Monday, November 8, 2010

what took you so long?

oops, it has been so long since i've came in here to blogged that i've forgotten my password, ha!

the little one is growing up fast, too fast. he's crawling all over the house, pulling himself to stand and grabbing things, stuffing it into his mouth, blabbering, drooling, busy with growing up. till date, he has 8 teeth, 4 each on the upper and lower gums. he looks so darn cute when he smiles and you can see his teeth peeping out.

and over the past few months that i've not been blogging, we celebrated our 2 years wedding anniversary and my birthday, watched countless movies on the home screen, benjamin fell off the bed twice, ate lots of oysters (the husband), steaks, went to Universal Studios, almost got an accident scare (the husband's car brakes failed to worked), apply for passport for benjamin, took him out with his stroller onto the bus, did online shopping, groceries shopping and zoom! November is here.

gosh, time flies too fast too. and just like that, the year is coming to an end and a brand new year awaits us just round the corner.

ok, till the next time!

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