Sunday, July 19, 2009

cue sticks and flying cockroach

a few nights ago, in the middle of the night, i received a phone call from my sis asking me if i can come out of my room. i was already happily sleeping away and so do not wished to wake up. so i asked her what is it and she just kept repeating, can you come out?

so very grudgingly, i stormed out of my room and this was what happened.

me: what?!! (very grouchy)

sis: there's a cockroach in my room! (i was very sleepy at this time but i think i notice a cue stick in her hand)

me: then what you want me to do?!

sis: chased it out lar. i scared of cockroach!

me: aiyo, just a cockroach what! go and sleep lar!

sis: but i cannot sleep with the cockroach in my room! help me chased it out leh!

me: (at this point, i was very pissed at her because its just a bloody cockroach which you can crush under your feet what) where is it?

she pointed over to her rack of clothes and i went over, took a pair of jeans, gave it a little shake and went back to my room. all the while thinking, wah lau wake me up just for this!

what happened to the cockroach after this i do not know. i only knew i went back to sleep grumbling and promptly knocked out immediately.

and when i woke up in the morning, she had moved her whole rack of clothes out into the living room. how smart.

perhaps its time to clean your room lar lil sis. anyway i still love you regardless of your cockroach fear or 'sweet smelling' clothes and your blog on this just cracks me up.