Monday, November 15, 2010

rules of parenthood

i actually blogged about it and halfway through, i had to pacify a sleepy baby, came back wanted to post it up and blogger told me there's something wrong with that post.

and it was a good post even i say so. i guess its really for another time then!

Friday, November 12, 2010

confessions of the sleepy and daydream too much mother

ok, i confess.

i really envy my friends who do not have children yet, when they go on holidays. its like so easy and simple for them to drop their work, make some bookings, packed their bags and ta-dah! get on the airplane and off they go to their destinations.

and here i am, watching my 9, coming 10 month old son, attempting to stuff the whole cone shape thingy toy in his mouth, crawling into the toilet, tugging at strings, thinking he's a puppy and generally just gnawing at things around his way.

while all this is happening, i would daydream of romantic dreams of walking hand in hand with my husband, going shopping shops after shops a la pretty woman (the scenes when she got his credit card), doing my hair, being glamourous, putting on pretty clothes, sipping my tea and ordering my husband around (this is when i know i have to be really dreaming to be doing this).

and then silence. this is also when i would wake up from my daydream and realised that my son is chewing on a dried leave he picked up from the stroller and thus, brought me back to my humble hdb flat in jurong west.

well, i also wanted to add in the awesome-ness of being a mother and all the sweetness and googly feelings you get when your child smiles at you.

but i guess i'll leave it for the next post.

Monday, November 8, 2010

what took you so long?

oops, it has been so long since i've came in here to blogged that i've forgotten my password, ha!

the little one is growing up fast, too fast. he's crawling all over the house, pulling himself to stand and grabbing things, stuffing it into his mouth, blabbering, drooling, busy with growing up. till date, he has 8 teeth, 4 each on the upper and lower gums. he looks so darn cute when he smiles and you can see his teeth peeping out.

and over the past few months that i've not been blogging, we celebrated our 2 years wedding anniversary and my birthday, watched countless movies on the home screen, benjamin fell off the bed twice, ate lots of oysters (the husband), steaks, went to Universal Studios, almost got an accident scare (the husband's car brakes failed to worked), apply for passport for benjamin, took him out with his stroller onto the bus, did online shopping, groceries shopping and zoom! November is here.

gosh, time flies too fast too. and just like that, the year is coming to an end and a brand new year awaits us just round the corner.

ok, till the next time!