Monday, March 23, 2015


As much as I must admit, it is hard for me to think of places to bring my boys to. Its always either too far, too inaccessible, too hot, too expensive or simply, too lazy.

But yesterday I was desperate for us to go out and have some fun before their new school term starts and since it was a sweltering hot day, I decided to bring them for some water play time!

It felt great as I get to enjoy my coffee and donuts while they had a splashing good time! There was no need for me to rush them, no agendas to follow and I must say, it's really nice to see them run around after their bouts of coughing fits for the past month.

We had a leisurely lunch followed by cupcakes and in my excitement to get Benjamin some new pants, I spent about $90 for both boys in the end at Cotton On kids. Ouch. I don't even spend that much on my clothes either!

But this, this was the best water play for us all. It finally rained, no, poured after several weeks of blazing hot sun.

Like they all like to say, Showers of blessings.

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