Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3 Scratchers

If you have boys, you know where this is going to lead to.

I know dogs scratch themselves, alot. But what I didn't know was boys scratch too. Till I lived with one. Boy, man, that is, not a dog.

And man can they really scratch.

Its not just scratch scratch and done. It's full on hardcore scratching, making sure every piece of skin is scratched, up down, left right, up down again, left right and then some. It's fast, hard and brutal.

And you know they got a good scratch when there's a contented sigh. I should know.

My 3 year old use me as a scratcher. He always comes to me to help him scratch.

"Faster, harder, Mama. Higher, HARDER!"

The husband also uses me as one.

"Faster, to the right, higher a bit, no down a bit, left a bit, no no down a bit, yes yes that's it, no a bit more, ah yes yes that's it! AHHHH!"

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

So it comes as no surprise that my 10 month old also scratches himself. This is often done whenever I lay him down for a diaper change. Off goes the diaper and the scratching comes on.

It's hilarious watching a 10 month old scratch.

With all these scratching around, there is no need for a pet. They can just scratch themselves into a frenzy.

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