Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Horrible stories for happy children

Just so you know, I tell my boys bedtime stories sometimes before they go to sleep. I say sometimes because most times I'll be out cold before any stories gets told.

We don't read from books either and it's mostly made up stories told by me with the boys hiding under the blanket and going all excited about something.

I say something because to Jeb, it's all about hiding from scary monsters right now.

Our stories usually goes like this...

"Once upon a time there was a little boy. This little boy loves to eat chocolate. He loves chocolate so much that he eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! One day, as he was eating his chocolates, he sigh and thought to himself how nice it would be if he was a chocolate too! And it so happened that the next morning he really did turned into a chocolate! He was so happy that he ate himself. The end."

I only realise that it's had a morbid ending but to Benjamin he was happy that this story was all about chocolates. And most times, the characters that I made up were all based after the boys.

So obviously, this boy was based after Benjamin who really loves his chocolate.

Or another one based after Jeb.

"Once upon a time there was a little boy. This little boy loves to run, climb and jump. He can run and climb and jump all day long! And his favourite food to eat are bananas, apples, pumpkin seeds and broccoli. However he would keep the food in his mouth for a long time, until one day he realised that all his teeth dropped out as the food had rotted in his mouth! Thus he had no more teeth left to eat anything any more. The end."

I could be the next writer for the next series of the Grimm brothers fairy tale.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Life lessons for boys, from boys

Because my four year old talks wayyyyy too much for his age and for his gender, most of the complaints I've been hearing are pretty much one sided.

"Mama! Jeb Jeb poked my eye!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb tell me to go away!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb hit me with his toy!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb take my train!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb never finish his food!"

"Mama! MAMA! MAMA!"

While poor Jeb might not be able to vindicate himself based on his brother's complains due to his limited vocabulary, my poor ears has not been given a break since Benjamin discovered talking either.

To be fair, I do know that Jeb tends to snatch and shriek and scream when things don't go his way, I do however try not to get involved when the boys fight. Why?

For one, it is highly amusing to watch them quarrel. One talks and the other grunts. Entertainment for me, exasperation for Benjamin.

Number two. Why should I? It's their battle, let them fight it out and may the strongest win. All's fair in toys and games.

Number three. Isn't fighting part of a childhood? You fight, you cry and you made up. Brotherhood bonding for them!

Number four. It's about not taking sides. Okay, this might be stretching a little because we all just want a little peace and quiet in the house right? So while I'm not proud to admit it, but I do tend to ask Benjamin to give way to Jeb. Just because.

Number five. So long as no one is injured, by all means fight. Perhaps the ones that do are most probably the toys. 

"I got my iron grip on kor kor! Muah hahaha!"
Jeb, 2 years old and grunting

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sayings as it goes

Just the other night, I had my birthday dinner albeit tooooo belated, like a month belated.

Better late than never, they always say.

I also say.

My group of girlfriends kept asking how I wanted to celebrate and all I could think of was to have some real good Korean food. And so, after several consultations with Dr Google, we finally decided on Togi Korean Restaurant.

Free flow of side dishes.

Bean pancake.

My favourite! Jajjiangmyeon

Seafood Stew.

It was a great night spent just chatting, laughing over some nice Korean food. We stayed till they were closed and credit to the staff for not actually chasing us out too!

As the saying goes, "Nothing like good food and girlie friends to warm my belly"

This, I anyhow say.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Start of The Terrible Mother Series

Okay the title does not mean that I actually did something terrible to my children but rather its a series of blunders that I've made when it comes to my boys.

And this latest episode shall kick-start it.
I went home early on last Friday night as I was feeling feverish so I asked the husband to picked the boys up from their grandmas. I was fast asleep when they come home so when the husband told me that Jeb had another baluku* (again?!?! which is the umpteenth time) at the exact same spot on his forehead, I went into the other room to get the ointment to apply for him.


The next morning when I wanted to apply the same ointment for him again, I realised it was not his baluku cream (Hirudoid). 

It was..... wait for it... fungicort cream!

Meant for fungus growth. 

I actually thought it smelled a little different from Hirudoid but thought it might be due to my blocked nose when I kissed his forehead, haha.

And has any mothers ever witness an actual swelling of baluku? I have and it swells in the exact same manner as you would blow a balloon. You're welcome.

*Baluku: a local term for an angry bruise resulting from a fall.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What's yours?

I work in a fairly casual office environment whereby I do not have to dress up in a typical office get up of shirts, pants, skirts and heels. But that does not mean I do not like dressing up for work!

I do fret every night on what to wear and although I do like to think I have a fairly nice dress sense (though the husband would tell you otherwise *rolls eyes*), it still does not deter me from dressing up for work!

That's why I'm really pleased that Zalora has some really pretty blouses online that fits my style and most of all, affordable!

Some blouses that fits my style...

Dorothy Perkins Black Floral Long Sleeve Top
MDS Summer Floral Sleeved Top

Zalia Long Sleeve Blouse with Bindings
Zalora Raglan Lace Sleeve Blouse

There are many other established brands like Mango, Esprit, New Look to local brands like MDS, Dip Drops and Little Match Girl. There's a blouse for every occasion for everyone!

And to leave you with some very wise quotes...

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PPS: This post has been brought to you by Zalora.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fits so right

I think I've found it.

This pair...

Please pardon the horrible photo shop editing and just focus on my jeans.

I've always had this irritation with my jeans that after a few wears, they tend to ride down and sag at my bum and the most unglam thing to do would be me having to hike it up while you know. queuing up for the bus or even while walking!

You know what I mean right?! Or am I the only one facing this problem?

So I found this pair of jeans at a H&M in Tokyo and best part of it was, ON SALE RACK.

On first look, I was sceptical if I could even fit in it because well, mother here has flabby thighs and flabby tummy and it was a skinny. But! Never say no to a pair of ON SALE RACK jeans.

Went to the fitting room to try it on and when it went past my calves, I was like wondering if it would wriggled past my thighs and when it did, I wonder if I could even button it up and when it did, *throws confetti and cue angels singing Hallelejah!*

So mother here has been wearing it for the past three weeks. Hey no judgement here because I don't wanna screw up our relationship by washing it.

That's the exact relationship my husband has with the shower.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sleeping with 3


I alternate between the three of them. 2 on the bed and one on the floor. All cramp into MY bedroom when there is a spare room just waiting for them to sleep in. (Ironically, they have no problems taking their naps in it, so I have really no idea why can't they just do the same for night time?!?!)

Life works in mysterious ways.


Four years down the road and two kids later, we're still co-sleeping.

Well, in the beginning the reason was there wasn't enough space as my in laws were staying with us and now with them shifted out, I have no reason to not chase the boys into their own rooms right? Right.

One night I asked Benjamin how long does he intend to continue sleeping with us, and he replied,"When I'm twenty years old!"

Oh god no.

In between sleeping with a serial tosser and a grown man on a Queen size bed and sleeping on a kiddie mattress with Jeb on the floor, it has taken a toll on my back and neck. They're really not as nimble as before. Sad.

I did tempt Benjamin with the idea of having his own double decker bed when I showed him a picture of it in an Ikea catalogue though. He does seem a little receptive but his only criteria was that I have to sleep with him.


I guess he did start young.
This was when Benjamin was 10 months old?

Dude, I want my bed back.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

He takes pictures

Benjamin often asked for my phone to take pictures. Nah not really. He actually just wants my phone to play games and watch videos.

While he has cemented his position as the #selfie and #mostposer position in the family, sometimes as I scrolled through my phone to delete the hundreds of endless pictures of himself and his trains, occasionally I'll come across this...

And I see myself through his eyes.

A mother that feeds them, makes funny faces and of course, mama is more beautiful with a Thomas train right smacked on her nose.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Different strokes for different shots

Any parent with more than one kid could probably attest to this.

Going out IS a big event.

It doesn't even matter how small or big an outing is, so long as it involves strollers, bags, snacks, water bottles, diapers, lunch, dinner, toys, books and not forgetting the kids themselves. It is one huge logistics and planning nightmare. It's just planning, planning and more planning.

And the day of the outing itself, all the preparation and cajoling the kids to get dressed, washed up, packed up their toys would have already drained up all my energy before I even step out of the house. And I always, always contemplate not going out at the last minute, because all I want to do is to lie down and close my eyes.

Admittedly, an MRT station is just a walking distance away from my house and I try to plan my outings to be as near as possible and most importantly, accessible. And since the boys are bigger and older now, so its not that bad anymore. I'm more experienced now I guess?

crt + c all the way

These 2 couldn't be any more different.