Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If you like it, you should put a ring on it

I was admiring a ladys' rings on her fingers the other day when I realised I have not been wearing my wedding rings for close to 3 years now. 

In the beginning, my engagement ring was like a shiny badge of honour and I would wear it at any chance I get to. For the very obvious reason of showing it off.

And after I got married, the wedding ring became a status bearer, telling the whole world, hey I'm taken! Married! Off the shelf! Like finally! Yay!

So what got me thinking was actually this. 

There really is a difference on your fingers to wearing and not wearing your rings. 

For one, you can truly feel the weight of the rings and it is a daily reminder to oneself that hey, I'm really taken! Really married! Truly off the shelf! Like yes its true! Yay! or Nay?


I'm not making a joke out of it as many married couples can attest to the fact that yes, the rings serves as a remembrance to the commitment that they've made to each other, it is a symbol of unconditional love, endless love and it is to signify to other people out there at a glance.

However, there are also many married couples out there whom have been faithfully married to the same person and they don't wear their rings on a daily basis. 

There are many reasons for them not wearing it and still, they are being reminded daily of the commitment to their spouses. 

As for me, with the rings, my fingers feel shackled. Is that too strong a word? And when I'm not wearing it, my fingers feel light and free! 

But that does not mean I love my husband any lesser. Nor does he have any urge to go and have flings around. Although I'll still gladly accept that Cartier ring if he wants to buy it for me. Hear that husband of mine?!

Do you wear your wedding rings daily? And what are your thoughts on it?

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Adora said...

Shackled! Haha. I don't wear it often because my bones expanded with each pregnancy and it really hurts sometimes. It always leaves a deep red impression for an hour or so after I remove it! But it still remains my favourite piece of jewelry :)

Mabel said...

Sean and I both wore our rings everyday, from the day we got married. But we stopped wearing them like 2-3 years into our marriage. It's mostly for practical reasons.

For him, having to return to camp for reservist then, he saw a guy got his finger ripped out because the wedding ring got hooked onto something. So he decided he will no longer wear rings after.

For me, cos I did housework, loads of washing, and caused eczema of some kind to develop around the ring area.

It was weird initially, but we got used to it. Haha. Part of the reason why I got so many stares when I was pregnant. Haha!

Jean said...

I wear my wedding ring daily, but the husband doesn't because it gets in the way when he's coaching.

Susan said...

I wear my wedding band most of the time but have the habit of removing it when I’m home because I’ll be doing the household chores.
Out of habit, I like to touch it and will feel uneasy if it’s missing from my finger. Thankfully, it still fits after 7 years!

life-muse said...

I didn't know bones can expanded during pregnancy! I had water retention during and my fingers swelled up quite a bit. Have you thought of passing it down to your daughters when its their turn? :)

life-muse said...

@Mabel: oh my god! The finger got ripped off!! Ok that's a very solid reason then but my goodness! I'm still in shocked over it!

life-muse said...

@Jean: what does your husband coach?
@Susan: I will also remove when I'm home cause of housework too. And I used to like to twirl it round my fingers too! :)

Adeline said...

Both of us have stopped wearing our rings too. My husband's ring got bent out of shape, perhaps after too many hockey matches, while I haven't been able to fit into mine after my first trimester. We keep talking about getting them re-sized but haven't gotten down to doing it yet.

June said...

I haven't been able to fit since my first pregnancy (which is a long time ago) and recently just decided that I need to get it re-sized so that I can enjoy the ring again. It still looks spanking new, compared to hub's well-worn one!

Itchyfingers said...

8 years married, and never taken off my ring except for the two births. Husband wears it faithfully too. I think it's significantly nice because it really reminds us of the very moment we actually slipped it on the wedding day. :)

Liza said...

Like you, my fingers feel much freer without the ring. I used to wear my wedding ring everyday for maybe 1 year. After that, only in the day. When I became pregnant, I stopped wearing it for a while and even lost it (at home thankfully) a couple of times because I kept misplacing it. I think my ring is somewhere in my study room now. My husband still wears his everyday and everywhere.

Waiwai Leung said...

My hubby and I wear our rings almost everyday. I think it is just a habit. He does not wear the ring when he goes reservist or overseas, I did not wear during pregnancy as my finger was too fat!