Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mother woman

Being a mother has gained me new experiences.

It has made me touched poop, puke and pee and I even got to watched a live show of poop being squeezed out right in front of my eyes.

Exciting times people, exciting times.

Being a mother has also made me a better liar.

Baby cereal that taste like cardboard? Hmmm, its so delicious! Now say ah!!!

Potato and carrot puree? Hmmm, its so delicious! Now say ah!!!

Tasteless spinach and tofu porridge? Hmmm, its so delicious! Now say ah!!!

That said, being a mother has made me more of a woman.

I got to utilised my boobs for its actual usage, my fallopian tubes did a great job of depositing fertilised egg into my uterus and my uterus has performed its functions of storing and keeping a baby for nine months and my cervical muscles managed to push two babies out!

And these are my final products...

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