Monday, August 19, 2013

Today, Jeb turns One

We held a small family celebration for him over the weekend and I attempted to make it a teeny bit more festive. I bought some balloons but one got busted while I was boarding the cab and the rest, well they got deflated. Two are still surviving but doubt they'll last the week. 

They're not very Pinterest worthy though I did get some ideas over there. 

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Birthday boy chillaxing before the party.


One photo with his birthday present before his gor gor took it over.

Opening of his present. 

His face says it all.

Happily posing.

Still happily posing.

"Never mind. I am stunt baby and Lee Xiao Long look a like. My muscles will come in time.
So gor gor, you watch out. Wa-tah!"

It's been a year of trying times raising this kid. For one, he has an extremely small and fussy appetite. First milk, now food. While his milk intake is now much better, the trying and frustrating part is getting him to eat proper food.

Five mouthfuls in and he'll stop.

It's awful hearing remarks on how small and skinny he is but honest to god, we're all trying our hardest to get him to eat. And I know that there different kids, different sizes. But it's still demoralizing and heartbreaking to see his ribs jutting out when he stretches because we're so used to seeing chubby babies with fat rolls and double chins.

Nevertheless, I take comfort that he is at least developing well in his motor skills, he is healthy, happy and strong. Like able to lift a plastic chair and walk around kind of strong, strong. Yeah he is that strong for a one year old kid. We secretly thinks he prefers to eat batteries instead of real food because he's always gnawing on that anyway.

So. One huh.

Jeb Jeb,

Mama wants you to know that you're a very special boy. The second child. Perhaps relegated to having hand-me-downs, toys being snatched from you by your over zealous big brother, being shoved at, being yelled at, being pushed at. 

But you know what? You're no pushover either. 

You're strong, you're brave and you're fearless. 

You always picked yourself with nary a cry and always so eager to go exploring on your own. A little too eager but still, this spirit of yours is admirable. You know what you want and you're not afraid to get it. A little go getter you.

I hope you'll always have this spirit and not give up easily but who knows what the future holds eh. But really, never give up. Okay scratch that. I may be eating my words twenty years down the road but know that this applies to life lessons, not meal times.


To an awesome year ahead!

Lots of love,


Irene Soh | SingaporeMomBlogs said...

Happy !st Birthday Jeb!! I love those birthday banners!!!

life-muse said...

Thank you Irene! And same to your James! :)

Ruth said...

Happy belated birthday, Jeb!! How time flies. Looks like gor gor is having as much fun :) Did he try to snatch the presents from didi?

life-muse said...

Hey Ruth!

Yes he did but he was very generous too, says he will share with didi! "_"