Wednesday, September 17, 2008

money, money come rolling in...

this is the box that's going to be abundantly, above all that
we could ask or think overflowing! our vintage, chic ang pow box, tadah!
made by yours sincerely, *ahem, ahem*
as our colour theme is pink & grey, thus this very chic looking grey box
with pink ribbons and lace trimmings. its very pretty i must say.
the top view of it. a little ribbon bow with lace and chiffon ribbon
for that touch of quirkiness.
and and i got this fantastic idea for my table centrepiece! not sure if the wei will passed it, but i think its a great idea! so stay tuned! for more pretty ideas, go here
p.s: i think we scared shijie last night, lol.


Sharin said...

Hey! That's a nice money box... Cool~ How did you make it? Juz a original box with ribbons and lashes is it? Very pretty!

It's 18 Sep 08 today... Exactly 1 month after my ROM and another 9 days to your big day too.

Jia you with all the last minute preparations and be a happy bride!


lovely said...

hey sharin, thanks for your well wishes! do you feel any different now that you're a mrs? lol
yeah, its just a normal box and i doll it up with ribbons and lace trimmings, easy peasy! (",)