Friday, September 20, 2013

Good shopping are worth sharing

Recently the husband introduced me to Zalora and got me hooked on it.


And I went shopping like never before! All from the comforts of my home and sometimes even from the office, heh.

This site offers a wide variety of shopping options for women and men which includes well-known brands like Marc Jacobs, Chloe, m)phosis, Steve Madden, Ted Baker...just to name a few.

But if seeing these branded names makes you think twice about buying as their items are gonna be super expensive, well you'll be in for a surprise!

Almost every week, they offer special discounts and promotional codes to help ease your pockets. And if you're not into designer stuff, fret not! Because, even for brands I've never heard of, the quality of their products are still on par and if I may say, even better than some of the retailers out there!

I can vouch with my life.

So far, I've purchase from them four times, and every single time I received my package, my heart would leap in delight at the quality of the products I've bought. And mind you, my purchases were either marked down, so called 'normal' brands which I've never heard of and always within the S$10-S$25 budget.

These are what I've bought:

Adel T-Strap Sandals

Mandy Studded Sandals

Aila Metal T-Strap Sandal

Bird Printed Tie Dress

Polka Dot Jacquard Shorts

Jersey Tank Dress
I got it in white though

I've worn the Mandy Studded Sandals and Aila Metal T-Strap Sandals out for the whole day and there is no discomfort at all. Their sizes runs true and it fits me very well.

For the clothes, the sizes runs true for me too, although the Jersey Tank Dress was a tad too tight around my erm have-not-loaded-off-my-poop tummy area. You want to see the truth?

I took a huge sucking in

and this is what happens if I let it all out

Just a word of advice; if you're in between size, go one size up as it would be easier to alter as opposed to sizing down. And also, I will usually refer to the model's bodys' measurements and the size she's wearing to get a good gauge of the fit.

While I enjoy shopping on Zalora, the best part of it is probably the Free 30 days return. If you just don't like your purchase when you received it, just fill in the form they have provided and dropped it at your nearest Singpost, that's it! How's that for convenience?!

And you can either choose to have your refund credited back into your bank account or as store credits too. Your choice!

So go take a look see now and get a S$10 voucher when you sign up for their newsletter! While you're at it, use my voucher code ZBAPPpe during check out for 15% off!

Hope you enjoy the shopping!

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*Disclaimer: I am not compensated nor approached by Zalora for this post. All opinions and purchases are bought on my own. I was given a voucher code to share as I've joined their Brand Ambassador Programme.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If you like it, you should put a ring on it

I was admiring a ladys' rings on her fingers the other day when I realised I have not been wearing my wedding rings for close to 3 years now. 

In the beginning, my engagement ring was like a shiny badge of honour and I would wear it at any chance I get to. For the very obvious reason of showing it off.

And after I got married, the wedding ring became a status bearer, telling the whole world, hey I'm taken! Married! Off the shelf! Like finally! Yay!

So what got me thinking was actually this. 

There really is a difference on your fingers to wearing and not wearing your rings. 

For one, you can truly feel the weight of the rings and it is a daily reminder to oneself that hey, I'm really taken! Really married! Truly off the shelf! Like yes its true! Yay! or Nay?


I'm not making a joke out of it as many married couples can attest to the fact that yes, the rings serves as a remembrance to the commitment that they've made to each other, it is a symbol of unconditional love, endless love and it is to signify to other people out there at a glance.

However, there are also many married couples out there whom have been faithfully married to the same person and they don't wear their rings on a daily basis. 

There are many reasons for them not wearing it and still, they are being reminded daily of the commitment to their spouses. 

As for me, with the rings, my fingers feel shackled. Is that too strong a word? And when I'm not wearing it, my fingers feel light and free! 

But that does not mean I love my husband any lesser. Nor does he have any urge to go and have flings around. Although I'll still gladly accept that Cartier ring if he wants to buy it for me. Hear that husband of mine?!

Do you wear your wedding rings daily? And what are your thoughts on it?

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