei's sisterhood was behind all the pranks, duh!

too bad i did'nt take any pictures and anyway everyone was laughing our socks off at the brothers. its one of the most memorable gatecrash i've been to (this is my second time as jiemei, ha!)

so here's to sean and yimei:

enjoy being married throughout the days of your lives!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

husband says the darndest thing too

just the other day, the most unexpected thing that came out of my husband's mouth was,
"so sian. i have nothing to wear, everytime wear the same clothes"

i looked at him and gave a shout of hallelujah! its shopping time, yes!

Monday, March 2, 2009

random is my middle name

i had tuna bread for lunch and i'm having it for dinner again... i'm a boring person when it comes to food. if i like tuna, i'll continously eat it everyday till i'm sick of it or egg mayo or tuna or egg mayo, you get the drift.

so not looking forward to work. but i shall be a brave girl and pressed on and only expect good to come my way!

and for march, i finally have the chance to attend weddings!! i'm so going to enjoy the dolling up and the food till i dread seeing another wedding invite, ha!

as you can tell this is another random post about my happenings right.. we're all random people in a random world. gosh i speakth like a true philosopher. heh.

and sometimes when i'm writing in here, i like to pretend i'm writing a column. like in those magazines cloumns that we read. kinda like my life with randomness or everyone is random. jeez, i'm so random.

anyways, march is going to be good. many good things are coming my way. not speaking in a "i'm going to pscyho myself to good" way, but speaking from a "good is here" way. you know?

and it seems like the list that i made for this year is going out the window but never say never!

end of randomness.... till the next random post, ha!