Monday, June 14, 2010

a million dollars

yesterday we played the game called 'what if i have a million dollars?' in the car on the way to dinnner.

john: i will turn it into 2

me: i will buy you your favourite car

john: you know what car i wanna buy?

me: hmm, aston martin?

john: chey, 1 million is not enough!

me: really meh?

john: ya lar, 1 aston martin cost around 700k liao

me: wah! then don't buy le, i buy my own things better

michelle: if i have a million dollars, i will invent a time machine to go back and know the 4d numbers so i can buy them and win more money!

my sister: invest and turn it into 2 million

do you think of what you will do if you have a million dollars? i do.

every single day.

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