Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In the midst of the midst

Now that I've broken 2014 with the first post on shopping, I thought its only fair that I should really blog about what's happening in my life.

Well for starters, I fell into K-pop. Yes! The K-pop for the teeny-boppers, the adolescents, the aunties from the neighbourhood, the office ladies bored out of their cubicles, the nerds who fantasize out of their computer screens, the... you get the drift... I've become them all.

I have no idea how it began but just one random day on YouTube, I happened to click on this (not sure if you wanna do it) and BAM! I fell really hard into them. And then it snowballed and I gotten hooked on watching their dramas, variety shows, interviews and concerts. You can say I'm a late bloomer or either that I have taken an unhealthy liking to young and handsome Korean men. Hey don't judge! Who doesn't like young and handsome men?!

Anyway that was what happened to me personally during the start of the year.

This was what I actually did today. Just checking out National Museum with my husband and kids. As a normal married wife and mother.

Beautiful drawings done by William Farqhuar.
Old road signs.
Old school posters.
These two. One actually drives and the other actually drives us nuts with his incessant talking.
Yes it is indeed true that anyone can look good in dim lighting. Prime example.
We actually spent half a day just going through the different exhibits and galleries. We reached at 1 plus and left at 6pm!

And with these, we're actually into the middle of the middle of 2014. Who knows when I'll actually decide to blog again when there's so much K-pop for me to indulge?

Till the next, fighting!

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