Wednesday, October 14, 2009


stayed home today as my tummy was upset with me. had the runs but now feeling much better. still i think i have to see a doctor to get the all wonderful piece of paper to make staying home legal, ha!

had my birthday yesterday. the night before when i was in bed, the husband surprised me with a cake in bed! we were sleeping when he suddenly went out. i thought he was going supper with the guys or something cos i fell back asleep soon. only knew what happened when he brought the cake in. sometimes i'm truly amazed at what he can surprise me with.

then during the day at work, one of my longest friend who's also working at the same place with me came to surprise me with cake and flowers! it was just so sweet and fun.

i think its true that as you get older, the birthday celebrations don't matter anymore. so long as you spent it with the people you love, its not so much the scale, but rather the heart and sincerity thats in it. the presents don't matter, unless its a huge inheritance from a long-lost uncle or striking the toto, ha.

guess what it matters most, is that people remember thats its your day and offers you their best wishes for you. and i'm grateful that people remember me.

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Sharin said...

Blessed Birthday, Qiuxian! Sorry if it is alittle belated. =)