Friday, May 8, 2009

confusion of emotions

woah, i looked at my previous post and 1 month just flew past. maybe i should just post once a month now, heez.

this again is a collection of random thoughts just coming to my mind as i let my fingers do the typing.


sometimes i do super crazy things. i remember back in sec school days, i had a crush on this boy from another class. so in order to know more about him, i will try means and ways to know his phone number, and when i got his number, i will call him up but hang up when he answers. and there was another time when i found out where he lived, i dragged my poor friend along to his
house and just walked along his house corridor. talked about ultimate stalking 101 man, ha!

sometimes i feel lazy. i just wanna laze around the whole day. or when work is super crazy, i will just walked around pretending i am doing something just so i could do nothing. sometimes a certain memory might bring back certain emotions that i don't want to remember. yet i linger on just a little longer just so i can feel nostalgic about it.

sometimes fuzzy moments like spacing out during meetings, church service or conversations can be well, spaced out. just don't get caught.

right now, i feel my heart is racing towards something dangerous. a boundary where i know i should'nt go yet i am allowing this wave of excitement just lobbing me in. live dangeously? maybe. maybe not. it always ends in knots.

where does all this leads to? just a smile and a salute makes my day. just a little pause in your footsteps, just a little jingling of your keys, just a little glimpse into your life.

lets dance in the moonlight.

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