Thursday, May 30, 2013



I'll be honest here. I jump at the chance at doing this review because I thought I was going to review a Japanese restaurant because of its name. Turns out its actually an acronym for Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts, ONAKA.

What does ONAKA actually serves?

"Their food is a merging of Asian culinary cultures and traditions with modern Western influence, using only wholesome and selective organic ingredients. They are dedicated to using all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, chemicals, colourings, flavorings, MSG, preservatives and trans-fats. About 50% of the menu is vegetarian with special focus on Low Glycemic and Gluten-Free options. No pork and lard is served at the restaurant."

Their key mantra, “Eat Consciously; Live Mindfully”.

With this in mind, they only used whole grains with a “No White Bread, No White Rice and No White Sugar” policy and healthier cooking methods such as baking, boiling, dehydrating, grilling, sautéing, stir-frying, steaming, steam-frying and sous vide are designed around the ingredients to enhanced the flavours.

I am all for healthy eating and living, but still what if it tastes like, you know, bland and boring? Or worse. My cooking?! Oh the horrors!

Well, I'm about to find out.


Watermelon Sashimi

Asian Hummus

Tofu Avocado

Nicoise Paper Roll

Noodles and Grains:

Roasted Mushroom Soba

Hot & Sour Prawn Rice Noodles

Maritime Barley Risotto

Pineapple Rice


Red Lamb Stew

Duck Pancake

Rendang Crouquettes


Pumpkin Sea Bass

Pear & Salmon


Banana Pastillas

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every dish that was served. The explanations given by head chef, Jason Vito, when each dish was presented, gave us a whole lot of assurance that much care and details was crafted into each dish and carefully put together to ensure the flavours comes alive in every bite.

At one point, it got too much for me and I just blurted out to him, "How do you even know what to mix and cooked them together?!"

He looked at me and laughed.

"Well, alot of tasting is involved and you got to have alot of passion for it" he said.

Ahh. Tasting I have, passion, not so much. That explains my lack of cooking skills and why he's the head chef.

And it is also why at ONAKA, they make every meal an enjoyable one with lots of laughter and sharing.

"The joy of eating does not rely solely on food. It is the company, the sharing of food and the camaraderie that matters the most. Our unique Grazing Menu is designed to allow our guests to share a variety of dishes and taste new ingredients for the first time, without having to eat an entire dish on his own."

Not to mention, waist-line friendly too.

Thank you ONAKA for being such a kind and generous host!
ONAKA Restaurant & Wine Bar @ ARC
460 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Alexandra Retail Centre
Tel: 62702012
Fax: 62702098

Disclaimer: This was an invite for a review and no monetary compensation was involved. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lonely is as lonely gets

The husband travels often for work, and the most he has been away was 3 weeks straight. Most times he would come home for a week before leaving the next and sometimes, it seems like he would transit a weekend at home before flying off again.

When one of my friends knew that he was travelling so often for work, she casually asked me if I was worried. I was at first confused by her question and answered,"Of course! I'm worried about his safety and whether he'll be tired, blah blah" before realizing what she really meant.

Hidden in the question was actually, "Am I worried he'll stray?"



Not that I know he will stray but surely there has got to be a reason before the straying starts. We're very open with this and talked about it before. And the one thing he told me was this. For a man to stray, there has got to be something's missing in the marriage. And that something is always sex. Period.

From a man's perspective, when a woman starts to tease and flirt or pardon my language, 'cock tease' a man, it would be very hard (NO PUN INTENDED, OKAY!) to reject that sort of attention. She doesn't even need to be extremely attractive, just pleasant and comfortable to talk with and add in just that bit of seduction whether intentionally or not, the man will fall for her.

And it's not just the man who'll always strays. For all you know, I might be the one who strays.

From a woman's perspective, when a man shows you attention in little ways like being a listening ear, always offering to help you in whatever ways he can, compliments you, just being there for you emotionally, little by little, the attachment will grow.

But I think for me personally, it stems from a loneliness in the marriage before all these can happen. Because it sure gets lonely in the hotel room with no one to talk to, and back at home, it sure gets lonely with no one to cuddle up with.

Just saying.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rolling in the wins

So recently, I've been on a winning steak. Not through gambling, football bets or good old fashion TOTO and 4D, but rather from legitimate ways through participating in giveaways!

And these are what I've won so far:

A Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe play set for the son. Although if you really want to know, I wanted it more for myself. I can't bake, so this is a close second to actual baking.

through Simply Mommie

 A chocolate hamper. For.Myself.

through Miss Tam Chiak

A makeover workshop by Style Essence 

through Mother of Xander

A very pretty dress from Love,Bonito

through So She Says
only the dress, not the model

I am on a roll baby!

Feeling really thankful for all the things that I've won so far because it is truly undeserved. And so to continue this good karma coming, I am paying it forward by having a giveaway of my own!

For this week's giveaway, it is a full size Clarins Lift-Affine Visage Serum.

To win, simply leave a comment with your name and email and I'll use a random generator to pick the winners! 

Do join in this giveaway and share with your friends too! All the best and hope you have fun! I am feeling all shingling and jingling already! 

Giveaway ends on the 17th May 2013. Open to Singapore residents only. 

*Disclaimer: This is my own personal belonging and I was not approached by Clarins for any review.  Users, please use with discretion. 

And we have a winner! 

Congratulations to Dianaruth Guo! I'll be contacting you shortly for your mailing details.

And thank you all for your kind support!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Linky party

Finally Friday is here! So looking forward to the end of the day where I can pick the kids up and to enjoy the weekend together!

And just thought to join in the fun with the fellow SMB and The Accidental Mom Blogger to look see what's  in my bag.

From top.
Bag, erm self explanatory.

Left to right:
Recycle bag which I conveniently 'kope' from the sister's stash. Comes in handy when I need to buy a few things from the supermarket and doesn't warrant a plastic bag. Plus, it really makes me feel I'm doing my part in saving the earth.

Umbrella. A gift from the sister.

Little red pouch. For my headphones.

Staff pass.

Keys. To let myself into my mother's house!

Floral pouch for my womanly needs.

Coach wristlet. A birthday gift from the sister 2 years back.

Bonia coin purse.

Spectacle case. To vain to wear them but too wussy to try contacts.

Ez link card case.

Touch up pouch. All the essentials like oil blotters, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, toothpicks, mirror and hair clip.

Chocolate bar. For hungry times and as a bribe to the son. Note to self: MUST always remember to clear any food stuff in the bag! I once found a trail of ants leading to this bag and thats when I found a mouldy pack of raisins in it. Super gross.

Linking up with:


The Accidental Mom Blogger

Monday, May 6, 2013

Healing time

I've recently started attending church again after a hiatus of two years. I took a break from Jesus. I took a break from praying. I took a break from the church people.

I wasn't born and raised in a Christian family. I only received Christ when I was in secondary school when my friend invited me to her church service and it was there and then I became one. In the beginning, there was youth service, I went for a while, then stopped for a longer while. Till the same friend again invited me to another church service and there and then, I got really into it.

I joined their youth ministry, actively participated in it, became a youth leader, make friends, encourage friends and from there met my husband. But this is not about our love story, this is going to be how I'm intending to raise my children upon my church teachings.

Because you see, we have been hurt by church people. The very same people who taught us how to love, how to give grace to people, how to forgive has hurt us deeply. Hey, where is all the love you taught? Where is the grace that is undeserved? Where is the forgiveness when we needed it? Where is this second chance at redemption? Where?

And thus we stopped going.

Because for a long time, it became a fame game. People dictating how and what you should do and say, how to behave in a certain way, how to mix with the right kind of people, all the right lingos and whatever nots that took over. It was bright, it was shiny, it was also terribly blinding.

Yes victories are good, victories are worth celebrating, victories are worth mentioning but before the victories, there was the struggles, the pleas, the cries, the darkness. We need the light in those, not the light shining into the light.

And so until recently, I've decided to attend church again.

I wanted to know and feel this Jesus for myself again. To know and feel the realness of him first hand. To fully experience his love before I teach my kids about him. But frankly in the deepest of my sub-consciousness, I feel like I'm doing it more so for the kids. For them to be exposed to the teachings, singing songs, learning about Jesus, just having fun, for themselves, not for anybody or even me. And I'm glad that the son is now singing songs of Jesus loves me and I'm in the Lord's Army although it sounds like he's lost in the army most of the time.

Anyway there is still a jadedness about it all, but I believed the healing has began, layer by layer.