Sunday, October 11, 2009

not alot of words

finally! i've pop by to write an entry, ha!

maybe a summary. ok, here goes my usual random spaghetti train of thoughts.

well, we know the baby is a boy. he is currently 23, going 24 weeks as of this entry. he likes to kick around the same area of my tummy. likes to kick alot, his father takes that as a sign of him being a striker. his name is being settled. don't really care if other friends says its quite common, as his name has a good meaning and biblical story behind it. campaigning with his dad to put in a middle name too, ha!

current favourite past- time is to just sit and watch my tummy moved. everytime he does his kicks, it feels so magical. and always makes me laugh when i see the little protrusions. he is so adorable, i tell you. and the first time the father felt him kick, priceless. its just fascinating and amazing how the baby is formed. indeed God really went into the little details when making us. we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.

oh! and we passed our first year anniversary with...... out any celebrations! haha not that it matters anyway. though i did casually asked him if he wants to do anything, and he gave me a non-commital reply and me having no idea what to do, just leave it as that. so when that day came, nothing happened. but he surprised me 2 days later when he came to pick me up after work.

we were in the car when he asked me to look for a cd in the compartment and when suddenly this bunch of flowers came out of nowhere! i mean i saw at the corner of my eye that he was trying to take something out at the back seat but i was thinking oh maybe he's also looking for the cd and then he handed me my first bouquet of flowers for our first year! i went aw, darling flowers! and he was like all smirky face, and then i proceeded to asked him where he got the flowers and how much it costs, hahahaha. very romantic of me.

had an impromptu birthday cake while having dinner with friends of the forest. shared it with mrs tan as our birthdays are a day apart. and planning our own birthday celebrations today. second year we'll be doing it together. last year was at botanic gardens. this year? hmm, have not decided yet.

will be going for gen rev camp this year. after 5 years, looking forward to it. going with no expectations but mainly to enjoy the praise and worship. its freaking awesome when it leads to the free flow of worship. that tangible prescence of God, the touching waves of love enveloping you, the hopes and desires in your heart being fulfilled, you have to be made of stone not to know that God is real.

parents are on a jet setting lifestyle. went to redang, china and koh samui. holiday troopers are they.

parents in law are currently staying at our place while they're house hunting. its quite nice to have them around. had a pleasant surprise one day when i saw the neatly stack of folded clothes and freshly pressed shirts in my room. that was the first time my ratty sleeping t-shirt could have ever felt more dignified! haha...

just experiencing alot of grace and favour around. people giving up seats for me in the train and buses. strangers giving me the right of way, friends and family rubbing my tummy and being happy for us. not taking things for granted and just being of good cheer.

so now i'm living my days as they are and eagerly waiting to carry him in my arms!

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