Friday, September 19, 2008


just a little peek
yesterday was flatties day, cos i got some good bargains! was out looking for my bridal shoes when we chance upon this shoe store that was clearing out their shoes at low, low prices! awesomness!! yimei got a pair at 3 bucks can! all bacause her size is small and that section was like 3 bucks.
nevertheless, i went looking aorund and found 2 pairs that i like, though they were'nt 3 bucks lol. love these 2 pairs.

and this? this is my bridal shoes!!
and i can wear it out after the wedding too.. yay!
this is for my day dress which is pink. i realised i'll be very pink that day.
pink dress, pink shoes and pink earrings. hehe, the pink brigade!
now, all i need to source is the shoes for my night dress.
i'm really wearing out of the box kind and in fact you won't even think i'm the bride, lol.
cos i'm thinking of wearing high top converse shoes with my short vintage orange floral print dress. don't have a photo yet, cos only collecting on coming monday!!
oohhhh, i'm really going to be married real soon!!