Wednesday, April 21, 2010

to yiyi

Dear yiyi,

today i turn 3 months old. i told mummy i want to write you a letter. but since i can't write yet, i will tell mummy what to say and she will write it on the computer for you to read.

i want to tell you i love you. and i enjoyed all the hugs and kisses from you. everytime i cry and when mummy and daddy don't want to carry me, you are always the first one to pick me up. even when they are laughing at me for faking cries, you still be the one who comfort me and carry me to walk around the house.

you always come during the weekends to spend time with me. and i always look forward to that. i know you will play with me, feed me and even change my diaper when i poop. you love taking photos of me too. that's why i always make funny faces for you. i know it makes you happy.

yiyi, i am growing up very fast now. very soon when i can crawl and walk and run, i know you'll still be holding my hands and carrying me. i know you will bring me to parks to run around, i will ask you questions and you will answer me patiently and i will hold your hands when we cross the road too. (mummys say this is very important so i must tell you)

ok yiyi? i am going to drink my milk now, see you very soon.

benjamin boy