Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chicken dance

Sometimes, I wonder if I've been short-changing my kids. I would reach home and they'll be like rushing up to me while shouting excitedly, "Look Mama! Today is so and so's birthday and I've got a goodie bag!" or they'll be like, "Look Mama! Today I've got two goodie bags because 2 of my friends celebrated their birthdays in school!" and I'll be like hanging my head in shame because I didn't up their goodie bag game level up. #truestory

It also doesn't help my ego when the social media accounts that I've been following are filled with superpower mothers making gifts and presents for Teacher's Day, Children's Day and organising birthday parties for like 100 children. Okay, I'm exaggerating at this point but it's a mother upping another mother's level world out there.

Anyway, this post serves no real purpose other than making me wallow deeper in the pity party that I've just started. The end.

neh, neh ni poo poo

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