Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dreams are not my reality

Pregnancy dreams are a whole new level altogether. The dreams become more colourful, more vivid, more intense and more scary.

I've been dreaming alot more for this second pregnancy. Some are funny, some are just plain weird and some are just down right freaky.

These are some dreams that I can remember.

Dream 1:
Set in the dynasty period, I am but a lowly palace maid. The Emperor is the husband and is being pressured by his mother, the Dowager to get married. So she got one thousand ladies dressed in the traditional bridal dress with veils covering their faces, made the Emperor to choose his bride. However he only has eyes for me and in the midst of it all, found time to hold my hand, looked into my eyes and told me he has already chosen me. Abrupt end of dream.

Woke up and relate this dream excitedly to the husband and all he could do was *rolls eyes*.

Dream 2:
This was a bad dream. Dreamt I went shopping with a friend at Ion. We were on the top floor when I had stomach pains. Went to the washroom and found blood on my underpants. First thought was my period had come. Told my friend and she exclaimed, 'But you're pregnant!' She then carried me down all the way down to an ambulance and brought me to the hospital. Turns out I had a miscarriage.

Woke up the next morning very worried and sad. Kept poking my boobs to make sure they're still sore and tender. Thankfully I had a gynae appointment the next day and the bun is still in the oven.

P.S: Right now, my gynae is still not able to tell the baby's gender. Had a very strong hunch at the beginning of the pregnancy that it may be a girl. But right now, I have a feeling it might be a sneak attack and we might have another boy. Thats what the brother did anyway, sneaky fellow.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekends really should be 3 days long

If it's really so, then we'll be a much more productive and happy country with lots of babies. 

And of course to explore more new places and parks!

Brought the son and husband to Jurong Bird Park yesterday and had an enjoyable time walking around at a leisurely pace.  


noisy macaws


smaller penguins


a thousand arm banana plant

But mainly, it was for this! The new waterplay area called Birdz of Play! It has two sections, one dry play area and a wet play area. No points for guessing where the son wants to play! When he saw the waterplay area, he immediately took off his pants and wanted to jump straight in! Had to restrain him to change him into his swim wear first though. 

Birdz of Play

the husband gamely went along the slides with him

down the slide

doing the V sign but too distracted to look into the camera

waiting for the big splash


one very happy boy

And happy parents to see him so happy playing and running and splashing around!

P.S: Does your kid do roll call every morning or during night time? The son has either been doing roll call for the family or Thomas the tank engine family. Yesterday morning was, "Yiyi, take train". And the night before was saying goodnight to the tank engine family. "Thomas sleep", "Emily sleep", "Gordon sleep" and "Percy sleep". Uh normal?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One good cook and the other is in the making

I often gushed and talked about the son here and I realised I seldom talked about the husband. I think its just a subconscious thing though because the son is cuter and I get alot more hits whenever I post his photos, heh.

And as I was scrolling through my phone to see if I've any pictures of him to post, and guess what? Out of  748 pictures, I can safely say 700 alone is the son's photos, the rest are either videos of him or random stuff like photos of the son's poop (for monitoring) or food. There's hardly any photos of the two of us, alone.

Anyway, I'm not about to gush over the husband now either. Just a thought that came across my mind when I'm thinking very hard on what to write about.

Okay, if there's something that I do want to gush about, it would be that he's a great cook! He has been cooking alot of my meals these few days and I must say he's been very accommodating towards my requests! I would asked for ABC soup, steam brocoli, Pork ribs with lotus soup, Bolognise(?) spaghetti, chicken macaroni, pork porridge and he would cook them all!

And best of all, he knows how to make pizzas and bread too! Maybe the bread needs more work but then again, he's so much better at cooking than I ever can achieved. True story.

Point being?

He can cook. I cannot.

P.S: The son's favourite playing activity is 'cooking'. And he uses real life pots, pans, spatula, kettle, bowls to play with. It's partly my fault because I once gave him a spoiled kettle to play with and he has never looked back since.

P.P.S: The husband would like me to add on that he is a very good homebrewer. He brews beer and is very modest about his wonderful concoction. If any of you would like to know more about beer or homebrewing, he has a blog on it too. Go check it out!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ooh, the way you make me feel

The first time when I got pregnant with the son, everything felt so new and amazing. Each day was spent surfing through online resources on what baby is doing, how big is baby and the many developments that baby is going through.

With the second kid, its more of a refresher course, on the diet part.

Baby is now 14 weeks? Hmm ok. Can't eat seafood or shellfish? But its cooked! And a few bites won't hurt. No caffeine? A cup a day drives the blues away. Bubble tea? Give me those pearls! Potato chips? The saltier the better. And McDonalds? Awesome!

But I'll be honest here. I'm not one who takes my mutli vitamins regularly. I see those big pink pills and I run for my life. They looked like they're about to gobble me up instead. So I try my darnedest best to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drinks loads of water and soak up rays of sunshine for my daily dose of happiness. For me and the kid that's in me, literally. No pun intended.

And the above diet that I just talked about? Ha, those are just the occasional cravings that I caved in to, uh sometimes.

Anyway this pregnancy has been smooth sailing and I'm fortunate to have not much symptoms other than the nauseas which only comes in the evening, frequent peeing, tiredness, light motion sickness and some slight aversions to certain smells like strong perfumes and floral scents.

P.S: I'm seriously hoping its a girl this time because of all these symptoms that I'm going through. As 'they' always says, the more nauseating you get, the higher chances of getting a girl is much higher. Such irony when we share the same hormones.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He talks

When trying to teach the son on asking please and thank you.

Me: When you want something from people, you say please.
Son: *Nodding his head* Pease.
Me: When people give you things, you say thank you.
Son: *Nodding his head* Dank tew.
Me: So if you want something from Mama, what must you say?
Son: *Nodding his Head* Dank tew.

On playing hiding with him.
Me: Quick, go hide!
Son: *Closes his eyes and use his hands to cover it* Hide.

And just yesterday, the husband told me the son suddenly walked over to him and said this to him, "Daddy, I lof you".

I'll get my chance soon.