Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend at Pasar Bella

Oh, this weekend was a good one. We went to this new place, Pasar Bella that was opened recently at Turf City. The concept is sort of like a farmer's market, only that it is indoors instead. There were lots of stalls selling fresh organic produce, cakes, jams, coffee, waffles, flowers and there was also this guy who was seated on his day bed the entire time we were there. Goodness knows what he's selling though. 

My hair and face was having a good day.
And can you spot the camouflaged baby?

We reached there about 12, so we grabbed some lunch first and decided to try Omakase Burger as it had good reviews on it. 

Ladies and gentleman, this is how an almost $20 burger looks like:

I tried the Deluxe Cheeseburger. No sides, no drinks.
Just the burger alone costs $15.90.

I have never paid that much amount of money just for burgers alone. We ordered 1 burger, 2 burger sets, 1 kid's set, 2 side orders of french fries, 2 drinks and it came up to almost $80! And the kid's meal is the only one that comes with a set. So, if you're not that hungry you can just order the kid's set, which gives you the option of a mini cheeseburger, chicken sandwich or parmesan chicken with fries and freshly squeezed orange juice at $13.90. Much more value for money! *cheapskate mama*

We stopped for a while to grabbed some coffee and waffles.
The coffee's aroma is simply too inviting.

The husband had beer with the roast pork belly.

And the sister is back for a week for work and also for her friend's wedding.

Getting to know one another.

With her favourite boy.

And I end off with my favourite boy.

The handsome and the fishball.

To a good week ahead! 


Susan said...

Wow that is some expensive burgers. But my question is, are the Omakase burgers really that good and worth the money?

life-muse said...

Erm the buns were soft and the meat were cooked just right, they will asked beforehand how you like your meat done. Other than that, it was alright only. But the cheese fries was good!