Thursday, June 28, 2012

I wanted to complain and whine, but then excitement got the hold on me

This tiredness is so sudden. One day I'm all up and about, the next day, I'm like a withered flower. Listless, moody, lifeless.

Welcome to third trimester.

I've noticed my feet and fingers are getting slightly swollen, the burping has returned, my gums are bleeding alot more whenever I brushed them and my appetite has decreased too.

As compared to my first pregnancy, I didn't put on as much weight back then. This time round, the weight has gone to baby 2 and I'm glad because the last time I put on, it was a hefty 23kg! It was too much and I spent 1 year losing it and even then, I didn't really go back to my pre-pregnancy weight too.

Not that I'm complaining because the husband actually likes the extra curves I've put on, just that he keeps reminding me to tone my body, then I'll be perfect, like a MILF. His words, not mine.

So now being the last leg of pregnancy, we're getting more and more excited about baby 2 now. I have never in my life thought I would have kids, but now I'm having a second one, it really feels so surreal. People have also asked me if I will try for a girl for the third time, I can only smile and say, never say never!

Not going to be so adamant like the first time, I've learnt my lesson. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sometimes, enjoying something is how you want to make out of it

I really like how my Fridays comes around. Its that last work day when it seems everything just winds down in preparation for the weekend. 

Anticipation of something good. 

come back to us baby!

the reason they love each other; she loves him for his cheekiness
and he loves her because she gives him chocolate and Yakult

enjoying his chocolate!

Sometimes we have no agenda and we'll just chill at home, other times we would fill it with activities and everyone will have a good time!

But the thing I most look forward to on a weekend morning is having breakfast together with the family. I love it when we all just hopped onto the car and drive to nearby places for our favourite breakfast or either that, we'll be adventurous and ventured out somewhere further to try out new stuff.

It's my comfort routine where we all just hang out, walked around the neighbourhood and then head back home for a nap.


Happy weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

He melted

We were having a late brunch yesterday, all was well until I had to take out my Iphone and entice the son to watch Thomas and Friends.


I've no idea why I did that too as I'm a firm believer of not watching TV at all during meal times. I guess the son was too charming that day and somehow made me do it, heh.

So anyway it was bad timing too as the food also arrived at the same time my phone was loading the video. Of course I had to put away my phone so we can all eat right?

This is when he had a meltdown.

He cried and cried and couldn't stop when we told him to. And when he did managed to stop for that split second, he didn't want to eat his food. He insisted no spinach in his pasta, wanted to use a fork, changed his mind about using the fork, gave him a spoon, he didn't want it, couldn't scoop the pasta properly, cried somemore, and in the end both the husband and I were so irritated that we couldn't enjoy our meal.

The husband had to leave halfway to bring the son out for a good scolding. He took him back to the car where he smacked him and scolded him severely and when I went back to the car, I found the son has cried himself to sleep.

And this is when the follow up happens.

The husband told me he told the son he will cane him when we reached home. So naturally, just before we reached, he asked me if he should really do so. I thought for a moment and said yes. But he'll have to explain to him first why he is being caned and just caned him once, that's it.

I felt that in doing so, it will reinforced to the son that our warnings carries weight as he is now at this age where he can remember things well. I wouldn't want to be that kind of parent that all other parents think they wouldn't want to be who just ended up shouting all these empty threats while their kids climbed all over their heads while thinking, 'Oh man, I've become this parent who let my kid climbed all over me when I say I wouldn't be.'

Just some of the irony of parenting.

So mothers all there, any other tips on managing your kid when they have a meltdown at public places?

meltdown in progress

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mischief Managed

Sometimes when the son gets too quiet, there's bound to be some mischief.

Yesterday as the husband was busy doing some brewing, he heard the room door slammed shut and thought nothing of it, first. When he looked up to find the son, he wasn't anywhere in the living room or at his usual play area. So the husband went to looked for him and found him in our bedroom.

He had somehow turned on the air-con, managed to closed the window and was happily lathering himself with my Palmer's stretch mark cream.

And when the husband walked in, he even gave an audible gasp.

Totally busted.

For that, the son was slapped on the thigh as punishment. To his credit, he did looked guilty when caught in the act though.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Heartful (3)

Right at the beginning when I tested positive on this current pregnancy, I was not happy about it. I felt that this baby came at the wrong time. We're on a tight financial situation, living on a shoe string budget and facing other challenges.

I was even angry with the baby and would think really negative thoughts about it. Not going to spell it out loud but it was really bad bad.

So for a few months, I was really nonchalant about the whole baby thing till one day I felt it kicked.

And then it seems alive to me.

And then the change occurred within me.

I begin to be more thankful and to be more positive about the situation I'm in and learnt to be grateful for the people and things I have.

I learnt to do without more and learnt to live with less.

And as the baby grew in me, I've also come to fall more and more in love with him each day. Every movement and kicks I feel, is an assurance to me that he's still alive and growing. Everyday my belly gets bigger, is a day closer to seeing him and holding him in my arms.

I don't think of the what ifs of our situation anymore. Instead I'll focus on the now of our lives. True that we're living in the consequences of the past mistake, but its what we make out of it that makes us better and stronger as a family.

You never know what you're truly capable of until life throws you a curveball.

P.S: Baby 2 is moving quite violently as I write all these down. For all the kicks and punches he has been giving me since week 16, I think we're even now.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Update of the giveaway and pregnancy

Thank you everyone who commented on the giveaway! I've emailed the winners and have mailed out the tickets. Thank you once again for taking part, it means alot to me!


I am now in the midst of my sixth month pregnancy and bulldozing my way into the third trimester. My appetite is back with a vengeance, energy levels are up and thanks to a wonderful pregnancy hormone, my once oily skin is now much better in control.

I wish its like this all the time.

As the belly gets bigger, I find sleeping more and more a chore. Ever since the belly popped out, I've been taken to sleeping in a semi-reclined position. And with every shift in sleeping positions, I have to grunt it out loud to sort of 'help' me to turn. I've also taken so much to sleeping on my left side that I've been waking up to a very sore and painful ear every morning too.

And I've also taken to waddling.

Oh, what will the third trimester do to me?!