Saturday, October 31, 2009


am so glad the weekend is here again. nothing beats spending the weekend just lazing around the house. having some cg friends over soon and the house is clean and tidy. always loved this feeling of a house being cleaned, especially when you watched your husband hard at work at it. and i appreciate it much!

my mum in law is making black herbal chicken soup for us, yum yums! and tomorrow we're going to celebrate another dear friend's mr chong birthday with another round of buffet. its really amazing the amount of food we can eat when we all get together. plus there's another round of bbq when the husband and him are going to celebrate together. thats what we do, eat, ha!

this is completely random. saw my sis last week with her cg after gen rev and this was our conversation.

sis: i bought you wish toy

me: huh?! wish toy?! (the foodcourt was very noisy)

sis: no! fish toy!

me: (very puzzled) fish toy? what fish toy? (i was thinking the baby not out yet, so fast she buy toys for him)

sis: noooo!!! fish toy!!!!

at this point, i went over to asked her what fish toy and its actually fish oil capsule. as she's wearing braces, thus the lisp hahahahha...

sis: must eat ah, good for the baby's brain.

me: but what happens when my brain got too good and i became too clever?

sis: (rolling her eyes) that will never happen.

see how much she loves me, hahaha... but i felt very touched that she bought it for me. its her way of showing her love. though i will really my best to eat it as the capsule is still big by my standards and it has a fishy smell, ewk.

thank you!

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