Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The art of negotiation

While trying to rouse him from his nap yesterday to go for dinner:

Husband: Benjamin! Wake up! Wake up! Time for dinner!
Son: Dun want!
Me: Wake up! Its time for dinner! 
Son: *Whining* I dun want
Husband: Okay, you wake up now, Daddy let you drink Coco Lala! (Coke)
Son: *Eyes lighting up* With ice?

I was enjoying some ice cream on the sofa, when the son scooted over, plonked himself next to me and said, "Dank yew" all the while eyeing the ice cream earnestly. 

To stop him from over indulging on sweets and whatever nots, usually we will tell him he has to stop after we give him the last piece. In the past he will ask for somemore? and we will obliged but not before telling him its the last one. So now, he got smart and will keep asking for last one? In the hope that it is the next somemore

cheeky fellow


Ruth said...

Hahaha! Ben's so smart! My boy's been doing quite a bit of negotiating too :) E.g. if we tell him no more raisins for the day, he would bargain and ask "Small one can?"

life-muse said...

LOL... Kids nowsadays..... ;p