Saturday, April 7, 2012

A heartful

They say many a great ideas started from something small. Mine started whilst being on the great white throne moments ago.

Nah, I didn't thought of a life changing invention nor a life saving cure for a disease but I did thought of something precious.

I just thought of being grateful for the things I have now.

Well, maybe it will lead me to a life changing invention and cured me of any life threatening disease, in any case, it is life changing, right?

Personally, I'm the sort to feel down easily. Especially when faced with tough challenges or when I worry incessantly about the future. I'll think about how to solved certain issues and when it seems so bleak, negative and paranoid thoughts will flood my mind.

Its just in my nature.

So in a bid to become more optimistic, I'll try to remember the people and things I have now and be thankful for them.

It maybe something small and random, big and important, but it doesn't matter so long its the heart being filled with gratitude.

Today, I'm just grateful for having a roof over my head. A home where I can go back to everyday, albeit messy, but nevertheless filled with love and laughter.

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