Thursday, August 13, 2009

laksa and air con

welcoming us

our huge a** room! they upgrade us to their suite wor

the town square

the very delicious laksa!

the old fort

st paul and whats left of his church building

the husbands

our national past-time, shopping

little nonya
but the food not as nice as jeanette cooked it, ha!

the clock tower


malacca's nonya laksa is simply amazing! forget about the hyped chicken rice balls, if you want to get your fix of nonya food, their laksa is a must try!
its coconut creamy without too overpowering and it leaves this sweet aftertaste in your mouth. another worthy laksa is their nonya assam laksa. its sweet sour broth is tangy yet not too spicy. man, i can write for a food column soon, ha!
so as you can tell from the above description, the trip to malacca was very satisfying. as long as the food is good, the trip is good too.
well, other than eating, we spent the day walking around the famous town square and the red brick buildings. we saw the old fort built by the portugese and some historical buildings. and we walked along their night market, jonker street which is filled with lots of street food that looks delicious, souvenirs and fake branded stuff.

and being typical singaporean and does'nt help when you're travelling with 2 pregnant ladies, the phrase, wah very hot! keeps popping out. we did what typical singaporeans will do. we seek refuge in a wonderful technology called the air-con shopping centre. its a god send i tell you.

in the end we hang out more inside than outside. and we bought our first baby clothes! erm cos its alot cheaper there, hee.
ok, the husband is calling me to watch tv with him again!

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