Friday, August 21, 2015

Family trip

We took our first ever family trip to Fremantle, Perth Australia for a week and we had so much fun! The boys took the flights very well and while Benjamin made full use of the in-flight entertainment system, Jeb spent most of it asleep! Now that's what I call a good flight.

We stayed at a pretty and cosy 1 room apartment booked through Airbnb and its location was awesome as there were plenty of supermarkets, shops and near to the bus and train stations too.

As it was still winter in Perth, I was initially worried about how the boys and I were going to handle the cold. Turns out, my worries were unfounded as the sun came out in full force for most of our stay there and even I had to admit that it was hot too!


It was an agenda free holiday and we just went along with whatever plans we have for the day. Both the husband and I agreed that this was more for the boys to run wild in their parks, gardens and playgrounds. Thus, there was no hurrying the boys, no rushing, not much restrictions, on my part. I threw all caution to the wind as I didn't made them eat at a specific time, have balance meals and the one constant food we had was fries and pizza, though not together. 

I guess it was a totally new experience for the boys as they got to do so many new things they wouldn't have done so in Singapore. It was a new experience for me too as I got to live their culture and lifestyle albeit a short one like their weekend markets, eating locally grown produce, drinking coffee (almost daily!) and for the husband, beer of course.

We're glad that we made this family trip happened and of course, the husband and I now need another holiday to recover post holiday, now that's a given.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Gentlemen, Start your engine!

Guess what?!!

I know I'm not a teenager any more but I do love my exclamation marks!

Say what?!!

Get on my marks?(!)

Set go!


Anyway, before you start your eye rolling or have already started, the F1/Singapore is going to get your adrenaline rushing soon!

You read it right! Quick Go! Before all the deals are gone!

I even made a rhyme along with the flow! Woohoo!

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