Thursday, November 26, 2009

hitting the 30 weeks

whee!! 10 more weeks!!

we're having fun looking at the bumps and weird shapes that baby is making. sometimes it feels like mini tremors cause he's so active, always moving and turning around. its super fascinating to feel his moves and turns and stretches and bumps.

i'm beginning to feel the weight, walking abit slower and breathing abit harder. sleeping is inconvenient and visiting mr white throne quite regularly in the night. but all is well and dandy except that the doctor says that his position is too low for his fetal age. bleah. cause his father keep telling him to come out soon, so being the obedient son he is, he's taking a heads down position. so now, his father tells him to not hurry but wait for the right time to come out. man! i'm also feeling what they called Braxton Hicks contractions. they're not really the real thing, just an amazing function that the body is preparing for the real labour. when it happens, my belly will tighten for about 10-20 seconds. it should'nt hurt and happens randomly.

and for the first time, i drank milk. all for baby's sake. got to make him put on weight lor. but its super powerful cause after just 4 days of drinking every night, my belly really grew bigger! hmm hopefully its all baby's weight and not mine, ha.

starting the final countdown!

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